WooCommerce Product Table Lite


WooCommerce Product Table plugin helps you show your woocommerce products in a beautiful table or list layout to improve shopping experience and increase sale conversions on your woocommerce store.

This is the most highly rated and downloaded woocommerce product table wordpress plugin that has been tried and tested by thousands of users around the world. The best product table plugin with the most facilities and flexibility to create a perfect shopping experience and increase sales on your woocommerce store. Enjoy!

  • Easily create beautiful, responsive WooCommerce product table layout!
  • Great for online spare parts shops, audio store, restaurant food menu, takeaway menu, electronics shop, affiliate store etc.
  • Powerful, intuitive editor to achieve professional results. Hassle free, flexible product listing layout to meet your shop needs!

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How to use WooCommerce Product Table plugin

  • Below you will find a step by step walkthrough video to help you easily create your first product table for woocommerce store!
  • You can also fully customise table layout, columns, content and style according to your requirement.

Shortcode options for WooCommerce Product Table plugin

Use shortcode options like category=”shoes, pants” or ids=”123, 124″ or skus=”woo-shirt, woo-pants” to re-use the shortcode to print different results each time. All shortcode options are listed next to the Shortcode on the table editor page.

WooCommerce Product Table Lite vs Other WooCommerce Table Plugins

No other WooCommerce table editor comes even close!

  • Product table presets to help you get immediate results
  • Powerful table editor that is intuitive and highly flexible
  • Allows rows within columns — capable of creating more complex layouts than other plugins
  • Massive set of elements and options to create a fine tuned user experience for your customers
  • Much larger repository of well crafted tutorials — video and text to help you at each step [visit tutorials]

WooCommerce Product Table PRO

The most feature packed and flexible WooCommerce product table plugin available on the market

Offers a larger, more comprehensive set of [facilities] to create you perfect product tables. More facilities and potential than any other product table plugin.

  • Available at a discount right now — only $59 / license [Buy here]
  • License provides 1 year of updates and support for 1 site
  • NEW: Lifetime license also available at $249 only!
  • Your Lite version product tables continue to work with PRO
  • Keep the plugin with all facilities forever even after license expires
  • Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied!

Features list | Buy here

WooCommerce Product Table PRO vs Lite

Take your product tables to the next level and boost sales with better user experience

  • See top 30 features exclusive to WooCommerce Product Table PRO [view list]
  • More 3rd party compatible plugins [view list]
  • Far larger pool of table elements to achieve the results you need
  • More shortcode attributes to save you work and fine tune your product query
  • More frequent and powerful updates

WooCommerce Product Table PRO Downloadable Demos

WooCommerce Product Table vs woocommerce product grid layout

Tables help connect customers to desired products much faster and more surely that grids

See [this example] of table vs grid presentation of the same catalog. You will note that:

  • A table view offers a far more quick bird’s eye view of the products than a grid layout. The information is easier to absorb in table format.
  • Tables allow customers to quickly sort and compare along columns which helps with easier judgement and decision making.
  • This leads to better chance of landing a sale with the table UI. Also an advantage over competitors.
  • A table view of products can also supplement a grid view where appropriate.
  • WooCommerce Product Table PRO also has an addon to create grid layout and provide view switcher so shoppers can select table or grid view for products

Displaying product variations in woocommerce product table

  • The Lite version of the plugin offers a popup form to select product variations when a user tried to add a variable product to cart.
  • The PRO version of the plugin offers a ‘Select variation’ element that can display variation option in dropdown or radio buttons inside the table anywhere you choose [see documentation]
  • The PRO version of the plugin also offers a ‘Cart form’ element which displays the product variation form within the table wherever you choose.

Product add-ons / product extra options

WooCommerce Product Table PRO supports the official [WooCommerce Product Addons] plugin. This is the only supported product add on plugin right now.

Audio shop

  • PRO version audio shop [2 downloadable demos]
  • PRO version also includes:
    • Option to download the preview file [see example]
    • Smart mixed search, e.g. search through Track + Artist + Genre
    • Compact audio player that can be placed anywhere on table

Online restaurant / takeaway menu

  • PRO version online food menus [4 downloadable demos]
  • Highly customisable, edit based on your own requirements

Wholesale / Request a quote / Min-Max price

  • PRO version is compatible with several 3rd party plugins that offer such facilities [see list]
  • In case a popular plugin you need to use is not compatible, please [contact support]


  • Both WooCommerce Product Table Lite and PRO can be used in any language. You can change each word in the table to your language using the table editor and the plugin’s settings. No translation software is required for this.
  • But if you need to provide multiple language options for your your site then you can use the PRO version of this plugin which is compatible with the WPML translation plugin.
  • First, use WPML to translate all your products to a different language.
  • Then test to see if the products show up in correct language across your site.
  • Now WooCommerce content in your table will show up as translated as well.
  • For non-WooCommerce text in your table use [wcpt_translate default=“text” en_US=“English text” fr_FR=“French text”] in the input fields to add translations.

