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21. ožujka 2022.
Wonderful functionality for a photographer or photo re-toucher / editor. Easy to install and implement, may be caused by another plugin conflict it recently had stopped working. The support was very prompt, the developer was able to solve the issue right away!
07. rujna 2021. 3 odgovora
Works fine under WPv5.8 and Enfoldv4.8.6 (little bit tricky with the internal builder but it's ok)
03. lipnja 2021.
This plugin does exactly what it says on the tin and works straight out-of-the-box. Excellent stuff! Oh, and it also works perfectly on WP 5.7.2 - at least with my current selection of themes.
10. ožujka 2021.
I was looking at some paid plugins but it is better than everyone.
18. veljače 2021.
I used a paid for plugin for years before finding this. It does a much better job. Most importantly, it works fine on iOS devices.
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