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Do you want to boost ecommerce store sales? Do you need a continuous record of who your store visitors are? Which products have the most potential buyers? Do you want to monitor customer carts ?
Are you looking for ways to collect guest visitor info with details of products they are interested in? Would you like to offer customer support through online Whatsapp chat service for further details on any product in your store? will be your go to app with a solution to boosting your e-commerce sales and finding every way to make it easier for you to reach out to your customers! helps track your store visitors journey in your woocommerce site and provide them the option of contacting you via WhatsApp. You will also be able to collect customer leads with our innovative wishlist widget.

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Wishlist / Buy Later Widget

How does help you in using your wishlist Widget to gather more info about your site visitors?

  • Before any Customer or guest users visit your woocommerce store they have to create a login account on your website and add products to their cart or mark any item as a favourite. But the majority of your store visitors will leave your store without creating an account.
  • Wish list widget helps you to collect the email id and product details that a customer is interested in by simply clicking on the ‘reminder’ icon.
  • When guest users or non login users visit your store they can subscribe to a particular product by clicking on the reminder icon and providing an email address for the same. As a store owner you get customer leads and also send reminder updates to the given address.
  • You can customize the wishlist widget color, text, Title Content, Title Color, Icon Color and Tooltip Text.

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Specialized Whatsapp widget

  • Product wise whatsapp chat is a huge time saver for your customer.
  • All the details of the product will be sent to the users Watsapp contact when they click the widget icon on the product page and this information will be available on the chat box as they message you.
  • This will enhance your Customer service and you will also be able to customize your whatsapp widget chat icon and Text Color to complement your woocommerce store theme.

Multiple store Management

Do you have more than one woocommerce store?
Are you looking for a way to manage your stores from a single platform?

  • Manage all your stores using our Multiple store Management Option.
  • helps you switch between your stores and helps keep all data separate and ready for you.
  • With the hassle of managing multiple stores is reduced and it saves you a huge amount of time as you are able to view updates and data for all your stores from a single profile.

Monitor your Visitors or customers carts

Shopping Cart Abandonment rate for e-commerce stores normally ranges between 60% to 80% with an average of 67.91%.That means when 100 customers visit your store, 67% customers abandon their cart and walk away. Understanding the Cart Abandon rates and the trends over time based on product specific data are most important to increase your business revenue.

Abandoned Cart Tracking Feature helps to track cart abandon rate for your WooCommerce store by recording cart activities carried out by either logged in user or guest user. The built-in dashboard and data pages will help you to understand the cart activity trends and cart abandon rates over time. The plugin dashboard helps to gain more meaningful data insights about the most abandoned products and respective revenue losses.

  • Monitor active live carts in your woocommerce shop – monitor how many new carts are being added and the total number of active carts in your store.
  • Understand how many carts or items are being abandoned and the total number of abandoned carts within any period of time with an integrated graph in your profile.
  • You can view all the carts created by your customers along with details such as:
    1. All products added to the cart and the total number of items in the carts
    2. Name and quantity of each product
    3. Total Amount adding up of the items in the cart.
    4. Status of each item checked out, Abandoned and Active.
    5. Name and email address of customers.
    6. When customers visited your store for the first time and everytime they have visited since then.
  • You can also view each item as that the customers add it to their cart along with the Name, quantity, time of purchase and status of the item as well as the customer’s Name and email Id.
  • You will receive a detailed analysis of your Abandoned products with a Pie Diagram showing you the ratio of the most abandoned products in your store.
  • This feature also assists you with a list of abandoned items, the number of customers that abandoned the particular item and the price of the item as well.

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This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


  1. Upload ‘recover-woocommerce-abandoned-cart’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Give the consent
  4. Visit WooCommerce => Abandoned Cart Report page


Where do I get support ?

Email us at or start a support request on We value our customers and happy to help you out.


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It works seamlessly in Dial4Food site by my team. Specially site is heavy and super tweaked. Glad our Customizations did not affect Integration with new plugin.
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