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The free version of this plugin generates 500 unique raffle ticket numbers and then recycles. It starts with ticket number 100 and increments each ticket number by 1 until 599. The 501st ticket will be assigned number 100 again and so on. This is designed for small raffles. Upon completing checkout in WooCommerce, the customer is emailed the ticket numbers.

To setup the raffle, simple install the plugin as described below. Then create a product in WooCommerce and put in the number of raffle tickets for the product. Example, if you put 5 in the number of tickets field, that product will generate 5 tickets.

Please use https://wpraffle.com for support. If you open a support ticket there, you will receive much faster support. For some reason we are having problems getting alerted to support requests on the repository here at wordpress.org.

Informational videos and FAQs are can be found at https://wpraffle.com

The Silver and Gold versions of this plugin includes unlimited unique raffle ticket numbers and the number format are fully configurable. It also allows for a prefix and suffix declaration and can define multiple raffles with different ticket numbers in the same cart. The Silver Version also included the option to generate graphical ticket images from a selection of stock images and includes a pick a winner feature to select a winner for your raffle and embed it in a page or post using shortcodes.

The Gold version includes Archiving, Backup and Restore capabilities, a 50-50 or Split the Pot Raffle Feature, use custom raffle ticket images, and the ability to manage and limit ticket sales for a specific raffle. The Gold version also has a successive number feature to put refunded tickets back into stock to be reassigned for events such as a ball drop or duck race.

Snimke zaslona

  • This screenshot shows the product configuration in WooCommerce. When the plugin is installed, the product editor will show a “Number of Raffle Tickets” field. Leave it blank for normal products without a raffle ticket, if you want it to be a raffle ticket item, then put in the appropriate number. In this example it is 50 – this product will generate 50 tickets.


  1. Upload raffle-ticket-generator.zip to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPres

  3. For complete instructions – please see our full documentation at https://wpraffle.com/docs/bronze-instruction-manual


Can I define a custom raffle ticket number format?

Not with this version. The Silver and Gold versions allow that.

Does this allow me to sell unlimited tickets?

Yes, although the numbers recycle after the first 500 tickets, so there are only 500 unique numbers.
The Silver and Gold versions allow unlimited unique ticket numbers.

Is this a trial version of the paid full feature editions?

No, this is simple version for small raffles. This is not a trial of our full featured editions.

Can I remove the WPRaffle branding from the order emails?

Not with this version. The Silver and Gold versions allow that.

Raffle Plugin Support

Please visit http://online.wpraffle.com/plugin-support/ and open a support ticket for the fastest response

Silver and Gold Raffle Buy

Please visit https://online.wpraffle.com.


15. kolovoza 2022.
I needed a Raffle plugin and after doing some research and comparing functionality, easy set-up, and prices I found Raffle Ticket Generator to be the best plugin. I ran into a a few issues (all of the issues where created by me) so I reach out for support. I literally got a response in a few minutes, they resolved my issue right away and guided me through the process. Honestly, it’s been a while since I ran into a company that gives amazing support without having to wait days for a response. I’m sure everyone has been through the same. But not with Raffle Ticket Generator they’re on top of their game!! Wish I could give them 10 star rating!! They sure deserve it. And the plugin is easy and works really good for raffles.
28. srpnja 2019.
The plugin works 🙂 However, I tried translating it with LocoTranslate and it doesn’t offer strings for translation. More information on how to get this implemented on the plugin here: https://codex.wordpress.org/I18n_for_WordPress_Developers Once the plugin gets this implemented, I’ll be happy to change my rating.
07. studenoga 2016.
This tool is amazing, and the techy guys are superb – helped me every step of the way, and sorted out any issues I had (through my own newbieness, not the plugin) quickly and with such willingness. I don’t even know what the time difference is but they were there straight away. If you’re looking for a beautiful, simple and effective fund-raising tool, backed by some sterling guys, this is it. Well done and thank you Raz and Teo!
03. rujna 2016.
We bought the pro version as the free version is basically just a test to show you can generate ticket numbers. For the guy who says there are no instructions, maybe you should check their site as they have a few step by step videos showing how to set it up. Works great for 2 raffles – where one was a 50-50 cash giveaway and one was the grand prize. A few things would be nice to have if the developer reads this, is to make a choice to be able to show the total amount of a cash raffle and to allow for a percentage. Example if current tickets are $200 then the prize would be $100. We will manually go in and post the current value as of xx date, but that would be a nice feature to have.
03. rujna 2016. 2 odgovora
What do you even do with the attributes? this is very complex to use and there is no documentation regarding how to at least make your first product using this plugin. I’ll shoot 1 star since it was useless to me, I may update the rating as soon as some sort of manual shows up.
03. rujna 2016.
We have been searching for a plugin to generate a raffle for a customer. There is simply nothing out there. We found this and had some questions. We contacted Teo and he gave us a 2 week trial key and we ended up purchasing it. It works with woocommerce perfectly, but you might have to tweak things if you want tickets to display in pdf invoices or if your payment processor does not send back the payment confirmation. We used paypal simple and had to manually check to send the completed order which added the ticket numbers. We upgraded to paypal pro and it works automatically. Not the fault of the raffle plugin, but something to think about.
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Changed numbers from 100-199.


