Video Conferencing with Zoom API


NOTE Update 2.1.0: Before upgrading if you had any customization or custom plugins built extending this plugin then please test with new changes before upgrading to this version. There are alot of breaking changes in this new version. If you have not made any changes then you should be fine to upgrade to this version.

This is a simple plugin which gives you the extensive functionality to manage zoom meetings, users, reports from WordPress. From new update 2.0 it has a more friendly and clean design with lots of bug fixes. Users can now paginate through meetings and select users to view each users meetings. However, still webinar module is not integrated.

Few Features:

  1. Manage Meetings
  2. List/Add Users
  3. Clean and Friendly UI
  4. Shortcodes
  5. Daily and Account Reports


  1. Enables direct integration of Zoom into WordPress.
  2. Compatible with LearnPress, LearnDash 3.
  3. Enables most of the settings from zoom via admin panel.
  4. Fully Compatible with Zoom API.
  5. Provides Shortcode to conduct the meeting via any WordPress page/post or custom post type pages
  6. Separate Admin area to manage all meetings.
  7. Can add meeting links via shortcode to your WooCommerce product pages as well.


  • Webinar module not integrated

Use shortcode

  • [zoom_api_link meeting_id=”full_meeting_link” class=”your_class” id=”your_id” title=”Text of Link”] -> You can show the link of your meeting in your site anywhere using the shortcode. Replace your meeting link in place of “meeting_ID”. – You need to insert full meeting link because of vanity URL.

  • Or add from icon in classic editor. Not integrated for gutenberg !

Find a Short Documentation or Guide on how to setup: Here

Contribute on github: Here

Please consider giving a 5 star thumbs up if you found this useful.

Any additional features, suggestions related to translations you can contact me via email.


  • Meetings Listings. Select a User in order to list meetings for that user.
  • Add a Meeting.
  • Add Meeting into a post using tinymce shortcode button.
  • Users List Screen. Flush cache to clear the cache of users.
  • Reports Section.


Search for the plugin -> add new dialog and click install, or download and extract the plugin, and copy the the Zoom plugin folder into your wp-content/plugins directory and activate.


How to show Zoom Meetings on Front
  • By using shortcode like [zoom_api_link meeting_id=”meeting_ID” class=”your_class” id=”your_id” title=”Text of Link”] you can show the link of your meeting in front.


20. listopada 2019.
Integrates Zoom API with WordPress. Enabling the awesome Zoom features to be added on WordPress. Thanks for the plugin.
29. kolovoza 2019.
The creator provided a great manual. It is written in an easy-to-understand way about how to implement the API and how to create users. I'd like you to make use of this before asking the creator.
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Suradnici i Programeri

“Video Conferencing with Zoom API” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




Fixed: API access token time increased by 1 hour


Added: Validation issue fixed
Fixed: Added vanity URL functionality in settings
Fixed: Minor users API bug fixes


Added: UI changes
Fixed: Validation Issues fixed
Fixed: Minor bug fixes


Fixed: CURL Request fail fixed


  • Removed: API version 1 support. Added to deprecated library.
  • Added: New options when adding meetings
  • Added: Classic editor meeting link add icon
  • Fix: Changed API call implementation to fit WordPress standards
  • Fix: Major bug fixes


  • Minor Changes


  • Minor Changes
  • Timezone Settings Changes


  • Minor Changes


  • API version 2 added.
  • Major fixes
  • Major breaking changes in this version.
  • Added: Assign Host ID manually section for Developers


  • Minor Changes


  • Minor Change


  • WordPress 4.8 Compatible


  • Added: Translation Error Fixed
  • Added: French Translation
  • Added: 3 new hooks see under “Using Action Hook” in description page.


  • Added: Datatables in order to view all listings
  • Added: New shortcode button in tinymce section
  • Added: Bulk delete
  • Added: Redesigned Zoom Meetings section where meetings can be viewed based on users.
  • Added: Redesigned add meetings section with alot of bug fixes and attractive UI.
  • Changed: Easy datepicker
  • Changed: Removed editing of users capability. Maybe in future again ?
  • Removed: Single link shortcode ( [zoom_api_video_uri] )
  • Bug Fix: Reports section causing to define error when viewing available reports
  • Bug Fix: Error on reload after creating a meeting
  • Bug Fix: Unknown error when trying to connect with api keys ( Rare Case )
  • Changed: Total codebase of the plugin.
  • Fixed: Few security issues such as no nonce validations.
  • Alot of Major Bug Fixes but no breaking change except for a removed shortcode


  • Minor Bug Fixes


  • Added Pagination to meetings list
  • Hidden API token fields
  • Fixed various bugs and flaws


  • WordPress 4.6 Compatible


  • Validation Errors Added
  • Minor Bug Fixes


  • Minor Functions Change


  • Bug Fixes
  • Major Bug fix on problem when adding users
  • Removed only system users on users adding section
  • Added a shortcode which will print out zoom video link. [zoom_api_video_uri]


  • Various Bug Fixes
  • Validation Errors Fixed
  • Translation Ready


  • Increased Add Meeting Refresh time interval to 5 seconds.


  • Added Reports
  • Minor Bug fixes and Changes


  • Minor Changes


  • Minor UI Changes
  • Removed the unecessary dropdown in Meeting Type since only Scheduled Meetings are allowed to be created.
  • Added CSS Editor in Settings Page
  • Alot of Minor Bug Fixes


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