Replace shop grid with table

  • If you are not using a theme builder plugin like Elementor, Divi, etc then use the Archive Override facility available in the PRO version of this plugin. This facility lets you conveniently replace default WooCommerce grids with product tables on all your product archive pages — shop, category, tag, attribute, search. The facility is located in WP Dashboard > Product Tables > Settings > Archive Override.
  • If you are using popupar theme builder plugin like Elementor, Divi, Visual Composer, Oxygen, etc then use the Archive override guide for theme builders.

Snimke zaslona

  • Simple table.
  • List like table.
  • Narrow table.
  • Narrow list like table.
  • Admin screen - Columns.
  • Admin screen - Styling.
  • Admin screen - Navigation.
  • Admin screen - Query.


Automatic installation

Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself and you don’t need to leave your web browser. To do an automatic install of WooCommerce Product Table Lite, log in to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu and click Add New.

In the search field type “WooCommerce Product Table” and click Search Plugins. Once you’ve found the plugin you can view details about it such as the point release, rating and description. Most importantly of course, you can install it by simply clicking “Install Now”.

Manual installation

The manual installation method involves downloading the plugin and uploading it to your web server via your favourite FTP application. The WordPress codex contains instructions on how to do this here.


How do I replace my default WooCommerce shop grid with a product table?

Use the Archive Override facility available in WooCommerce Product Table PRO (premium version). This facility lets you conveniently replace default WooCommerce grids with product tables on all your product archive pages — shop, category, tag, attribute, search. The facility is located in WP Dashboard > Product Tables > Settings > Archive Override.

How do I create a new table?

You can find full step-by-step tutorials on creating different kinds of tables along with video and annotated screenshots at the WooCommerce Product Table tutorial page. The process is simple and convenient. Absolutely anyone can follow along with the tutorials.

If you have any issue at all in creating your product table, please feel free to reach out for support and I will bet happy to help!

Do I have to setup separate columns for laptop, tablet and phone?

Only Laptop Columns are ‘required’. Tablet and Phone Columns are completely optional. Using the Tablet and Phone Columns you can fine-tune the table design for smaller devices. If you leave the tablet / phone columns empty then the plugin will simply use the laptop columns for the smaller devices as well.

How do I unlock the PRO features?

You can purchase a license for WooCommerce Product Table PRO here. It provides several powerful features to create tables with fantastic user experience. It is available at a discount only for now, so get it soon!
WooCommerce Product Table


17. prosinca 2023.
Very useful and simple to use. Prompt supported provied by Kartik. Thank you
19. studenoga 2023.
I am so surprised how the free version created such a beautiful and functional single-column shop page. AND, it functioned perfectly and behaved well with my other WC plugins. Thanks so much to the devs.
30. listopada 2023.
this plugin has been extremely helpful for me and the support has been fantastic as well, they actually help instead of trying to sell other plugins or customization
27. rujna 2023.
works pretty well, and very good support ! You Can get it blindfolded
05. rujna 2023.
Plugin ottimo, ha tutto il necessario per un ecommerce di ricambi come il mio.
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3.4.1 (1st March ’24)

* Category filter error on Lite version

3.4.0 (29th February ’24)

* Adaptive filter options in editor – hide empty filter, show filter count
* Lazy load table option in editor

* Excessive API calls in backend for taxonomy data
* Max products per page issue with group by category

3.3.0 (27th February ’24)

* Improved table query editor with several new options
* New query shortcode options to modify table output from shortcode itself
* Option to add custom data column in the download CSV file

3.2.0 (20th December ’23)

* The colums tab has better, intuitive UX to create and sort your device columns

* Issue with HTML stripping in Short description and Content elements

3.1.2 (17th November ’23)

* Issue with HTML getting stripped from Short description and Content elements even when limit is not defined

3.1.1 (16th November ’23)

* Issue with Cyrillic script alphabets in the Short description and Content elements

3.1.0 (15th November ’23)

* New facility to group products by category using shortcode option laptop_group_by_category=”true” [PRO]
* The product image lightbox color theme can be switched between black (default) and white
* Option to change product row background color on mouse hover

* Short description element gets new ‘generate’ option to leave generate excerpt from content or leave it empty
* The checkbox add to cart trigger widget can now show total cost of checked items being added to cart and has an X button to unchecked all selected items [PRO]
* Filters and tooltip get hover intent for better UX and a fade in animation animation

* Important security fix implemented

3.0.0 (18th September ’23)

