Ivory Search – WordPress Search Plugin


Ivory Search is a simple to use advanced WordPress search plugin.

It enhances the default WordPress search and also allows you to create new custom search forms.

With Ivory Search, you can create an unlimited number of search forms and configure each search form individually to customize WordPress search and perform different types of searches on site content.

Display the custom search forms on site header, footer, sidebar or widget area, navigation or menu, on pages, posts, custom post types or anywhere on the site using its shortcodes.

Note: The styling of the search form highly depends on how your theme styles it. If your theme does not style search form correctly then to style it get free support from Ivory Search Support.

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Key Features

  • Search WooCommerce products.
  • Search images, files and attachments.
  • Customize search form using customizer.
  • Search using AJAX search.
  • Track searches in search analytics.
  • Create unlimited number of search forms.
  • Configure each search forms separately.
  • Configure search form to search specific content.
  • Exclude specific content from search results.
  • Display Search Forms anywhere on your site.
  • Supports multilingual search.
  • Integrates with popular plugins such as WooCommerce, Polylang, bbPress, WPML etc.

AJAX Search or Live Search

  • Convert any search form including default search form to AJAX search form.
  • Search posts, pages, WooCommerce products, images, files or any custom post type using AJAX search.
  • Exclude any specific content from AJAX search.

Search Form Customizer

  • Use customizer to change search form colors and its text.
  • Choose any search form style from various search forms.

Search Specific Content

  • Search specific post types such as post, page, product, attachment, forum etc.
  • Search in post title.
  • Search in post content.
  • Search in post excerpt.
  • Search posts having specific category or taxonomy terms.
  • Search in category or taxonomy terms title.
  • Search in category or taxonomy terms description.
  • Search posts having specific custom fields or metadata.
  • Search WooCommerce products SKU. [Premium]
  • Search WooCommerce products variation. [Premium]
  • Search posts created by specific authors. [Premium]
  • Search in author Display name and display the posts created by that author.
  • Search posts having specific statuses. [Premium]
  • Search posts having specific number of comments. [Premium]
  • Search in approved comments content.
  • Search posts created in specific date.
  • Search only password protected posts.
  • Search only posts without passwords.
  • Search all posts with and without passwords.
  • Search specific files, MIME type or media attachments such as images, audio, videos, PDF, documents etc. [Premium]
  • Search in the title, caption and description of images, attachments and media.
  • Search in multiple languages as the plugin supports multilingual plugins such as Polylang, WPML etc.

Exclude Specific Content From Search

  • Exclude specific post types from search.
  • Exclude specific posts, pages, WooCommerce Products, Media Attachments, forums or any custom post type from search.
  • Do not search in the post title.
  • Configure to not search in post content.
  • Configure to not search in post excerpt.
  • Exclude posts from search having specific category or taxonomy terms.
  • Exclude posts from search having specific custom fields or metadata. [Premium]
  • Exclude ‘out of stock’ WooCommerce products from search. [Premium]
  • Exclude posts from search created by specific authors. [Premium]
  • Exclude posts from search having specific statuses. [Premium]
  • Exclude sticky posts from search.
  • Exclude posts from search having specific number of comments.
  • Exclude posts from search created before or after specific dates.
  • Exclude password protected posts from search.
  • Exclude posts from search without passwords.
  • Exclude images, audios, videos, PDF, documents, attachments, files, media, file type or MIME type from search. [Premium]

Control and Extend Search

  • Display search form in navigation menu and configure its functionality.
  • Configure the number of posts to display in search results.
  • Highlight search terms on the search results page.
  • Order posts in ascending or descending order of date, relevance, id, author, title, type, name, comment count, menu order or entirely random. [Premium]
  • Display or hide sticky posts at the top of the search results page.
  • Display an error page or list all posts for empty search queries.
  • Display search forms only to site administrators while testing, before going live.
  • Disable an individual search form or disable searching site wide.
  • Configure stop words which are excluded from search.
  • Option to add word synonyms to provide more relevant search results.
  • Display post_type argument in the search query URL and restrict search to it.
  • Search posts having all or any of the selected category or taxonomy terms.
  • Display content having any or all the searched terms.
  • Fuzzy Matching – Search posts that include the whole search term or search words in the posts that begins or ends with the search term.
  • Keyword Stemming – Also searches base word of searched keyword. [Premium]

Note: some of the features are Premium marked as [Premium]. To have access to those features you will need Ivory Search Premium. You can get Ivory Search Premium here!

We enhanced and re-wrote old Add Search To Menu plugin from the ground up and Add Search To Menu has renamed to Ivory Search.


Need Help? Get Ivory Search support.


