“SEO SIMPLE PACK” is a very simple plugin for SEO.

  • Outputs basic meta tags that are essential for SEO measures.
  • It can be set for each page type.
  • You can also set the OGP information required for SNS such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • You can customize the meta tag information individually for each post, page, and term.
  • The output content of each meta tag can also be rewritten with a hook.
  • You can easily set the Google Analytics measurement code and Webmaster Tools verification code.

Please see the following page for a detailed explanation of this plugin. (Written in Japanese.)


Source code

The source code of this plugin is available on Github.


How to use

After installation, the minimum required meta tags will be output without doing anything. However, it is recommended that you set the following setting items yourself.

  • Home page description
  • Image of “og:image”
  • “noindex” setting for each page type
  • Stop author archive setting (if you don’t want to access the author archive page)

Access to the settings screen

  • An item written as “SEO PACK” has been added to the left menu of the WordPress administration screen.
  • Click to go to the settings page.
  • You can change the settings on the two types of management screens, “General settings” and “OGP settings”.

Individual settings for each page

The following items can be set individually for Posts / Pages and Term pages such as Categories / Tags.

  • “meta robots” tag
  • “title” tag
  • “meta description” tag
  • “meta og:image” tag

About initial settings

Here are some default settings when you haven’t changed the settings.

Output contents

<title> tag on the posts page
Site name | Tagline

<description> tag on the Home page

<title> tag on the Posts / Pages
The title of the page | Site name

<description> tag on the Posts / Pages
Automatically generated from the content of that page

Which page it is applied to

Each archive page, 404 page, Search result page

For other information, please check the actual setting screen.

Snimke zaslona

  • "Basic settings" screen
  • "Google Analytics Code setting" screen
  • "OGP settings" screen
  • Help page
  • Post page setting screen
  • Category page setting screen


  1. Enter SEO SIMPLE PACK in the plugin search field.
  2. Once you find this plugin, click “Install Now” to install and activate it.


The title tag is output twice

The title tag output in wp_head (_wp_render_title_tag) is deleted, but if it is written directly in <head>, it will be duplicated.

Remove the handwritten title tag.

How to overwrite the output on a particular page?

Most of the output tags use filter hooks, so you can overwrite them with add_filter.

The following hooks are available.

  • ‘ssp_output_title’
  • ‘ssp_output_robots’
  • ‘ssp_output_description’
  • ‘ssp_output_canonical’
  • ‘ssp_output_keyword’
  • and more…


28. srpnja 2021.
Perfect and simple. Only that things, that you really need for SEO.
10. veljače 2021.
Simple and easy to use. The function is necessary and sufficient. Just right.
27. siječnja 2020.
使い勝手が良いです アーカイブページの設定が可能なのがとても助かります。
22. svibnja 2019.
wordpressには様々なseoのプラグインがあるが、メジャーどころのプラグインは重い。 かといって自分で何かと設定しようと思うとそれはそれでめんどくさい。 このプラグインは軽量の割に機能は必要十分に提供されている。プラグインの詳細がわかっていなくても、なんとなく使い方がわかるのも○
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Suradnici i Programeri

“SEO SIMPLE PACK” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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Dnevnik promjena


Bug fixes


Fix the canonical tag on front page.


  • Support for WordPress 5.8.
  • Changed the default value of “tw_card” to 'summary_large_image'.


Adjusted the design of the setting page a little


  • Support for WordPress 5.7.
  • Support for PHP 8.0.


Bug fixes


Added canonical tag settings for each page.


Bug fixes


Added get method: \SSP_Output::get_meta_data( 'meta_name' )


  • You can now set “og:image” for each page.
  • Added ‘ssp_output_og_site_name’ hook
  • English is supported.
  • Adjusted the design of the setting page a little

Earlier versions