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Rollerblade is a tool that you can use to easily create issue reports and tickets for your team, right from an in-line interface on your WordPress installation.

Here’s the Demo:

It’s the perfect solution for developers, designers, teams, QA professionals and anyone that needs client feedback in a documented and easy to understand way.


Our support portal is located at

Snimke zaslona

  • Activate the Rollerblade tool by clicking the icon. The icon appears only for the user roles you authorize in the plugin settings. (You can also show it for visitors that are not logged in, if you’d like).
  • After activating the tool (one click) the client then gets a tool tip instructing them to click and drag anywhere on the site. Even your clients that have trouble using Facebook will be able to use this tool.
  • The comment box pops up automatically and the client just starts typing. They click submit and their job is done. Seriously…anyone can use this tool on the front end.
  • After submission, a ticket is created and you get an email notification with all of the details and the screenshot attached to it.
  • The ticket interface shows you the ticket number, URL, reporter, date and status. (We’re currently prioritizing feature requests for the tickets interface so let us know what you want next).
  • Tickets provide the screenshotted area plus the surrounding area so you can always see the clients’ selected part of the page IN CONTEXT, reducing confusion.
  • You can select who gets notified of new tickets and ticket updates in your Rollerblade account settings.
  • The Rollerblade settings on your Wordpress site are where you link your Rollerblade account and decide which user roles will see the Rollerblade feedback tool.


  1. Install the plugin from the WordPress Repository
  2. Click Activate
  3. Follow the instructions in the step by step set up wizard.


Why should I install Rollerblade on my clients’ sites or sites that my WordPress team is working on?

Because it’s going to save you tons of time over the traditional QA and web site feedback methods. Once you try it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Here’s the video answer to this question:

How much does the Rollerblade service cost?

We are in beta right now. It’s free and we’re likely to have a free forever plan!


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Pros: – The concept is very interesting. Cons: – Requires a browser extension, and uses negative reinforcement to convince you. “Install, or continue to use Bad Screenshots”. – Assumes you are on a large screen. Small screens are out of the question. – Registering a domain to your account is a little odd and requires setup on both ends (account and site). – WARNING: Account signup sends your password in plain text. (Eeek!) Neutral: – Requires an account with their service, as tickets from all of your domains are stored in a central location. (May or may not be helpful, based on your situation) – Reporting and Analysis require premium upgrades.
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Dnevnik promjena

v. 1.1.0

  • Allow remote login to Rollerblade app from your WordPress Installation.
  • Add ticket author to tickets when remote login is being used.
  • Improve sign up and set up confirmation messages and emails.
  • Improve browser screenshot extension installation prompt wording.

In addition to the above changes to the plugin, we have also made the following improvements in your ticketing portal:

  • Add commenting feature on submitted tickets.
  • Disable default sign ups that had plain text passwords.
  • Make tickets portal mobile responsive.
  • Create direct links to specific tickets.

v. 1.0.0

  • Improve usability for browser extension installation flow.
  • Integrate Safari extension installation.
  • Add support portal link to plugin meta.
  • Improve error reporting system if ticket creation fails.
  • Add clearer confirmation when sub-domain is entered into plugin settings.
  • Add ticket meta indicating when screenshots used the extension.

v. 0.0.10

  • Compatibility for Rollerblade Screenshot Extensions for Chrome ( and Firefox (
  • Inline Installation for Rollerblade Screenshot Extensions for Chrome and Firefox.
  • Improve comment spinner aesthetics
  • Optimize cursor focus and tab behaviors for comment box.
  • Fix bug with dragging comment box.

v. 0.0.9

  • Fix bug with click trail reports.

v. 0.0.8

  • Fix plugin repo information display.
  • Fix for comment box when it’s near the edge of the screen.
  • Open tickets in a new tab from ticket submission confirmation message.
  • Link from tool to tickets for that project.
  • Update plugin header links.

In this version we’ve also updated your tickets portal with the following:

  • Improved and fixed existing email notifications.
  • Added notifications for ticket status changes.
  • Added Session Report data to each ticket including active user and logged in/out state, OS, Browser and browser plugin info, Cookies list. (premium)
  • Added Click Trail Report to each ticket showing last 10 clicks prior to ticket submission. (premium)
  • Added System Report to each ticket showing active and inactive plugins, versions and author links; Theme, theme version and author; WordPress environment info; Server Environment info. (premium)
  • Fix for ticket numbers when a ticket submission is cancelled.

v. 0.0.7

  • Cosmetic improvements while comment box loads.
  • Cosmetic improvements for text display
  • Clarifications for plugin settings
  • JS error fix
  • Fix ticket number incrementing

v. 0.0.6

  • Adjusted Signup Wizard styles.

v. 0.0.5

  • Sign up process optimization.

v. 0.0.4

  • Fix for connecting sites that were getting ip address mismatches.

v. 0.0.2 and 0.0.3

  • Fix bug with screenshots
  • Settings interface improvements

v. 0.0.1

  • Initial Beta Release