Advanced Grid Builder (AGB)


Content Grids, Galleries, Lists, Menus, Carousels, Sliders, Accordions, Tables and more

AGB is not just another grid builder plugin. It’s a powerful, user-friendly tool that transforms your WordPress post content into all sorts of interactive content.

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With AGB, you can:

  • Create stunning content grids, accordions, slideshows, lightbox galleries, accordions, lists, tables, menus and more with a simple front-end WYSIWYG editor
  • Use our query builder to filter and sort your content
  • Choose from our theme presets or build your own unique design
  • Get help when you need it with our integrated help system
  • Enjoy premium support with our Pro version
  • Explore our full features table

How to use

  1. Edit a page or post.
  2. Place the shortcode [AGB id='unique_identifier'] where you would like the grid to appear.
  3. Save, and then view the page on the front end.
  4. Edit your grid using the blue gear icon which will appear for logged in administrators.

Learn more

Discover the limitless possibilities of AGB with our extensive collection of styles, examples, and demos on our website



  • Grid Types: Grids, Lists, Accordions, Tables, Carousels, Lightbox Slideshows
  • Front-end WYSIWYG Editor: Create and edit grids from the front end of your site by adding a simple shortcode. There’s no need to go to the admin area to create or edit grids.
  • Themes: Quickly change the look of your grid by applying our professionally designed themes.
  • Animations: Add 2D and 3D animations to your grid to make them more engaging.
  • Colours: Define an accent colour to match your site theme.
  • Query Builder: Set the post type for your grid, define filters, and apply sorting.
  • Pagination: Add pagination to your grid, including infinite scroll, button load, and page numbers.
  • Grid Layouts: Make your grid cells flow horizontally or vertically and set fixed heights or widths.
  • Responsive Design: Define breakpoints with custom spacing, gaps, and columns for each.
  • Equalise Grid Sizes: Use advanced cell size matching options to make your grid have even cell sizes for individual rows or the entire grid, regardless of cell content.
  • Aspect Ratio Controls: Use advanced aspect ratio controls to dynamically control the size of cells, content, and images within your grid, regardless of the content.
  • Grid Content: Advanced controls allow you to define the layout and content of grid cells, including images, titles, excerpts, and more.
  • Post Meta: Add post meta to your grid content, including author, date, icons, hyperlinks, and more.
  • Lightbox: Add a lightbox to your grid to display images, videos, and more.
  • Cell Images and Overlays: Add customisable images to cell backgrounds and content areas with advanced control over overlays/colour, aspect ratios, and fill.
  • Default Featured Images: Set a default image for posts with missing featured images to avoid blank cells.
  • Responsive Image Sources: Advanced tools to configure the size of images to load at different breakpoints, including srcset and thumbnail controls.
  • Click Actions: Advanced control of click behaviour of cells and content elements, including post links, lightbox, page scroll links, and fixed URLs.
  • Editing Control: Control who can edit grids with user role controls.


  • Custom Post Types: Select any source for your grid including custom post types, the media library, taxonomies, pages, and more. Includes support for ACF and CPTUI plugins.
  • Custom Fields: Add custom fields to your grid content, including ACF support.
  • Duplicate Grids: Copy from one grid to another to save time.
  • Cloud Presets: Save your grid settings to the cloud and use them on any site.
  • WooCommerce Support: Add WooCommerce fields and custom sorting to your grid.
  • Tooltip Control: Customise the content of tooltips.
  • Dynamic Sorting: Configure a sorting widget allowing visitors to dynamically sort your grid by defined fields.
  • Dynamic Filtering: An advanced filtering widget allows visitors to dynamically filter the grid with multiple taxonomies. Supports ajax reloading, JavaScript filtering, and archive page linking.
  • Dynamic Search: Add a search widget to your grid allowing visitors to dynamically search your grid, including live search and ajax reloading.
  • CSS Matrix: A unique CSS matrix allows you to quickly add CSS to cells and contents.
  • Custom CSS: Add CSS and classes directly to your grid from the editor. The CSS editor pre-populates with targeted selectors.
  • Support: Contact support directly from the editor with a single click.


  1. Edit a page or post.
  2. Place the shortcode [AGB id='unique_identifier'] where you would like the grid to appear.
  3. Save, and then view the page on the front end.
  4. A blue gear cog will appear near the grid content providing access to the grids edit menu.


Have questions? We’ve got answers. Visit our website for a comprehensive FAQ.


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