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Show content to only guest


Shortcode that shows content to only guest. Supports short code too.
Just simply use [show_to_only_guest]Anything Or [ShortCode][/show_to_only_guest] to display content to only guest users.

Short Codes

[show_to_only_guest]Your Hidden Content For Only Guest[/show_to_only_guest]

Thats it…

Bottom Line

I was working on website and I have to show some content to guest only. And can\’t find any plugin in plugin directory for this purpose. So I guess that I have to develop for other users too so I did.


How can I use this ?

Simply use short code

Can I use shortcode inside its shortcode ?

Yes! you can.

Can I use HTML inside its shortcode ?

Yes! you can.


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Suradnici i Programeri

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