Dodatak nije testiran s zadnje 3 glavna izdanja WordPressa. Možda ga se više ne održava ili pruža podršku i možda ima probleme sa kompatibilnošću s novijim inačicama WordPressa. Stripe Manager


  • Gets Stripe customer data using user’s WordPress login email.
  • Users can activate/deactivate their Stripe subscription(s).
  • Users can update/add credit card data stored in Stripe.


Place any of the following shortcodes into a page where you want to display the subscriptions/credit card tools.

[stripemanager_subscriptions_active]: Lists active Stripe subscriptions. `Cancel` button available.

[stripemanager_subscriptions_active_cancel_off]: Lists active Stripe subscriptions. `Cancel` button unavailable.

[stripemanager_subscriptions_active_cancel_EndOfCycle]: Lists active Stripe subscriptions. Subscription will be cancelled at the end of cycle. `Cancel` button available.

[stripemanager_subscriptions_inactive]: Lists inactive Stripe subscriptions.

[stripemanager_subscriber_cardList]: Stripe credit card management.

[stripemanager_transactions]: Lists Stripe invoices.

Snimke zaslona


  1. Upload “ Stripe Manager” to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.
  3. Set the Stripe secret in settings page.

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15. veljače 2019.
Our membership site has users with subscriptions through Stripe. We were unable to have the members manage there own subscriptions. They had to email in to have customer service cancel payments, change credit cards.. it was a nightmare. What makes this plugin better than others is it works off the email address and not the Stripe Customer ID which a single customer can have several Stripe IDs. It is simple to install and immediately gives members access to subscription plans they have in Stripe.
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Suradnici i Programeri

“ Stripe Manager” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


Dnevnik promjena


  • [stripemanager_subscriptions_active_cancel_EndOfCycle] now includes subscriptions with status:trialing
  • Cleanup


  • Created webhook to run api goal
  • switch off customer not available message(do not display anything) all shortcodes
  • add the user if not exists in stripe and the card at the same time


  • CSS changes


  • Bug fixes


  • Add a card in popup


  • Updates


  • Add card issue update


  • Help page layout and Add card issue fixes


  • Width Issue with by bootstrap fix


  • Inactive plan issue and background color fix


  • Optimizepress and spelling mistake fix


  • Initial release version