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Automatic Youtube Video Posts Plugin


The Automatic Youtube Video Posts Plugin automatically imports YouTube videos from any YouTube channel, playlist or search term, and creates posts for them and publishes them or creates a post draft according to your settings.



  • Automatically import YouTube videos into WordPress Posts from a specified YouTube channel, playlist, or search term.
  • Uses YouTube’s latest API v3.
  • PRO ONLY: Add as many channels, playlists, or searches as you like.
  • PRO ONLY: Publish videos as custom post types.
  • PRO ONLY: Supports custom taxonomies.
  • PRO ONLY: Import EVERY video, even past videos, in your channel or playlist.
  • PRO ONLY: One click manual import for retrieving ALL channel, playlist videos.
  • PRO ONLY: Fully customize the embedded YouTube video iFrame player.
  • Publish posts automatically or save them as drafts for review.
  • Add a YouTube video and video meta to any existing post.
  • Categorize your videos.
  • Automically import video thumbnails for display on your site.
  • Responsive videos.
  • Sync videos manually after they’ve been imported if the video has changed on YouTube.
  • Duplicate post clean-up tool.



To install the Automatic YouTube Video Posts plugin simply:

  • Unpack the downloaded zipped file
  • Upload the “automatic-youtube-video-posts” folder to your /wp-content/plugins directory
  • Log into WordPress
  • Go to the “Plugins” page
  • Activate the Automatic YouTube Video Posts Plugin

You\’re all set! Now you just have to change some Settings for the plugin.

To change your settings please:

  • Log into WordPress
  • Open the “Automatic Video” tab (which is located at the bottom of the vertical navigation on the left of your WordPress administration panel.
  • Click on the “Settings” option in the “Automatic Video” tab.


How do I set up a Google API Key?

Please read here:

I get the error “Channel Not Found.” Why?

This is most likely due to your Google API Key not being configured properly. You can read on this here. If you’ve already followed these instructions, do so again from scratch but make sure to NOT specify an IP address when setting up the API Key.

This may also be due to adding the wrong channel name or ID to the channel field. You’ll want to paste the user name from the URL, e.g. “” would be “NHLVideo”. Or paste the channel ID from the URL, e.g. “” would be “UCLj5GQ6Q7-1Jca6nt1Kfxkw”.

Why have my videos stopped importing?

The main reason for this is that an interruption occurred during import and a key value in the database which tells the plugin an import is taking place has not properly been reset. You can reset it by using the “Reset” tab in the plugin menu. Read more:

Why won’t the plugin import all my videos?

There could be a number of reasons for this.

Firstly, are you paying for cheap shared hosting? Yup. We thought so. This is a powerful plugin and it requires the ability to run for a while. Most likely your server settings timeout before the script can run through a single time. When using the import button, for each channel/playlist you have set up 50 videos at a time are imported. This means 50 videos per channel/playlist need to be retrieved from Google’s servers and numerous queries take place per video to create a WordPress™ post. Your server just isn’t set up to do this. Try importing from less channels/playlists. Try importing from one channel/playlist at a time. Try upgrading your hosting. We may be able to help host your solution. Contact us.

Did you just upload the video? It takes time for Google to cache your new videos; even up to a day or more.

Are you attempting to import from too many channels? You could be pushing your server to its limits.

I’m getting this error: “Your API Key is correct but the project it belongs to in your Google API console is not configured properly to use the YouTube® API.”

When you set up your Google API Server Key you need to provide an IP address(es) your hosting server uses to connect out to 3rd party services. Most likely you input an incorrect IP address. Your hosting provider should be able to inform you of what this IP address is if you’re not able to find it yourself.


16. siječnja 2021. 1 odgovor
The YouTube Automatic Video Posts plugin works really great and Matthew provides awesome support for tech-challenged users like myself. Thanks, Matthew!
30. studenoga 2019.
This plugin is trash. I reached out to the developer for assistance and crickets. There is a reason it has almost as many one star reviews as five star reviews. I purchased the $40 version of this plugin. Don’t make the mistake I made. If you insist on buying it, stick with the $10 version. There are other plugins that are regularly updated that perform better, and have better reviews. Research.
03. rujna 2019.
The YouTube plugin by Ternstyle is certainly a great tool for anyone who posts frequently on YouTube and wants those videos to automatically appear as blog posts on their website. Though the plugin is wonderfully feature-rich, set up is simple. However it does include advanced options (including the almighty and widely sought-after "hide related videos" feature) for those who want to get fancy with their configuration. One installation I manage functioned perfectly literally for years before it stopped working! That's when I contacted support for the first time. After just a few Q & As, they were able to determine that the Google API needed adjusting. After a few quick changes, it was working again. GREAT support, quick and to the point! I was then able to import all the videos that hadn't been posted and confirm that new ones are now being posted as expected. One note. When you purchase this plugin, an account is created for you on their website. Because the plugin keeps working even if not renewed, it was a long time before I got to the point where I needed to do this (because I needed support and an update to the plugin). By then I had forgotten about the account, and how to access the license I had previously purchased somehow evaporated from my memory, so I purchased a new one. Don't make that mistake! They will be kind in helping you resolve it, but to use the new license you must delete all the YouTube posts imported to your website up to that point and then reimport them all. For frequent posters who have had the plugin in action for a while that could be nearly catastrophic. Everything will roll more smoothly if you remember to log in to your account and renew the existing license. Many thanks to Matthew and crew for a great plugin and wonderfully helpful support!
22. prosinca 2018.
I love this plugin. It does exactly what it is supposed to do! I love it. The plugin documentation is spot on and the support is wonderful. If want to be able to auto post YouTube videos for a channel or keyword to WordPress, you need this. Five stars!!!!!
13. prosinca 2018.
Використовую Про версію для своїх проектів. Швидка підтримка. Гарний додаток. Протестував спочатку для одного з проектів, а потім купив додаткові ліцензії для інших проектів. I'm using Pro version for my projects. Fast support. Great plugin. At first I've tested it (bought license Level 1) for one of my projects, and then bought additional licenses for other projects.
09. prosinca 2018. 1 odgovor
This plugin is just a scam. He doesn't do anything for free. The free version does not work on any property that it claims. I definitely don't recommend!
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