Dodatak nije testiran s zadnje 3 glavna izdanja WordPressa. Možda ga se više ne održava ili pruža podršku i možda ima probleme sa kompatibilnošću s novijim inačicama WordPressa.

Better Lorem Ipsum Generator


When you create WordPress plugins and themes it is often a good thing to test them on blogs with much data. Since 3.0 I use custom post types and custom taxonomies a lot and couldn’t find a plugin that autogenerates them. Hence I wrote a new plugin.


  • Automatically create posts, pages, and any custom post types
  • Automatically create comments for those
  • Automatically add terms from post tags, categories, or any other custom taxonomy to the created posts

Things the plugin can’t do (yet?):

  • Create attachments
  • Add images or other content to new posts
  • Create post metadata like custom fields
  • Create comments in chronological order

Missing features:

  • Comments aren’t generated chronlogically
  • No attachments (yet)
  • No way to autogenerate post metadata

Other recommended things:

Other plugins I wrote


  1. Unzip
  2. Upload to your plugins directory
  3. Enable the plugin
  4. Go to Tools->Better Lorem Ipsum


None yet.


Nema recenzija za ovaj dodatak.

Suradnici i Programeri

“Better Lorem Ipsum Generator” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


Dnevnik promjena ( 1020-10-24 )

  • Fix logging errors ( 1020-10-14 )

  • Remove trailing dots in categories, titles, etc. ( 1020-10-11 )

  • CVS repository handling… ( 1020-10-09 )

  • Misc doc fixes

0.9.3 ( 1020-10-09 )

  • First public release ( 1020-10-07 )

  • Added the readme