Update Speed Issues


Bug fixes and Speed Issues


<<<<<<< .mine
Compatibilty with 4.7 and Speed Issues


Compatibility with 4.9 and added gold feature for starting and ending raffle and prize option in gold and also front end winner selection and also removed functions confliction with other plugins


Compatibility with wordpress version 4.9.4 and updated functions for woocommerce 3.3.3 version


Compatibility with woo commerce version 3.4



Add pagination on customer tickets page to reduce CPU usage
Add custom import tickets function
Resolved error after refund order and cancelled order put raffle ticket back to stock in successive ticket numbers.
Changed messages in backup tools page
Resolved error of same ticket numbers applied to 1 ticket packages
Changed SQL methods to better secure plugin


Add pagination on customer tickets page
Add pagination on customer tickets page to reduce CPU usage
Resolved error after refund order and cancelled order with ticket removed from database
Changed SQL methods to better secure plugin


Changed SQL methods to better secure plugin

Bug fixes of displaying non raffle products and js confliction in bronze version

Added Platinum Edition Feature Set.
Small PHP updates in other editions to minimize code changes between editions.

Changes to license check timing
Small changes to php for woo4.x compatibility and forward planning
Changed queries to handle hosting limitations where CAST is not supported

Random number options in Platinum
Pick a number options in Platinum
WPML support for Silver, Gold, Platinum
Question options for generating tickets or not in drawing
Added shortcodes for various timers
Change to licensing check
Added CSS editing for color and fonts in backend
Added font color and decoration in order confirmation email in Gold and Platinum
Added raffle icon in category and product list view in woo
Updated reporting and export options
Changed formatting of quiz
Changed functionality of max number of tickets per customer.

Platinum and Gold:
Add to cart text change only for raffle categories
Added db status check and repair tool
Fixed max number of ticket input field
Platinum only:
Added option to move progress bar and question section and hide raddle ending text and tickets sold text
Updates and code adjustments
fixed js confliction with time function for different themes and plugins
Gold category setting page js confliction fix
updated functions to match woocommerce 4.5.2

addressed css and js conflicts to work with changes in WP 5.6
Added additional logging
hanged ticket generation to address issues with payment gateways that do not follow the woocommerce standards
Various changes to code for php 7.4 deprecation.
changed admin menu


Css errors fix
Winners date range errors fix for winners
New wordpress functions


Winner Shortcode Fix (Silver Only)
Js Error on product page (Gold Only)


Winners js error fix rolling not working (Gold Only)
Duplication tickets for pick a number (Platinum Only)

Custom cron job to check timed out payment method fix and removing pick ticket numbers

=4.3= 2021/07/05 WP 5.7.2 Woo 5.4.1

Cleaned Up text and menus

Fixed Random Tickets in platinum

Product Name on cart and checkout fix (Platinum, Gold, Silver)

