Dodatak nije testiran s zadnje 3 glavna izdanja WordPressa. Možda ga se više ne održava ili pruža podršku i možda ima probleme sa kompatibilnošću s novijim inačicama WordPressa.

AI Chatbot for WordPress by Customerly


Customerly is the unique platform that blends AI with your live chat to help your team support customers in no time in any language.

Use Customerly to:

  • 💬 Live chat with AI to support visitors in real-time.
  • ✉️ Engage and capture more leads automatically with live chat triggers and AI.
  • 📢 Nurture leads by sending automated email marketing with powerful workflows.
  • 👥 Create lists based on your rules and reuse them to send tailored messages.
  • 📧 Send newsletters to your customers with a beautiful email template builder.
  • 😀 Identify automatically your new users and personalize greetings with their name without effort.
  • 💸 Keep your costs under control and save money by adopting a single solution for all your communications via chat and email.

💬 AI Chatbot

Collect leads while you sleep and reply to their enquiries via live chat or via email on autopilot.

Talk to your customers in real-time with a beautiful, super fast and customizable live chat for your WordPress website.

The Customerly Live Chat Software for your WordPress website will help you with:
* 🎨 Customizing the live chat to match your brand identity
* ✅ Creating greeting messages to help you start a conversation
* ✅ Recover visitors about to abandon your website
* ✅ Profile your incoming chat messages with more questions
* ✅ Getting more demos with meeting booking
* ✅ Helping your customers with Knowledge base and AutoReply
* 📱Replying on mobile everywhere you go on the Customerly mobile app
* 📚Knowledge base builder to support on autopilot your customers 24/7
* 🎥 Video live chat and screen-sharing with your visitors without leaving the page

Our Live Chat helps 28.000+ businesses all over the world to deliver the most effective customer service and real-time support.

Help your customers find their way with our AI-integrated live chat.

Live Chat

Save time with canned responses
Reduce workloads for your team and quickly reply to repeated requests

Canned Responses

Answer faster with chat previews
Sneak-peek your customers’ messages while they are still typing. You can search for the perfect answer to quickly respond

Chat Previews

Enrich your chat messages
Not just plain text, use our built-in editor to create compelling messages with font styles, inline images and much more

Rich Chat Messages

Not just text, share any media
Drag & drop any file to send them on chat. Your customers will be able to share easily their documents too, like screenshots, PDF quotes, ZIP, videos and much more…

Chat Attachments

Find any past chat with chat history
In your chat history archive, you can find easily any past conversation that includes a certain phrase. Check also a past conversation for a specific customer

Chat Archives

Enable notifications to instantly reply to your live chats
Do not miss any opportunity by turning on web, mobile or email notifications every time you get a new chat

Chat Notifications

🎥 Video live chat & screen share

Deliver demos straight away, show products easily or fix issues on your customer computers with Customerly

⚡️ Live Chat Engagements

Engage with customers on your pages to get more leads and appointment

Add Welcome Messages to better engage with your visitors on your website and ask Pre-Chat questions to better profile your incoming leads.

Then use Smart Assignment Rules to always assign the message to the right person in the team.

Let your visitors book a Book a Meeting directly from the chat.

Let your customer find an answer themself with In-Chat Help Center. We are saving more than 80,000 support cases per month to our customers. That’s a million dollar saved in customer support time and salary.

⭐️ Live Chat Dashboard

The Conversations Inbox is where the magic happens between you and your customers
One single place to connect with your customers

🎨 Live Chat Customization

Make your live chat look like yours with wonderful customizations

Customize your live chat to match your brand with different Chat Icons. Each agent will be able to customize their profiles.
You can also present your company with a
Company mission statement

The live chat support several Languages that adapts automatically to the customer browser.

🎨 Help Center

Deploy a self-service help center with intelligent automation

When it comes to customers, a good 50% of them prefer to find an answer themself in an Help Center.

Thanks to the In-Chat Search they will be able to search their answer in there without bugging your customer support team. Auto reply instead is going to suggest automatically a solution for them based on their inquiries.

Build your Knowledge base with an easy to use and powerful Article Editor, add your Google Tag Manager and observe any Article Feedback

🧐 Improve with Reports

Analyze detailed reports on how your customer service team is performing with Team, Chat and Agent Reports.

Optimize your knowledge base with reports on the Help Center and understand what they are searching for with Failed Searches Reports

Newsletter & Marketing Automation

🤖 Automate emails with workflows

Create automation to communicate with your customers along their journey from awareness to advocacy.

