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31. kolovoza 2021.
The plugin does what it says (used it for Stripe donations) but is quite buggy. E.g. returning from the Stripe page after canceling the donation messes up the "donation was canceled" page. CSS customization is also a pain in the a** due to lack of properly classed HTML elements. Lots of jQuery tricks needed to get this done. Why are the developers using the same identifier for multiple HTML elements? Seems like lack of understanding... The de_DE translation (at least) is only halfway done. Tried Loco Translate to fix it but many phrases didn't show up there. Touching the plugin's source code or using JS to replace the texts isn't update-safe. I've dropped this plugin.
28. svibnja 2021.
I'm very happy with the Seamless Donations plugin. I created a website for a nonprofit that is just starting up. Seamless Donations is perfect for this project. It worked flawlessly out-of-the-box, and the free feature set is incredible. Integration with STRIPE was easy. I also appreciate the many video tutorials that the author of the plugin has created. They have been very helpful. Thanks for a great plugin!
23. svibnja 2021.
I was totally blown away by the out-of-the-box capability of this plugin. Once installing and activating, you just type [seamless-donations] shortcode on a blank page and you immediately have a default donations form. There are many custom options available as well. The developer has provided a handful of useful add-ons that are the most reasonably priced in the industry. I ran into some unexpected challenges in setting up my Stripe account. The developer worked tirelessly with me to figure out what was wrong with my system since he had never seen the problem before. He ultimately checked out my installation and voila!!! It worked. I cannot say enough about this plugin. Have you checked out the competition? I think we need donations to pay for them. Seamless Donations ensures that even the smallest non-profits can afford to set up a donations page. Churches and clubs now have a way to collect funds and donations very easily. I love the funds feature. Donors can donate to a variety of funds set up by the organisation. There is a backend report that shows the total donations received for each fund. Thank you very much and I hope everyone buys EVERY add-on you have for sale and I wish you all the best.
06. svibnja 2021.
I have installed this plugin on four or five of my sites and have purchased the Giving Level Manager upgrade for a few of them. I ran into an issue in one installation that required me to contact David for some assistance. He responded to my initial inquiry within a day and spent the next five days going back and forth with me via email until the problem was solved. I can't tell you how rare it is to get this level of support, especially for a plugin that is free to install. I highly recommend this plugin. It works beautifully and in the rare event it doesn't, the support is excellent.
11. prosinca 2020.
I was looking for a donation plugin for a website where local guides can receive tips for their free virtual tours in these times of the pandemic. The plugin has some excellent options and the one I liked the most was the definition of funds. People can donate and decide which fund they are donating for. Just what I needed. The installation went smooth but the plugin didn't work, I opened a ticket and got a reply from David right away. The support was relentless and although it took a while for everything to work as it was supposed to be, I was guided to the entire process until everything worked.
09. prosinca 2020.
This is a very effective plugin, dead-easy to set up, and looks great when you style it a bit to match your theme. Although I had an issue, it was because of a Donor's old browser version. The Developer was on it, helping me to figure out the problem--and help my Donor! He went way beyond his scope and was happy to help. It takes a lot to come to this sentiment, but I LOVE this developer. We need to clone him about 100 million times.
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