WordPress PayPal Donations


WordPress PayPal Donations is a WordPress PayPal Plugin allows you to easily add PayPal integration to your WordPress website. It allows you to easily create various form types with a PayPal checkout button that can be added to pages or posts.

These forms can then be edited from the PayPal plugin admin console. The PayPal payment forms created by this plugin can be used for selling products or donations.

Your customers will be able to make donations or pay for your products using PayPal or Credit Card. All you need to do is choose a form type, and insert the generated shortcode into one of your web pages and your website will be ready to go live.

This WordPress PayPal plugin has a widget that can be included in your footer or sidebar. It allows you to easily add one PayPal donation form to the entire website.

WordPress PayPal Plugin

This versatile plugin makes it easy to integrate PayPal into your WordPress website. Choose from three different PayPal donation form templates.

PayPal Form Types

  • Standard Donation – This donation form type gives your customer one editable donation amount field, another field for entering comments and a PayPal Donate button. (DEMO)
  • Fixed Payment Amount + Additional Donation – This donation form type allows you to set a default (fixed) donation amount. The form also includes an additional amount field, a comments field, and a PayPal Donate button. (DEMO)
  • Amount Per Item + Additional Donation – This PayPal form is perfect for selling products or offering items in exchange for donations. The form contains a fixed donation amount per item and allows the customer to select their desired number of items. Includes an additional editable donation amount field, comments field, and PayPal Donate button. (DEMO)
  • Amount Per Item + Additional + Fixed Donation – Same as above, but includes a fixed additional amount. This field is great for adding a shipping charge. (DEMO – Pro version only)
  • Campaign Donation – This PayPal donation form type is for accepting payments and collecting donor information. The form contains an editable donation amount field plus fields for Name, Address, Occupation, and Employer. The donor information collected meets the Federal Election Commission (FEC) requirements. (DEMO – Pro version only)

3 PayPal plugins in one! (5 with Premium Version)

Donation Plugin Features

  • Create PayPal buttons on the fly in a post/page using shortcodes
  • Add customized PayPal donation forms to your posts or pages
  • Accept donations from users
  • Sell products or services using PayPal
  • Accept payments in any currency supported by PayPal
  • Create donation form titles
  • Ability to edit donation forms
  • Change display text of the PayPal form labels
  • Quick settings configurations
  • Designate alternate PayPal accounts for donations
  • Accept payments in multiple currencies. (Premium Version)
  • Manage multiple donation forms from the PayPal Plugin admin screens
  • PayPal Donation widgets
  • New campaign donation type captures name, address, employer and occupation for PayPal. This follows the Federal Election Commission (FEC) regulations (Premium Version)
  • Compatible with the latest version of WordPress
  • Compatible with any WordPress theme

Upgrade to the Premium Version

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Snimke zaslona

  • Sample Donation Widget
  • Overview admin panel
  • Create new donation widget panel


Ovaj dodatak omogućava 2 bloka.

  • WordPress PayPal Donations
  • CP Donation Block


  1. Upload the custom-post-donations directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Aktivirajte dodatak kroz izbornik ‘Dodaci’ u WordPressu
  3. Set the options in the CP Donations Panel
  4. Create new donation widgets in the Add Donations Panel
  5. Use unique shortcode generated on CP Donations Panel in post or page


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Suradnici i Programeri

“WordPress PayPal Donations” je softver otvorenog koda. Sljedeće osobe su doprinijele ovom dodatku.


Dnevnik promjena


  • Moved widget class to separate file.


  • Added more code for i18n conversion.


  • Changed plugin name from Custom Post Donations to WordPress PayPal Donations.
  • Code changes to accommodate name change.
  • Admin code optimizations.


  • Minor admin UI improvements


  • Added secure links


  • minor code clean-up


  • Fixed broken admin panel links.


  • Added stylesheet for better donation form styling


  • Added ‘Edit Donation’ view to be able to edit already existing donation forms


  • fixed bug with WordPress PayPal Integration. Widget was preventing PayPal address from being set


  • added donation sidebar widget functionality
  • fixed donate button width style issue


  • verified WordPress 3.9.2 compatibility


  • Added short code button for easy isertion through editor


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Fixed 404 error with admin stylesheet


  • Added setting to allow showing donation forms on archive pages


  • Complete javascript overhaul to allow more than one donation widget per page


  • Changed attribute used in shortcode to call donation form to prevent duplicate keys. This change is backward compatible and will not break existing donation forms.


  • Added additional ‘Donate’ button style options


  • Additional security enhancements
  • Added option update notification


  • Added return URL functionality to this WordPress PayPal Plugin with Form
  • Increased form submission security


  • Javascript code fixes to prevent WordPress from breaking the code.


  • Code fixes to fix HTML validation errors in admin pages


  • Minor code fix to prevent WordPress warning of undefined constant


  • Increased security to prevent cross-site scripting attacks


  • Code fixes and functionality additions


  • Code refinements to PHP and Javascript


  • Fixed issue preventing custom database prefixes from passing through


  • Fixed issue with error notification not being removed on overview page – ‘Please enter your PayPal email address.’


  • Changed shortcode rendering to fix bug / conflict with excerpt function.


  • Initial release.