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Easy FAQ Schema Markup Shortcode


Easy FAQ Schema Markup Shortcode Plugin forms with the hope to save your time to insert Microdata or Json-LD codes to markup FAQs to the schema.
This small plugin is easy to start setting up FAQs to Schema for rich results.

Guide to using

  • Insert the plugin before marking up your FAQs.
  • Copy and page these shortcodes to your page or post.
  • Change the questions and answers as yours.
  • Use HTML edit mode block when insterting the shortcodes.

Structure FAQ to Schema with Microdata

For 1 question and 1 answer

[openquestionmicro] This question 1? [closequestionmicro] Answer for question 1 [endfaqmicro]

For 2 questions and 2 answers

[openquestionmicro] This question 1? [closequestionmicro] Answer for question 1 [endanswermicro]
[morequestionmicro] This question 2? [closequestionmicro] Answer for question 2 [endfaqmicro]

For 3 questions and 3 answers

[openquestionmicro] This question 1?[closequestionmicro] Answer for question 1 [endanswermicro]
[morequestionmicro] This question 2?[closequestionmicro] Answer for question 2 [endanswermicro]
[morequestionmicro] This question 3?[closequestionmicro] Answer for question 3 [endfaqmicro]

With the order of shortcodes above, you can set up as many as questions and answers if you want.
Please put these shortcodes in the middle for the other questions:

[morequestionmicro] This question 2?[closequestionmicro] Answer for question 2 [endanswermicro]

Structure FAQ to Schema with Json-LD

The shortcodes to markup 1 question and 1 answer

[openquestionjson]This question 1?[closequestionjson] Answer for question 1[endfaqjson]

You can structure with only 1 question and answer to Schema with Json-LD for the free Plugin.


  • Comment or send email to us to get support.
  • We will solve any issues as soon as possible, but please patient. Usually, an email is faster to reply!
  • If you want to give me ideas to improve the plugin, you’re wellcome.

Load Weight

  • This is very super light
  • Do not slow down your WordPress website or blog.

Snimke zaslona

  • Screenshots of rich results for 1 question and answer
  • Screenshots of rich results from 3 questions and answers


Works well with WordPress 5.+
You install the Easy FAQ Schema Markup Shortcode Plugin like most other plugins.

Go to dashboard of WordPress =>Plugins => Add new => find Easy FAQ Schema Markup Shortcode Plugin (or upload plugin) =>active it, and enjoy magic work.

If you upload it from FTP: upload it at the plugin folder (/wp-content/plugins).


Where can I put the the shortcodes?

You can put these shortcodes anywhere in the contents of your posts or pages.

Why cannot my FAQ Schema markup index on Google?

In some cases, your FAQ Schema markup cannot show on Google search result pages. Maybe your markup can get one of markup errors. Please see common errors here –

Can I use both Microdata and Json-LD to structure FAQs to Schema?

We do not recommend you use both of them in one page or post. This is not good for SEO and displaying rich results.
Each page uses one group of Microdata or Json-LD.


13. svibnja 2022.
Hey! I just had the idea to code the exact things (faq schema based on shortcode) and before doing it, just checked if it exist already (same idea). Thanks for clean code!
04. studenoga 2021.
Great plugin Work very well with dynamic shortcode ! Great job Thanks
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Add microdata shortcode for 6.+

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