Added Questions and Answers in tickets export (Platinum)

Progress Bar Dsiplay options (Platinum)

Show number of tickets as percentage (Platinum)

Added Plugin Checker on platinum to check GD library installed or not

Add AAA00099 with leading zeros ticket format (Platinum only)

Fixed Js error on platinum causing validation error on category settings

2021/07/05 WP 5.8 Woo 5.5.2

Updated functions for wp 5.8 and woocommerce 5.5.2

Unencrypt hooks.php to remove false positive virus detection

Fixed error when using woocommerce blocks

2021/09/07 WP 5.8 Woo 5.6.0

Fixed Winners selection and display

Fixed Winner shortcode code

2021/10/18 WP 5.8.1 and Woo5.8

Added compatibility with latest WooCommerce and WordPress

Added Duplication check on all 3 versions gold silver and platinum

Change duplication check for broad check

Added Duplication log for generating replacement tickets

Separated Raffle category setting from ticket formats.

2021/10/18 WP 5.8.1 and Woo5.8

Fixed Calendar image in platinum only

2021/10/22 WP 5.8.1 and Woo5.8

Fixed stock not saving in Gold only

2021/10/29 WP 5.8.1 and Woo5.8

Fixed succesive issue while saving settings on gold and platinum

2021/10/29 WP 5.8.1 and Woo5.9

Fixed undefined constant error and fixed view ticket number reporting

2022/01/20 WP 5.8.3 and Woo6.1

Fixed Undefined error

Fixed errors in errorlogs,menu error fix for php8

Updated functions for php8.0

Added Tool for ticket numbers fix for random and pick a number

Multisite Fix activate only for single site

Added log for duplicate checker, added if category settings are not set then customers are not allowed to have wrong answer bypass,

2022/02/10 WP 5.9 and Woo6.2

Fixed Error showing “Number of tickets” to non raffle products (Bronze Only)

2022/08/12 WP 5.9 and Woo6.2

Compatibility with woocommerce 6.9.4

2022/10/17 WP 6.0 and Woo6.2

fixed crtical error for gold and platinum when activating (menu error)
critical error while saving categories in gold and platinum php8
Compatibility with woocommerce 7.0

2023/10/30 WP 6.3 and Woo8.2
Compatibility with woocommerce 8.2.1
fixed error on admin while viewing tickets

2023/12/05 WP 6.4.1 and woo 8.3.1
Compatibility with woocommerce 8.3.1

added new features and updated design in platinum and gold
1. ticket image setting options
2. added shortcodes
3. added manual order (platinum)
4. added sending email to winners on all 3 versions (silver, gold, platinum)
5.added display functions and much more

2023/12/05 WP 6.4.1 and woo 8.3.1

Adjust code for conflict with successive and 50/50. Update saving function for image settings. Force check for ticket number not set for raffle product. (Platinum GOLD)

2023/12/11 WP 6.4.2 and Woo 8.3.2

Added again gifting option (PLT)

2023/12/12 WP 6.4.2 and Woo 8.3.2

Resend tickets issue resolved from admin order page (PLT GLD)

2024/01/16 WP6.4.2 and Woo8.5.1

Bug fix – fix ticket export for multiple raffles (PLT GLD)

2024/01/22 WP6.4.2 and Woo8.5.1

Bug fix – winners not being added on backend

2024/04/16 WP6.4.2 and Woo8.5.1

Bug fix – leading zeros conflict with random numbers
Bug fix – Starting Ticket Numbers not changing (SLV)
Bug fix – Winner Timer not showing on Fusion Pages (GLD)
Bug fix – Non raffle products fatal error fixed on checkout (Bronze)

2024/06/05 WP6.5.3 and Woo8.9.2
Changed DB Structure for Woo HPOS
Improved Random Ticket Generation when saving
Added additional checks during plugin installation and activation
Improved Tickets Sold progress bar
Added additional DB checks after updating