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Easy Accordion Posts


Easy accordion posts (EAP)

Display your posts as accordions (in a grid) using simple and intuitive options. No programming skills necessary for basic output (see examples below), anyone can do it 🙂 Advanced facilities for developers!

View these examples:


You can find EAP’s documentation here

Developers attention!

While this plugin is a fantastic beginners tool, it has all the ground work laid out so you can dive into the juicier aspects of development right now skipping past a lot of tedious setup code. Customise advanced results faster! Editing later on will be a breeze 🙂

Feature Highlights:

  • Search
  • Prijelom stranica
  • Multiple Filters (category, tags, custom taxonomy, etc)
  • Display custom fields
  • Use any CPT and taxonomy as database
  • Easy query selector + WP_Query args filter hook for finer control
  • Cells can be assigned your custom PHP templates
  • Responsive
  • Instant results


  • Freedom: You can customise the formatting of your accordion cells using your own HTML. You can even create custom PHP templates for the cells. This is very useful in case you need more advanced results like performing operations on custom fields before presenting them. Pre-defined cell templates are included so you can easily copy and modify them. Learn more
  • Solid Documentation: This plugin is built in a way for you to completely own it. This is why it is well documented, giving you deep control over its facilities and instant power to create fantastic results. Learn more
  • Custom Query: Want to include only specific CPT, taxonomy and terms in your query? No problem, its easy visual interface lets you select them with just a few clicks. You need even finer control with tax queries and meta queries? Then use its documented filter hook to insert your own WP_Query args. Learn more
  • Quality Support: This is an up and coming plugin and I (Kartik, aka WordPressaHolic, the plugin’s author) am fully committed towards developing it into a powerful, feature rich tool. Reported bugs will be promptly quashed and any holes in the documentation will be quickly filled. If you have feature requests that will benefit the rest of us, please send them in and I’ll see what I can do 😀

PS- I wrote this plugin in AngularJS, a sweet framework for rapid app development. Contact me if you’re looking for an offshore developer with the necessary chops to build your next web app / WordPress plugin / bespoke website.

Just try this plugin already 🙂

Snimke zaslona

  • Properties Directory (Multi Filtering, Search, Prijelom stranica)
  • WooCommerce Products
  • Employees Profile Cards
  • Blog Posts


  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard (the backend of the website).
  2. Click on the ‘Plugins’ item in the left side menu.
  3. Click on ‘Add New’ (top of screen next to the word ‘Plugins’)
  4. Click on ‘Upload Plugin’ (top of screen next to the words ‘Add Plugins’)
  5. Choose the file ‘’.
  6. Click on ‘Install Now’. Then wait for the plugin to upload. Page will redirect and you should get a message that installation has completed successfully.
  7. Click on ‘Activate plugin’ on the screen that follows. You can also activate/deactivate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  8. The ‘Easy Acc. Posts’ Menu item should now be available in your WordPress dashboard, left hand menu.


I need the plugin customized for my website. Are you available for customization work?

Yes, I am available for freelance projects. Please feel free to reach me at


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  • Preset shortcodes changed


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