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AMP WooCommerce


Now you can enable AMP on your e-commerce store without any pain. Expect fast updates and support from us because we like to see the happy users.


Step 1: Install this plugin
Step 2: Activate this plugin,
Step 3. Done.


02. svibnja 2019.
Not sure why this is still in the WordPress Repository as it doesn't seem to do anything. There is no settings page and doesn't create any Woocommerce Amp pages, dissapointed!
26. prosinca 2018.
The developer states on WordPress " This plugin enables e-commerce store functionality with WooCommerce for AMP. AMP for Ecommerce out of the box." FALSE ... this plugin does nothing. For your users to see your shop on mobile you have to pay a high price to get a premium plugin. AMP for WP has blocked access to any woocommerce pages and it looks like you have to buy this plugin to get it to work. I can't comment on how it works because I will not pay for it. Wordpress, this plugin is not free, so I don't understand why it is even in the repository.
18. listopada 2018.
Step 1: Install this plugin Step 2: Activate this plugin, Step 3: Give maximum effort to make it work Step 4: Even install the famed plugin "AMP for WP" by the same developer Step 5: Still Nothing Step 6: Quit There is a premium version? Should I check it? Confused.
01. listopada 2018.
Only install this if you want to see what the paid version of the plugin can do. This free version has an unsolved bug that prevents Google from indexing your AMP Woocommerce pages, making this version useless. I came to know about this plugin when I installed AMP for WP from the same company. In both of them I've seen a developer lack of interest in solving bugs in the free version of the plugin. Not small bugs, but crippling bugs that render the plugin unusable, debugging it, I saw it was very simple to fix; just a missing meta tag. I don't know the devs reasons for not solving bugs in the free version but whatever their monetization strategy is I wouldn't trust my money to a company that give such a support. This review may change if they change their strategy but even then, needing negative reviews to start to show interest in their own plugin is not a good sign.
25. lipnja 2018.
this plugin is very useless. there is no settings page and when you activate this plugin - nothing happens - no amp sites for woocommerce
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Dnevnik promjena

1.0 (19th Feb 2020)

  • Restructured the functionality and Design of Single Product & Cart pages.

0.4 (28th June 2017)

  • Fixed Meta Viewport issue #17
  • Style not getting stripped in product_description #15
  • Sticky Social Icons are adding twice #19
  • AmpforWP Design 3 Support Added #18
  • Amp-Carousel Script are now added properly
  • Gallery needs proper CSS in Design 1 #1
  • Add External product URL Support #11
  • Make sure WC css is adding only in WC pages not all AMP page #20
  • amp-carousel .js is getting added even on non-product pages #16
  • Minor CSS bugs and code cleanup

0.3 (7th April 2017)

  • non img Variants improved
  • Product Gallery Carousel
  • Featured Image issue fixed


  • Variants feature added
  • Added CSS styling to the Products page
  • Added Description price image add_to_cart link
  • Implimented with the AMPforWP as well, so it works out of the box.
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Initial Release