Update Image Tag Alt Attribute


This is a alt text modification plugin. It will take all empty alt tags and create a tag based upon the page they are attached to. This is best used when you have properly named files or have loaded images into the library in bulk.

Plugin actions in wordpress

This plugin searches for all images within the library which are missing alt-text attributes. The alt text will be chosen from page or post title elements if the image is attached to a page or post. Otherwise, file name will be used as the alt-text attribute of unattached images in media library.

The purpose is to help describe those images as best as possible for interpretation by search bots. Moreover, after updating, the plugin creates a file which lists all the images that was found to be missing alt-text attribute and then updated with alt-text. This will allow you to then tweak where necessary.

Technical support

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Initial version
* Split to media and content
* Priority change alt by file name
* Addded bulk edit
* Updated some text
* Added wxh for images
* Added “Used” column
* Added Cron
* Added Log file
* Added link
* Fixed search
* Fixed order by
* Fixed
select not show nummber
Undefined post_type
Warning preg_match in php 7.0+
text image replace wrong
Editor Alt Media : do not load the entire image
Editor Alt Media : not load .SVG
* New
Editor Alt Media :add sort by title
Improve the performance
Improved Cron performance
* Remove frontend js

Snimke zaslona

  • The administration panel : activate update-alt-attribute plugin
  • Image checkout: sample image without alt-text in media
  • Update Alt for the website : notice before run update alt
  • Result after update : list of picture were found and added alt-text
  • Image checkout : alt-text field in image detail updated


  1. Upload the zip file “alt-attribute.zip” to the WordPress plugin.
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.


08. veljače 2018.
Could definitely use some improvements through an update. The good part, it updates your empty alt tags. The bad parts: the list it generates isn't clickable so you still have to go search for the images to tweak their content, the alt tags often have spaces removed, so a post titled "My Summer Vacation" seems to throw "mysummervacation" onto associated images as the alt text, and finally, instead of placing this in Settings or Tools (like the screenshot shows), it adds a whole new "Maui Marketing" area to navigation bar in WordPress, which is unnecessary.
27. travnja 2017.
The plugin is concatenating the terms into the alt tag when it's multiple words. So "red dog" becomes "reddog". A whitelist/blacklist terms feature would be great so that you could skip images with filenames like "screenshot". An ajax edit option would be great on the output list of media that's been updated. The plugin stalled on a large site that I tested it on, never getting past "Loading...". Would be worth it to chunk the output by media ID.
22. ožujka 2017.
I was wondering why my SEO rating for some articles was going down...until I discovered this plugin had decided to chance the alt tags for the featured images of my articles to the name of the file, instead of the CAREFULLY selected and filled keyword alt tags.
17. prosinca 2016.
Dangerous plugin for does not have a simple remove feature to attribute ATL!!! I have several websites, and I used a plugin to rename thumbs, and the one to create alt attribute, and one of the websites, I forgot to apply the plugin to rename the images before firing the action of this plugin here, moral of the story, it Alt alt 015144fkdjvadf512dadnab in all images of this website, and I was calm, because I imagined that there was a tab with the remove feature attribute alt, and to my surprise there is, a simple thing to do, if the developer does, I will face this Plugin as smart and give it 5 stars it deserves.    Thanks to the developer and I hope you apply the suggestion. Best Regards.
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