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With plug-Link List Manager you can organize a list of links with images or without them.
This plugin can be used for display of banners, as well as to display the list of partners. If desired, plug-in can be used as a directory of files.

Features plug-in:
* Separate links to categories
* Configure link for the following:
** Name (anchor)
** Description (alt, title)
** Link (url)
** Behavior (target)
** Image
** Proportionally reduce the width of the image
** The location of the image of the anchor (left or right)
** The sort order options
** Preview links
** Embed a widget in your theme with the settings (block header, a category that you want to show the links)
** ShortCode embed in your blog entries.

For images, plugin creates a folder at: /wp-content/uploads/llm CHMOD (0700)
If you do not have the right to display the folder, the plugin does not download images.


<ul class=”llm llm$ID_CATEGORY”>
   <li class=”llm-list llm-list$ID_ROW”>
      <a href=”” title=”wordpress plugins” target=”_blank” class=”llm-link llm-link$ID_ROW”>
         <img src=”” alt=”wordpress plugins” style=”llm-images llm-images$ID_ROW”>


.llm {
/* Class to the list */
/* Class for a list of category ID display options */

.llm-list {
/* Class for LI */
.llm-list$ID_ROW {
/* Class for LI with ID of record */

.llm-link {
/* Class for link */
.llm-link$ID_ROW {
/* Class for link ID of record */

.llm-images {
/* Class for the image */
.llm-images$ID_ROW {
/* Class for the image ID of the record */

Options shortcode LLM:

[llm category=”id”] – Displays the entries from this category if it exists
[llm category=”id” id=”id”] – displays the entries from this category and the following link if it exists

Snimke zaslona

  • Add a new link
  • Management of reference
  • Editing links


  1. Download the plugin Link List Manager.
  2. Download the folder link-list-manager in the category of plug-ins /wp-content/plugins/
  3. Activate the plugin
  4. In the left pane in the administrative setting, select LLManager
  5. Add new links
  6. Add widget to your LL Manager topic or Shortcode [llm category=””] in your records.


Free help and videos is here –


Nema recenzija za ovaj dodatak.

Suradnici i Programeri

“link-list-manager” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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