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  • Default Search Form
  • Dropdown Search Form
  • Sliding Search Form
  • Full Width Search Form
  • Popup Search Form
  • Search Forms
  • Edit Search Form
  • Plugin Settings


  • Install the plugin from the ‘Plugins’ section in your dashboard (Go to Plugins -> Add New -> Search and search for Ivory Search).
  • Alternatively, you can download the plugin from the repository. Unzip it and upload it to the plugins folder of your WordPress installation (wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation).
  • Activate it through the ‘Plugins’ section.
  • Use the Ivory Search menu to configure the plugin.


How to use Ivory Search plugin?

Please read below documentation to know how to use Ivory Search plugin.


Is the plugin compatible with WooCommerce?

Yes the Ivory Search plugin integrates directly with WooCommerce to provide a powerful and advanced WooCommerce Search. Not only can you use Fuzzy searching, you can exclude specific WooCommerce products from search, include specific WooCommerce products in your search and much more.

If you need more advanced WooCommerce Search functionality, upgrade to Ivory Search Premium which provides WooCommerce SKU searching and even more powerful WooCommerce Search functionality.

Can I add search to menu?

Yes you can easily add your search to menu in just a couple of clicks, be up and running in minutes.

Does the plugin provide search shortcodes?

Yes Ivory Search provides a range of search shortcodes you can use, best of all you can create an unlimited number of custom search forms and then embed them on your WordPress site using our powerful and easy to use range of Search Shortcodes.

Does the plugin provide search widgets?

Yes it provides search widgets. Using Ivory Search you can add a custom search widget to your WordPress powered website quickly and easily, with minimal hassle. To use it simply add your custom search form then head on over to your widgets area and add ivory search widget in widget area.

Will the custom search work with my theme?

Yes. Ivory Search, has been tested and works perfectly with a range of themes, including but by no means limited to Divi, allowing you to build a custom search with Divi, Avada, X and Pro by Themeco, GeneratePress, OceanWP and many more.

Do You Offer Customization Support?

Yes we do. We try our best to help free users with customisation requests and we offer guaranteed CSS customisations for our premium users.


08. srpnja 2020.
Great plugin & great support!
06. srpnja 2020.
Ivory Search is top-notch at creating custom search boxes you can add anywhere on your site. And, yes, you can have more than one customized search on your site! Support is fast and willing to do what it takes to make your custom searches do exactly what you want for your users. We needed to search only within one category and have that search box only appear on certain pages... works perfectly.
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  • Removed – Tracking search results as pageview in Google analytics.


  • Added – Option to track searches in google search analytics.


  • Fixed – Page was scrolling to bottom clicking on menu search icon.
  • Added – is_show_menu_link_title filter to remove menu search link title.


  • Added – Option to display search form on menu along with menu locations.
  • Added – Highlight search terms in AJAX search results.
  • Fixed – Menu search icon color option was not working.


  • Added – Colorpicker option to change menu magnifier icon color.
  • Added – Option to display search form at the start of the navigation menu.
  • Improved – Set default menu search form style to Dropdown.
  • Fixed – Whole fuzzy matching was not working with MySQL version 8.


  • Added – is_exclude_child filter to exclude child posts of excluded posts from search.
  • Fixed – Whole fuzzy matching was not working when text contains special character.


  • Added – Plugin option to display search form easy to edit links.
  • Added – Plugin option to redirect More Results text to search results page.
  • Added – Hooks to customize AJAX search results.
  • Fixed – Ivory Search widget was not working with Elementor page builder.
  • Fixed – Ivory Search shortcode was not working in Elementor shortcodes element.
  • Fixed – Mobile search form disables the header menu or logo link.


  • Fixed – Admin area search forms listing conflict with WPML plugin.
  • Fixed – Lazy loading issue by replacing ajax loader image with span tag.


  • Fixed – Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is deprecated.
  • Fixed – The option ‘Do not load plugin CSS files’ was not working.
  • Changed – Text domain from ivory-search to add-search-to-menu
  • Changed – Made Media default status as not searchable in Default Search Form.
  • Enhanced – Made post type and taxonomy names translation ready.


  • Fixed – All public post types were not searchable.
  • Improved – Added alt tag to loader image.


  • Fixed – AJAX search results some options not working.


  • Improved – Made SVG icons Accessibility Ready.
  • Improved – Search dropdown should not close on clicking on AJAX search results.
  • Fixed – AJAX search results Undefined index notices.


  • Fixed – Search form AJAX options not working.


