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MAZ Loader helps you add different styles of Preloaders into your site to make your users stay a delight to wait for your site to load. MAZ Loader provides a builder to help you get started as easy as possible.

MAZ Loader Builder consists of the following sections:

  • Fields List
  • Fields Settings
  • Loader Appearance Settings
  • Loader Settings
  • Loader Responsive Buttons
  • Run Loader button

Below we can find more information for each of the above sections.

Fields List

A Loader consists of Fields which populate the Loader’s content. The available fields are the following:

  • Text Field
  • Image Field
  • Icon Field

Upcoming Fields:
* Progress Bar Field
* Percentage Field
* Custom Field

Read more on Fields on our documentation here: Fields Documentation.

Field Settings

All the fields mentioned provide you with a variety of settings:

  • Font Size
  • Text Color
  • Background Color
  • Padding & Margin
  • Image Upload
  • Custom Image URL
  • Set the Width & Height of Images
  • Border Radius
  • Icons (Preloaders) from a list of SVG, GIFS and CSS
  • More to come… !

Read more regarding our upcoming features on our Changelog.

Once you have added your Fields to your Loader, you can change their order using Drag and Drop which makes it super easy to control your content without the need to delete a Field, lose your settings and then re-create it. Duplicating a Field is also supporting with the click of a button which creates the same Field and puts it on the bottom of your Loader’s content.

Read our documentation on Loaders here: Loaders Documentation

Loader Appearance Settings

Your Loader can be customized via the Appearance Tab which contains settings such as:

  • Background Color: Set any color for your Loader’s background
  • Background Image: Set an image as your Loader’s background
  • Background Image Type: Set how the background image will appear (pattern or cover)
  • Background Image Position: Set the background image position
  • Loader Content Position: A list of 9 different positions for on how your Loader’s Content will appear
  • Side by Side Loader Items: Set your Loader items to appear one next to another instead of one below another. This setting does not work with all Content Positions.
  • Disable Page Scroll: While your Loader is displaying you can disable the scroll bars on your page.

Loader Settings

This section handles the times of your Loader as well as whether to display your Loader on the homepage (If set to appear site-wide).

  • Minimum Loading Time: Set the minimum time your Loader will display
  • Duration: Set the duration of your Loader (Total duration consists of Minimum Loading Time + Duration)
  • Delay: Set how long after your page started loading your Loader will appear.
  • Show on Homepage: If you have set your Loader to appear site-wide, then you can set it to appear only on your Homepage.

Loader Responsive Buttons

MAZ Loader provides you with 3 buttons to show how your Loader will appear in different devices such as Desktop, Tablet and Mobile. While clicking on each one of the buttons, the Demo Browser in the Builder will resize to try and demonstrate your Loader in different devices.

Run Loader Button

The Run Loader button allows you to run your Loader and see how it will work in your site before enabling it. It will auto hide itself at start and then use the Minimum Loading Time, Duration and Delay to give your a live demonstration of how it would work on your site. After the Loader ends, it will hide itself and appear again after a second to allow you to continue editing it.

MAZ Loader Settings

MAZ Loader Settings page allow you to set the following aspects of the plugin:

  • Impressions: Enable/Disable Impressions. If you disable this setting then Impressions wont be tracked whenever a Loader is viewed by your visitors.
  • Display the last published Loader on all pages?: By enabling this, MAZ Loader will pick the last published Loader and display it site-wide. If you disable this you can add as many Loaders as you desire on different pages using the shortcode provided on each Loader.
  • Keep data during update?: Keep this checkbox checked in order not to lose any data while disabling/uninstalling the plugin. If you uncheck this then in case you uninstall the plugin all the data will be removed.


MAZ Loader provides you with a shortcode that is unique to each Laoder. This shortcode can be viewed on the View Loaders page and allows you to copy and paste it on a page, post, etc… and display unique Loaders on different pages across your site.


MAZ Loader provides you with Analytics by giving you information on your Loader, Fields and Impressions. Here is a list of the provided Analytics:

  • Total number of Loaders
  • How many Loaders are enabled at any time
  • How many Loaders have been seen from your visitors
  • How many fields do your Loaders contain
  • The total amount of Impressions on all your Loaders (enabled or not)
  • The average impressions per Loader
  • The Impressions that were recorded yesterday
  • The Impressions for today
  • A projection for the Impressions of the current month


You can contact us if you have any questions regarding MAZ Loader using our Support Form on our site, Contact Support.


  • MAZ Loader Dashboard
  • MAZ Loader Builder. This Loader contains a Text Field, Image Field and an Icon Field.
  • Text Field Settings
  • Image Field Settings
  • Icon Field Settings
  • Loader Appearance Settings Tab
  • Loader Settings Tab
  • Tablet Preview
  • Mobile Preview


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/maz-loader directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the MAZ Loader menu item from the left sidebar, in your Administrator Panel, to start using MAZ Loader.


Is there documentation?

We provide documentation for almost every aspect on the plugin. Read more here.

Can I create multiple Loaders?

You can create as many Loaders as you desire! There is no limit!

Can I assign different Loaders on my pages?

Each Loader is presented by a shortcode which can be added to any page, post, content type to display a Loader for this particular page of your site.

Can I create a Loader and use it sitewide?

There is an option on the Settings Page (Display the last published Loader on all pages?) which is disabled by default and lets you enable it and display the last published loader on all your pages of your website.

Can I create a Loader and use it only on the homepage?

As you create a Loader, you can go to the Settings Tab > Scroll down and check the Show on Homepage to make the Loader appear only on the homepage of your site.

Will MAZ Loader slow down my website?

Not at all! MAZ Loader is built with performance in mind. Its front-end library consists of only 8.5 KB of CSS and 1.6 KB of JS.

Do you provide support?

You can contact us regarding any question on MAZ Loader using our Support Form on your site.


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Easy to use and great results! The preloader that I made looks profesional without effort! Thanks
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