Official Reepay Checkout Gateway


Accept Visa, MasterCard, Dankort, MobilePay, American Express, Diners Club and more directly on your store with the Reepay Payment Gateway for WooCommerce.
The Reepay plugin extends WooCommerce allowing you to take payments on your store via Reepay’s API.

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See installation guide right here:


24. siječnja 2019.
Easy installation and setup of this plugin. Will continue using it further, recommended to others.
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Suradnici i Programeri

“Official Reepay Checkout Gateway” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


Dnevnik promjena

v 1.2.8 – Bugfix for double email send
v 1.2.7 – Implemented background webhook processing
v 1.2.6 – Bugfix – two emails.
v 1.2.5 – Smaller bugfixes, Please see this video for further instructions on how to set up payment methods in WooCommerce with the new enhancements.
v 1.2.4 – Small visual improvements
v 1.2.2 – Small visual improvements
v 1.2.1 – Smaller bugfixes
v 1.2.0 – Lot of chanegs including direct actions on an order in woorcommerce.
v 1.1.27 – Added advanced instant-settle + payment-widget in back-office
v 1.1.17 – Small minor bugfixes
v 1.1.16 – Set “Save CC” enabled by default
v 1.1.15 – Fixed: Unprocessable Entity error
v 1.1.14 – Bugfixes and Improvements
v 1.1.13 – Bugfixes
v 1.1.12 – Save card for later + minor updates
v 1.1.11 – Fixed problem with incorrect order handlers of renewal orders
v 1.1.10 – Fixed php notice add_footer is called statically and bugfix
v 1.1.9 – Bugfix – Require upgrade if wcs modules installed
v 1.1.8 – Bugfixes + improved logging
v 1.1.7 – Woo Subscriptions improvements
v 1.1.6 – Fixed subscription renewal
v 1.1.5 – Capture payment when order status change
v 1.1.4 – Fixed completed order status that receive via Webhook
v 1.1.3 – Bugfix
v 1.1.2 – Bugfix
v 1.1.1 – Bugfix
v 1.1.0 – Bugfix
v 1.0.0