  • Fixed – AJAX search results displaying out of viewport.
  • Fixed – AJAX search results Undefined index notices.
  • Fixed – AJAX search results displays on wrong location on scroll.
  • Fixed – Searching exact words with ” ” quote marks.


  • Improved – Ajax search results scrolls with search form.
  • Added – is_search_form_autocomplete filter to remove autocomplete from search field.
  • Added – Retains ‘lang’ parameter in the search results query string.
  • Fixed – Ivory Search Widget title was not getting removed.
  • Fixed – Database error occurred due to hardcode prefix.
  • Fixed – Search more than 9 terms with OR condition.
  • Fixed – Shortcodes are displaying in the AJAX search results.
  • Fixed – “Search button displays ajax search results” option does not work for the AJAX search form without button.
  • Fixed – AJAX search not working on some mobiles.


  • Fixed – Menu search popup was not working in the plugin free version.
  • Fixed – Search results text highlight issue.
  • Fixed – Default search results was not ordered to date DESC.
  • Fixed – Some free plugin options were displaying premium.
  • Fixed – Post status was not getting set in the free version.
  • Removed – Legacy add-search-to-menu fallback code.


  • Improved – Plugin admin options user interface.
  • Added – Option “Do not display post_type in the search URL”.
  • Added – Filter to change image size in AJAX search results.
  • Fixed – Menu search form not getting saved.
  • Fixed – AJAX search results dispalying WPBakery plugin shortcodes
  • Fixed – AJAX Show More Results section not disabling.
  • Fixed – Add New Search Form screen Undefined index error.
  • Fixed – Edit search form link position issue.
  • Fixed – AJAX More Results text show / hide issue.
  • Fixed – List of post saving issue and DISABLE_IS_LOAD_ALL not working issue.
  • Moved – Menu Search section as a second section.
  • Changed – Synonyms separator from semicolon to new line.
  • Removed – Post status option from the search form Excludes section.
  • Free – Made the premium option free – Search All Or Any Search Terms.
  • Free – Made the premium option free – Menu search form selection.


  • Fixed – header already sent issue displayed in the search forms admin page.
  • Fixed – Default style menu search form width issue.
  • Made Free – Menu search form Popup style.
  • Removed – “Disable synonyms for the search forms configured to search all search terms” option.


  • Improved – Plugin admin area functionality.


  • Added – DISABLE_IS_LOAD_ALL constant.
  • Fixed – query_vars, wp_is_json_request & wp_doing_ajax issues.
  • Removed – Add New sub menu & display post type in the search query URL options.


  • Added AJAX search and search form customizer functionalities.


  • Updated – freemius SDK.
  • Fixed – new search form saving issue.


  • Enhanced plugin admin settings user interface.
  • Developed functionality to search posts and pages along with media.


  • Fixed – Post title and content options saving issue.


  • Fixed – Post type issue when reset search form.
  • Styled – Twenty Nineteen theme search form.
  • Fixed – New search form tabs issue.


  • Fixed – Firefox browser right mouse click closing search form issue.


  • Searches in WooCommerce products variation.
  • Fixed – Firefox browser dropdown select issue.
  • Optimized plugin admin options.


  • Developed option to search specific posts, pages or custom post types.


  • Menu search post types can be managed now from search form post types option.


  • Developed reset button to reset search form.
  • Designed new switch control UI for plugin settings page.
  • Developed functionality to display plugin options changed indicator.


  • Improved plugin settings User Interface.
  • Added compatibility with Polylang plugin.


  • Fixed menu search form attachment search issue.


  • Renamed plugin from “Add Search To Menu” to “Ivory Search”.
  • Changed old settings page from Settings -> Add Search To Menu to Ivory Search -> Settings
  • Added new Popup menu search form style.
  • Developed option to created unlimited search forms and each search forms can be configured separately.
  • Search specific post types, categories, taxonomies, terms, custom fields, authors, comments and many more.
  • Exclude from search specific posts, pages, categories, taxonomies, terms, custom fields, authors, post status and many more.
  • Developed options for searched posts ordering, Terms Highlighting, Fuzzy Matching, Keyword Stemming and many more.


  • Resolved “PHP Notice: Undefined index: add_search_to_menu_style”


  • Enhanced Mobile Display option to work with caching.


  • Fixed incorrect JavaScript and CSS files URLs displayed in the plugin settings.
  • Fixed issue of using quotation in plugin custom CSS option.


  • Resolved search icon background color issue.
  • Added search form close icon to close search form.


  • Added plugin options Search Post Types, Google CSE, Mobile Display and Custom CSS.
  • Styled it for default WordPress themes.


  • Resolved scrolling issue in fixed menu and made magnifying glass icon resizable.


  • Initial release.