Options for Twenty Twenty-One


Options for Twenty Twenty-One

This plugin is for Twenty Twenty-One theme, please see our other plugins for Twenty Seventeen, Twenty Nineteen and Twenty Twenty.

This plugin adds the following modification options to the default WordPress theme Twenty Twenty-One …

  • Change body font size.
  • Remove link underlines.
  • Inject a sidebar into chosen areas of your site.
  • Change the max width of align default content.
  • Reduce the max width of align wide content.
  • Choose a grid template for selected archive, blog, tag, category or custom taxonomy pages.
  • Hide the entire site header.
  • Full width header.
  • Choose a background color for the site header.
  • Choose the background image of the site header.
  • Choose the height of the site header on the home page or site wide.
  • Reduce the padding above or below the site header.
  • Choose the maxium width of the site logo.
  • Align the logo, title and description.
  • Hide the site title.
  • Change site title font size, font case and color.
  • Hide the site description.
  • Change site description font size and color.
  • Move the primary navigation out of the header on larger screens.
  • Show the mobile navigation on all screen sizes.
  • Align the navigation to the left, center or right on mobile and larger screens.
  • Hide mobile menu button text.
  • Increase the hamburger icon size on larger screens.
  • Change the color of the hamburger icon.
  • Change navigation font size on larger screens.
  • Change navigation link colors on mobile.
  • Change the font case of primary menu items.
  • Change navigation font weight, color and hover color.
  • Hide primary navigation submemu caret.
  • Change navigation submenu font size and padding.
  • Inject Yoast SEO or Breadcrumb NavXT breadcrumbs above page content.
  • Hide all page / post headers.
  • Hide all page / post titles.
  • Hide all archive / tag / category titles.
  • Hide all page / post featured images.
  • Change page, post and archive title font size.
  • Change page title letter spacing.
  • Change the color of post titles on archive pages.
  • Prevent the author from showing.
  • Move post date to below page title.
  • Hide post date, taxonomies, tags and categories.
  • Reduce margine above widgets.
  • Widget area font size.
  • Choose a default color for the social icons.
  • Replace footer logo / title with social icons.
  • Hide site info area in the footer.
  • Change the font case of the footer site title.
  • Remove the “Powered by WordPress” text displayed in the website footer.
  • Change the primary color.
  • More coming soon … request a feature in the Support Forum!

… and the following options for users who have upgraded to the premium plugin …

  • Options in the editor to hide / show header, header title, featured image and sidebar on individual posts and pages.
  • Use featured images as the site background.
  • Use featured images as the header background.
  • Add and style a header gradient over the background image.
  • Move logo inline with site title and description.
  • Style header text shadow.
  • Choose the width of the injected sidebar.
  • Choose a breakpoint for the mobile menu.
  • Use fixed, sticky desktop and / or mobile menus.
  • Style the primary menu items on larger screens.
  • Inject a search function into the primary navigation.
  • Change the aspect ratio of posts in the Grid Template.
  • Choose the number of colums in the Grid Template for small, medium and large screens.
  • Change the Grid Template post border width color and style.
  • Change the font size of post titles in the Grid Template for small, medium and large screens.
  • Change the shadow color and width on post titles in the Grid Template.
  • Show published dates below the posts in the Grid Template.
  • Increase the size of social link icons on larger screens.
  • Fix social links to the left or right on larger screens.
  • Add Linkedin icon to social menu (ask us to add others if you need them).
  • Change the color of the social icons to their relevant corporate colors.
  • Provide alternate text to replace “Proudly powered by WordPress”.
  • Choose a Dark Mode background image.
  • More coming soon

The Twenty Twenty-One theme does not use jQuery, we use pure JavaScript on the front end of this plugin so it doesn’t need to enqueue jQuery.

This plugin makes use of hooks instead of child themes or custom templates which means it will work even after new versions of Twenty Twenty-One are published by the theme developers without breaking the theme 🙂


Easily use this plugin to modify WordPress default Twenty Twenty-One theme …

1) Install “Options for Twenty Twenty-One” automatically or by uploading the ZIP file.
2) Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.
3) Find the additional features by clicking “Customize” in the “Appearance” admin menu.


Why can’t I change the fonts?

Changing fonts in a WordPress theme is not a customisation that is limited to the Twenty Twenty-One theme. There are lots of plugins out there that already perform this task.


19. siječnja 2021.
I installed this plugin and initial results were great. Instead of the usual plugin Settings panel it replaces the standard Customize drop down which is a neat idea. But this plugin adds css to each page where my Child Theme could not override the plugin's css. Eventually, conflicts between the plugin and my Child Theme forced me to disable this plugin. (If they had positioned their plugin before the Link statements I might have kept it.) So, I guess, if you have or are familiar with Child Themes then continue that way. If not then this is a great, almost essential, add on to TwentyTwentyOne.
14. siječnja 2021.
Makes it easy to update the 2021 theme. The premium version adds even more features. Support is fantastic.
02. siječnja 2021.
This plugin adds quite a bit of versatility to the Twenty Twenty-One theme. Particularly important is the ability to add a side bar; a feature that WordPress decided to deprecate. Oliver, the author, has been very responsive to user requests and questions and I think that is great.
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“Options for Twenty Twenty-One” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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Dnevnik promjena


  • Option to change mobile nav button color
  • Option to change mobile nav link colors
  • Options to chaange submenu font size and padding
  • Option to change color of post titles on archive pages


  • Temporarily removed admin notices
  • Option to replace footer logo / title with social menu
  • Option to move the primary menu out of the header
  • Option to inject breadcrumbs
  • Added values to all range sliders


  • Added option to choose the font case of primary menu items
  • Bug fix


  • Added option to choose a background color for the site header
  • Bug fix


  • Added option to hide navigation submenu caret
  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fix


  • Bug fixes


  • Added option to hide the post navigation links
  • Added option to change the height of the footer border
  • Bug fixes


  • Added option to hide archive titles
  • Added option to set a grid template for archive pages
  • Added option to incrase the size of the burger menu for desktop
  • Added option to choose social icon color
  • Bug fix


  • Bug fixes
  • Option for full width header


  • Added option to align the mobile menu
  • Added options to reduce the header padding


  • Added option to hide mobile menu button text
  • Added option to remove link underlines
  • Bug fix


  • Added option to hide the site header
  • Added option to hide all post / page featured images


  • Added option to move post date to below post title
  • Bug fix


  • Added option to hide site info area in footer
  • Added visual representation of customizer slider values that have to be refreshed


  • Added options to align logo, title and description
  • Added options to change footer title font case


  • Added option to change header height site wide
  • Added option to change the archive title font size


  • Added option to show the mobile nav on all screen sizes
  • Added option to choose the max width of the site logo


  • Couple of bug fixes


  • Inject a sidebar into chosen areas of your site


  • Remove IE11 CSS patch as this is now fixed in the theme
  • Hide site title and / or description
  • Align desktop navigation


  • Added options to choose a background image for the header and its height


  • Added options to hide the post date, taxonomies, tags and categories
  • Added options to reduce the margin above the footer widgets


  • Where possible moved to stop using var() for more IE11 compatibility
  • Added options to hide author, page headers and page titles


  • Fix a bug in the theme to load IE11 compatible CSS


  • Added option to change site title font case
  • Added option to change primary navigation font weight


  • Added options to change primary and secondary colors
  • Added options to change width of align default and wide content
  • Added options to change letter spacing and weight of headings


  • Added options for global font sizes and letter spacing


  • First version of the plugin