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Ovaj dodatak je zatvoren od 01. ožujka 2024. i nije dostupan za preuzimanje. Razlog: Sigurnosni problemi.


21. veljače 2024.
After buying the premium version the page builder did not work anymore. I communicated, no reply. Again I communicated, no reply. I then made a refund request, no reply, no refund. ?????
13. travnja 2023.
Cannot even save. Unknown errors all around. New owner very much seems tech illiterate judging by the forum. Don’t bother with this garbage. I wish I could charge you for the time this wasted.
02. prosinca 2021. 1 odgovor
Made this account just so I can write this review. Idea is great, but not working as it should. I’ve been working last two hours just for this stupid plugin not to save what I edited. Also, sometimes when I change a html block, code doesn’t get saved so I always have to copy everything to clipboard just in case. Lost two fucking hours because of this bullshit. Last time I’m using it. Edit: Also, no apparent support for special characters like ö, ä, ü, ß!
01. rujna 2021.
I created a ticket over a month ago, with zero response. Then started digging in the WP Support forums and found out the plugin was sold/transferred to a different developer and he basically just responds to each post on the forum saying he apologizes, he’s recently taken over PBS and is working on a patch update, and then closes those posts so no additional comments can be made or delete any comments that ask for updates (like he did to mine) and yet still zero response to the actual support tickets. And some of the complaints in the forums are much older than my 1-month issue. And to top it all off, I just got hit with an annual renewal of the premium support for this plugin without any advanced notice. It appears this once great plugin is now garbage and totally unsupported.
24. ožujka 2021.
An editor that our customers can use easily. Intuitive to use without a lot of frills.
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