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Teamgate CRM Forms for WordPress


Teamgate CRM forms for WordPress allows you to connect your WordPress website with your Teamgate account. Your website visitors will be able to fill up the forms you created. A new Lead, Contact or a new Deal will be created from data entered by the website visitor. By automating Lead generation process, you will never lose your potential customers. This way, you can focus more on working with the information sent to Teamgate CRM.

To embed your forms on your WordPress website, you need a Teamgate account. Sign in or Sign up for Teamgate.

Teamgate plugin is a Contact Form 7 extention, so, in order to install this plugin for your WordPress website, first you need to make sure you have Contact Form 7 plugin installed already. The plugin will generate a short code of form that need to be put into your WordPress page editor, in order to see the created form in your website.

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  1. Install the plug-in from the WordPress plug-in installer or upload plug-in to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plug-in through the Plug-ins menu in WordPress
  3. Enter your Teamgate APP_KEY from your Your Teamgate account -> Settings -> Additional Features -> External Apps and your AUTH_TOKEN from Your Teamgate account -> My Profile -> Preferences.
  4. Go to Contact forms and create a form (according to the requirements)[]
  5. You’ll see a form code like this: [contact-form-7 id="1234" title="Contact form 1"]
  6. Paste this code into the contents of the page through page editor.
  7. Now your Teamgate form setup is complete. Visitors to your site can now find the form and start submitting leads to you.


If you think, that you found a bug in our Teamgate CRM Forms plugin or have any question contact us at


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Dnevnik promjena

* Added ability to post countries ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 codes to Teamgate API.

* Fixed bug of the entry type.

* Fixed compatibility issues with Contact Form 7.

* Added ability to post custom data fields to Teamgate API.

* Allows to embed Teamgate form to WordPress blog post.