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Posts Generator


22. studenoga 2019.
Thank you so much for this plugin! I've been using my own boring imports when creating themes for wordpress - but now I can get random content and images in just seconds compared to both my own and other plugin's (sserPrekaF) Please keep it this simple - no more development needed 🙂 no premium versions, banners etc. Not that I don't love it - but it's a install-use-delete-plugin. #trieditandlovedit
10. studenoga 2019.
This one one works much better than every other existing similar plugin and should be supported for further development as it is really worth. The description is not yet 100% accurate as there are MORE features than described here. For instance, images are indeed added with posts/pages but this doesn't show anywhere in current description and also that this plugin works with custom post types (CPT) and will add posts to them! It would also be great to consider for further updates to add a TITLE length option or limit (characters or words) for posts/pages as sometimes we are getting titles that are a bit lengthy.
07. studenoga 2019.
It’s really nice to see when ideas spark good new plugins! Looking forward to playing more with the plugin. Hope you the best on the development. This really inspired me back into updating FakerPress.
06. studenoga 2019.
Loved this plugin--a huge time-saver for theme development/customization. I expect to use it often. Simple to use with lots of options to fine-tune. It took me less than 5 minutes to generate a dozen users, a dozen categories/tags, and tons of image-rich, diverse posts.
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