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Carbon Balance: Carbon calculation and offsetting for WooCommerce

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Carbon Balance: Carbon calculation and offsetting for WooCommerce


Enable your customers to make their orders environmentally sustainable by offsetting their carbon emissions.

Carbon Balance is a platform that assists online stores in mitigating their carbon footprint and boosting their conversion rates. With Carbon Balance responsible online stores can encourage sustainable consumption and make a positive impact on the environment.

How can Carbon Balance help my online store?
– Enable your customers to offset their carbon emissions with just one click
– Achieve business sustainability in just minutes
– Boost your conversion rates and customer engagement with sustainability
– Integrate sustainability seamlessly into your customer journey
– Support high-quality certified sustainability projects

Introducing the Carbon Offset plugin for WordPress: Enable your customers to offset their carbon emissions with just one click. Achieve business sustainability in minutes and boost your conversion rates by integrating sustainability seamlessly into your customer journey.

With our plugin, you can effortlessly offer your customers the opportunity to offset their carbon footprint, demonstrating your commitment to environmental responsibility. By supporting high-quality certified sustainability projects, you contribute to a greener future while engaging your customers in a meaningful way.

Stand out from your competitors and increase customer loyalty by integrating sustainability into your brand. With our plugin, you can easily showcase your commitment to the planet and inspire your customers to take action towards a more sustainable world.

Take the next step towards a greener future. Install the Carbon Offset plugin for WordPress and empower your customers to make a positive impact today.

Join us in combating climate change!
more information on our site

Please let us know if you have feedback/questions or something doesn’t work as expected: drop us a line : support@carbonbalance.co or use the support section on wordpress.org

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Please check the demo video
[2023-06-20] Carbon Balance for WooCommerce Demo

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Installing our extension is quick and easy, taking just a few minutes. For customers, using it requires just one click, without any changes to the ordering process. This ensures a seamless user experience and prevents the loss of customers due to tedious procedures. If you encounter any issues with the extension, our support team is readily available via email.

[2023-06-20] Carbon Balance for Manual installation tutorial

This plugin can be installed via:
* the WordPress plugin installer
* manual Installation

Once installed activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress


How will my customers be affected by this?

Our CO2 compensation button is the only addition to the checkout process. Your customers won’t be burdened with registration or additional steps – they can proceed to checkout as usual, regardless of whether they choose to opt for CO2 compensation or not.

Privacy considerations

We gather as little data as possible, specifically:
– the WordPress website URL and admin email address
– limited information about transactions with CO2 compensation selected (order id, order total and compensation amount)


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