The Workflow Builder will let you create email sequences easily to nurture your leads or keep engaged your customers.

Explore our Workflow Templates to get inspiration on how you can welcome new customers, engage with the current one and nurture prospects.

Use powerful Customer Lists to automatically segment your customers based on your rules. Split by city, list, form source, campaign? You name it. The sky is the limit.

📧 Email Marketing

Craft, deliver and analyze beautiful email marketing campaigns.

With the Customerly Email Marketing suite you will be able to create, send, analyze beautiful marketing campaigns. With 100% Delivery Rate and robust reply system you will get more results from each campaign you send.

Build with a fantastic Visual Email Template Builder that will allow you in a few moments to craft responsive email campaigns.

Once you sent the one-shot email campaign or an automated one, check the Email Stats and User detailed reporting to see exactly how people are responding to your marketing efforts.

WP Live Chat Complete Features List

💬 Live Chat accessible from everywhere

🚀 Super fast live Chat

🎥 Video Live Chat your website visitors

📱 Live chat conversations accessible from your iPhone or Android mobile device

🌈 Change the color of the live chat window

✏️ Customize the icon of the live chat bubble

🤖 Create automated questions to ask in your live chat window

⌚️ Office Hours to show or hide your live chat window when out of office

🧑‍💻 Assign conversations with smart rules

🎇 Live Chat GIF Integration

💬 Allow live chat popup with welcome messages

🌅 3 Backgrounds for your live chat window

🔒 Limit the live chat window to show only to logged users

💬 Set the position of your live chat box

🌍 Ban visitors from chatting to you based on IPAddress

📊 Google Analytics integration to track conversion with the live chat

🔵 Facebook Pixel Event tracking for conversion with the live chat

🖥 Desktop notification when a live chat is received

👥 Add your friend or colleague to your live chat

🧑‍💼 Share notes with other agents on the live chat conversations

📈 Live chat statistics

🗃 Attach files to any live chat

📸 Screenshots creation from the live chat in one click

🔐 Secure Live Chat system

👥 Create different teams to assign your live chat

📸 Screenshots creation from the live chat in one click

🕰 Access historical live chat conversations

🔄 Keep the person logged within the live chat automatically

💾 Offline Live Chat messages stored

📧 Continue conversation even after the live chat with email seamlessly

🔃 Unlimited simultaneous live chat

💾 Unlimited live chat stored

How to install the AI Chatbot


  • English
  • Català (Catalan),
  • Dansk (Danish),
  • Nederlands (Dutch),
  • English (Australia) (English (Australia))
  • English (UK) (English (UK))
  • Français (French (France)),
  • Deutsch (German),
  • Italiano (Italian),
  • Português do Brasil (Portuguese (Brazil)),
  • Português (Portuguese (Portugal)),
  • Română (Romanian),
  • Español (Spanish (Spain)),
  • Svenska (Swedish),
  • Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian),
  • Polski (Polish),
  • slovenščina (Slovenian),
  • Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese),
  • Ελληνικά (Greek),
  • Magyar (Hungarian),
  • Русский (Russian),
  • čeština‎ (Czech),
  • Esperanto (Esperanto)

Snimke zaslona

  • Give your customers the support they deserve with your new AI Chatbot
  • Keep live chat under control with the conversation inbox.
  • Customize your live chat as you prefer. Change Live Chat color, Icon and much more.
  • Start a Video Live Chat with your customers with just one click.
  • Smart assign your live chat automatically with your rules.
  • Engage your visitors with live chat triggers and get more leads.
  • Let your user self serve and we are going to replay automatically with AI to your live chat.
  • Craft beautiful email marketing templates
  • Use Marketing Automation to automate your communications and grow on autopilot.
  • Improve your customer satisfaction.
  • Segment your contacts in seconds based on your rules.
  • Organize your customers’ data with CRM
  • Gather feedback in seconds via live chat surveys
  • Live chat reports to learn your team performances.


How to install your live chat and AI Chatbot?

This section describes how to install the live chat plugin and get it working.

If you are installing it directly from the WordPress Plugin Directory follow these steps:
1. After the install, click on the “Customerly Live Chat” left menu item.
2. From here, insert your password and click on Continue.
3. You should now see your live chat up & running.

If you are downloading this live chat plugin proceed as described below.

