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Message to Author


Message to Author is a WordPress plugin that allows users to message author of the post/CPT/page directly.

This can be helpful to set up catalogs to ask for inquiry, and specially when handling multiple blog/magazine with multiple author. User can send messages to author regarding any obligations of content.


  • All message’s log into admin panel, Author will only see messages for them.
  • Option to send message only for registered users or visitor or both
  • Can be used as an internal messaging system

The Plugin offers 2 layouts: Message box, Pop up and 3 Styles for your websites

You can help contribute your code here:


  1. You can put a Message-box anywhere in content with shortcode [message2author] Or in php file with <?php echo do_shortcode("[message2author]"); >.
  2. You can pass few preset to have various layouts like [message2author title="{Title of form}" button_label="{label text of button}" layout="{messagebox|popup}" style="{theme|style1|style2}"]
  3. Or you can simply elect the option Show after post? and it will inject after every Post’s content
  4. Author can also show on their Dashboard. Use this shortcode: [allmessage2author] Or in php file with <?php echo do_shortcode("[allmessage2author]"); ?>

Snimke zaslona

  • Message Box with preset
  • Admin settings
  • Popup with theme default styling
  • Messages in admin panel


From your WordPress dashboard:

  • Visit \Plugins > Add New\
  • Search for \Message to Author\
  • Activate Message to author from your Plugins page.


  • Download Message to Author.
  • Upload the \message-to-author\ directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory, using your favorite method (ftp, sftp, scp, etc…)
  • Activate message-to-author from your Plugins page.


07. srpnja 2017. 1 odgovor
The idea is very good, as Multi-Authors Blogs indeed face the day-to-day annoying task of building a separate contact form for each author - for inclusion after the author's posts. But when authors get such emails from readers, they are not interested in just a subject line and text. They are certainly interested in additional details such as the reader's name, email address, maybe a phone number, and maybe additional one or two details. These are not necessarily going to be provided through the subject and description area. It's a miss. Sorry... not good enough. It could be the rock-star of Multi-Authors Blogs if it included more fields, including validation (email, no code), and if each additional field could be configured (field tag, mandatory or not etc). Good idea though. I guess it's only a matter of time before such a plugin becomes available.
03. rujna 2016.
I am useing it for and useing it with woocommerce plugin. This is really Helpful for contact user to product manufacturer
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the plugin is created with very basic functionality-

Error Solving and make it error free

Remove front-end message display by shortcode

Adding Google Captcha form

Change into description

Change into Standard plugin flow

– Complete new version of plugin.
– Bootstraping future updates.

– Resolved. White screen while sending message
– Testing with WordPress 5.6