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Vesta Guaranteed Payments


Vesta Corporation is a global provider of fraud and payment solutions for online commerce. Founded in 1995, Vesta began as a pioneer in processing fully guaranteed transactions in the global telecom sector. Since then, the company has steadily expanded its solutions and solidified its position as the leader in guaranteed digital payments for electronic delivery, physical delivery and pickup in-store. Vesta’s flexible and scalable solutions enable merchants to eliminate fraud and increase revenue by delivering secure, frictionless transactions that maximize acceptance and improve the customer experience, all backed by a zero-fraud-liability guarantee.

The Vesta Guaranteed Payment extension for WooCommerce allows you to accept credit and debit card payments directly on your WooCommerce store. With Vesta Guaranteed Payments, customers stay on your store during checkout instead of being redirected to an externally hosted checkout page.

Vesta’s solutions help you grow your business by focusing on revenue, not risk.

Account & Pricing
A Vesta account is required to use this extension. If you don’t yet have a Vesta account then you will need to sign-up here for one as the extension will not create an account during installation. To discuss which options may be right for your business, learn more about pricing, request a demo or to apply for an account, please visit

* Accept all major credit and debit cards.
* Zero fraud liability for accepted transactions.
* Zero chargebacks, fines or fees related to third-party fraud and unauthorized charges.
* Seamless customer experience eliminates friction to decrease abandonment, drive sales, and increase brand loyalty.
* Reduces burdens of PCI and Reg-E compliance.
* Leverages proprietary global customer data to stop rapidly evolving threats.
* Internationally recognized and trusted brand.
* Grow your business by focusing on revenue, not risk.

* Process credit card and debit card transactions from your WooCommerce store and Admin Panel – Your customers never leave your store to complete the purchase.
* Easily capture partial or full authorizations and process partial or full refunds from your WooCommerce Admin Panel.
* Ability to configure the order action to Authorize only or Authorize and Capture at once.
* Compliant with Visa Card on File mandate.
* Secure storage of customer payment details in Vesta’s PCI-compliant vault.
* Stored payment detail management where customers can add and delete cards from the WooCommerce customer account section.
* Logging integrated into WooCommerce Admin Panel.

Vesta Payment Extension and PCI:
We employ the industry’s best security practices and tools to maintain bank-level security for merchants and end customers. Vesta is PCI DSS Level I and GDPR compliant. Our extension utilizes the WooCommerce UI which allows you to preserve the design of your website while using Vesta’s input fields to facilitate secure and encrypted transaction processing capabilities. The PCI compliance burden for merchants is reduced because the transaction takes place on the Vesta Payment gateway, no confidential card data is ever stored on your (or WooCommerce’s) servers and tokenization is always utilized when customer payment details are stored on Vesta’s servers.

Third-Party Agents or Service Providers.
Vesta may transfer Personal Data to our third-party agents or service providers who perform functions on our behalf as described in ourWebsite Privacy Policy. Our Service utilizes device fingerprinting from ThreatMetrix which allows our risk team to conduct real-time monitoring by detecting transaction and device anomalies and by enabling detection of the transactions originating-device IP address. Device fingerprinting is required for all Web transactions and the implementation is only on the checkout/payment page. Where required by the Privacy Shield, we enter into written agreements with those third-party agents and service providers requiring them to provide the same level of protection the Privacy Shield requires and limiting their use of the data to the specified services provided on our behalf. We take reasonable and appropriate steps to ensure that third-party agents and service providers process Personal Data in accordance with our Privacy Shield obligations and to stop and remediate any unauthorized processing. Under certain circumstances, we may remain liable for the acts of our third-party agents or service providers who perform services on our behalf for their handling of Personal Data that we transfer to them.

Vesta’s Data Collector product allows our risk team to capture and analyze user behavior on your website. This data is leveraged in real-time transaction risk decisions to both decrease fraud and increase acceptance rates. Implementation of this service follows the entire customer journey, from the first landing page, through registration, shopping and checkout/payment pages.

Snimke zaslona

  • Admin Plugin Settings.
  • Vesta Payment Checkout.


Minimum requirements:

WordPress 5.1+
WooCommerce 3.5+
PHP 5.x
MySQL 4.x+

Installation from within backend:

  1. In plugin manager, click “Add New”
  2. Search for “vesta guaranteed payments”
  3. Click “install”
  4. Activate the plugin once it is installed

FTP upload installation method:

  1. Upload the vesta payment folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory using your FTP client
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu

Zip upload installation method (make sure uploads up to 5MB are allowed for your hosting):

  1. Login to your WordPress site administrator panel and head over the ‘Plugins’ menu
  2. Click ‘Add New’
  3. Choose the ‘Upload’ option
  4. Click Choose file (Browse) and select the vesta_payment.*.zip file.
  5. Click Install Now button.
  6. Once it is complete, activate the plugin.



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