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Follow the above instructions to get your live chat running


I cannot see my live chat after installation, how can I see it?

After you have completed the installation process by signing up to get a Customerly account, check your website with an incognito tab. The Live Chat will appear there.
If you are still not seeing the live chat, please check your browser console and contact us through the live chat at to solve any issue.

Can I customize the live chat appearance?

Yes, you can customize the live chat color, name, welcome message, position on your website and more. Go to and explore your project settings. From there check out your Live Chat settings for more information.

Is Customerly Live Chat Fully GDPR Compliant?

Our team have created all the best practices to be fully compliant with the GDPR rules. Also you are covered. Check out for more info.

Can I use Customerly as Lead generation tool?

Yes you can use the live chat to collect new leads, or you can even create bridges between your Forms and Customerly Funnels.

I’ve got my Customerly Funnel ready, how can I connect it to my landing pages?

Check our CF7 (Contact Form 7), Elementor and MailMunch integrations. If you use Contact Form 7, we now have a direct integration.

Can I request visitors’ email within the live chat?

Your new Live Chat is intelligent. You can ask the email of who start a conversation with you as a required field, or you can let them start anonymous live chat and let us ask automatically for you their email.

If a visitor write on the live chat and then goes offline?

Our system of communication is intelligent. If someone is writing on the live chat and you reply while they are online, they will get the answer by the live chat.
If they goes offline meanwhile we deliver an email for you automatically. And people can reply to that email as well.

You can continue the conversation in your dashboard.

Can I qualify the leads through the live chat?

Sure you can. With automated questions our live chat will ask for you automatically up to three questions to have an idea on whoever is writing to you. Amazing isn’t it?

Can I use Customerly as autoresponder?

Sure you can, in addition to the live chat service, you can also create and send email as newsletter or build an auto responder.
With the power of Customerly your marketing campaigns boundaries are endless.

How can I use Customerly to send newsletter by email?

Once you have your account you can easily build emails with our template builder. It’s easy and perfectly integrated with your blog.
You will have everything integrated in one single platform. Live Chat, Email marketing, Customer Segmentation, Survey and Satisfaction.
More Info: Customerly Funnels

How can I use it to track and analyze wooCommerce users?

Customerly plugin automatically tracks wooCommerce Users and you can create newsletter and automations easily.
More Info: Customerly Marketing Automations

Do you have mobile applications to manage the customer service live chat?

Sure, you can find our mobile apps on the stores.
Download iOS app
[Download Android app]

How do I send forms leads to Customerly?

At this moment you can create a bridge by inserting your Access Token and send the POST request of your forms directly to the url you see into your Customerly WordPress Settings Page.
We suggest to use Mailmunch forms in order to achieve this.
You can find the instructions inside the Customerly Live chat plugin.

How can I send Survey to my users?

It’s extremely easy with Customerly to build and send survey to all your users. Define your audience and send to them a survey. Once you sent the survey you will have results in seconds.

What’s the difference from others?

The Customerly Live Chat with Superpowers are different from Tidio, Intercom, ActiveCampaign, Zendesk, LiveChat and Crisp.

You can collect more leads and with the power of Customer Intelligence you can create as many contact lists you want.
Once created the contact lists, you can send newsletters, funnels, nps and surveys.


21. siječnja 2021.
I highly recommend installing this live chat! The free version is great but the paid version offers even more for the success of your online business.
01. kolovoza 2020.
Love this plugin! Improved communication with my clients even when I’m on the move.
21. siječnja 2020.
Il plugin wordpress funziona perfettamente e permette di interfacciare la tua Dashboard Customerly con il sito wordpress. Sarebbero gradite qualche notifica in più come all’avvio della chat senza l’obbligo di tenere aperta la finestra di Costumerly. Il servizio ha un prezzo assolutamente competitivo ma anch’esso potrebbe essere migliorato.
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Dnevnik promjena

We have fixed some security issues with the Form POST for Elementor and MailMunch.
IF YOU WERE USING A FORM INTEGRATION Please use the new Elementor Form Customerly or Contact Form 7 Customerly Plugins to have a better and working implementation for your forms.

We are constantly working on this plugin to improve the Live Chat features.
This includes:
– Live Chat triggers: Send the right message at the right time with behavioural messaging
– CRM: Keep your contact in one place and follow your customer journey
– Newsletters: Create and deliver beautiful newsletters
– Workflows: Automate your email sending with ease