* HPOS compatibility
* New option to search through variation SKUs as well during product search [PRO]
* New ‘Date picker’ filter in navigation [PRO]
* New option to add multiple layers of headings above the table with shortcode option laptop_upper_headings=”1-2: Name, 3-4: Details” etc (check details in shortcodes dropdown) [PRO]

* Download CSV element’s short description and content columns have option to strip HTML tags [PRO]
* Option to directly enter custom field names in Search element’s custom field target [PRO]
* HUSKY / WOOF product filter integration in archive override tables [PRO]
* Formatting of the price figure in the Total element [PRO]
* The table’s ‘Date’ element can get its source from standard custom field or ACF field as well [PRO]

* Min-max input field issue [PRO]
* Optimize product meta data collection to improve performance
* Compatibility with latest official woocommerce product addons plugin [PRO]
* Advanced Dynamic Pricing (ADP) plugin integration shows regular price as well when product is on sale [PRO]
* Clear filter not updating URL
* Issue with table lazy loading

2.9.5 (31st March ’23)

* Border between table rows were not appearing in Firefox browser in some cases
* Table over-expanding inside flexbox based parent container
* Table over-expanding when theme CSS directs all tables to be 100% width of container
* Free products displaying extra $0.00 in price element
* Total element showing $0 on initial load for variable products [PRO]
* Conflict between cat_operator and exclude_category
* Range slider not working after filtering [PRO]

* $ sign icon switched to regular $ symbol on iOS device (the previous fix is no longer needed)
* Removed unnecessary url params applied on pageload

2.9.0 (9th March ’23)

* Infinite scroll: new shortcode option laptop_infinite_scroll (also for tablet, phone) [PRO]
* grid_fill_last_row=”true” [PRO]

* Column rows with style or conditions settings will have a blue marker to easily spot them
* Style and Condition option tabs will show the number of options used for easy tracking
* New shortcode option for show results by custom field: custom_field=“CF 1: NOT EMPTY” [PRO]
* Freeze column and freeze heading performance improved [PRO]

* Sticky header option will not unnecessarily cause horizontal scroll [PRO]
* Total element showing NaN value [PRO]

2.8.1 (10th February ’23)

* Elementor responsive editor issue

2.8.0 (31st January ’23)

* Total element decimal calculation error [PRO]
* Corner case issue where search would infinite loop or return no results on archive pages
* Issue with rare symbol characters like Ω in attribute name
* Child row faciliti’s incompatibility with fixed table heading facility [PRO]
* iOS mobile navigation modal search zoom issue
* Incorrect update notifications for addons [PRO]

* Total element will use ex vat price if selected in woocommerce settings
* Free products will show price as $0 instead of being blank
* Child row will now inherit parent row’s background color [PRO]
* category_required, attribute_required and filter_required work on variation table as well [PRO]

* Property List element has new table layout option [PRO]

2.7.2 (15th November ’22)

* Corner case fixes

2.7.1 (5th November ’22)

* Error warnings since update to WP 6.1

2.7.0 (27th July ’22)

* Added more hooks necessary for addons

* Attribute filter element exclude by slug option [PRO]

* Addons page with information on available enhancements

2.6.0 (3rd June ’22)

* Option to link Title element to a custom field [PRO]
* Hooks to implement addons
* Compatibility with latest version of ‘Name your price’ plugin [PRO]

* JetPack image lazy load compatibility fix
* Editor optimization (initial element data load)
* Ability to add free ($0) variation to cart

2.5.0 (14th February ’22)

* Important security fix
* Elastipress conflict fixed
* Currency missing from price on variable on-sale when variation selected [PRO]
* Exclude by slug not working correctly in some elements like Taxonomy filter [PRO]

* PHP 8 compatibility
* Show parent product image if variation has no image [PRO]
* Avoid unnecessary table overflow scroll in certain cases
* Improved mobile modal form buttons
* Replace Excerpt element label with Short Description
* Increased compatibility with All Products Subscription plugin [PRO]

2.4.0 (23rd September ’21)

* Preset tables facility – regular table and list layout

* Totals not working in freeze column [PRO]
* ‘NOT IN’ operator option in filters ineffective [PRO]
* Browser’s back button now shows correct cart status [PRO]
* Elementor phone editor compatibility [PRO]
* Row condition getting lost upon sort [PRO]
* Search widget category ‘undefined’ [PRO]

2.3.0 (14th August ’21)

* Child rows – display additional product information in child row that can be toggled open / close
* Instant search and sort for one page results
* Image map labels – Insert labels in the table to match an image with labels on it for matching the products
* Download CSV – allow visitor to download CSV file with a select list of product properties for all products in table
* New integration with WPC Composite Products
* New integration with WPC Product Bundles
* New integration with WooCommerce Subscriptions
* New integration with WooCommerce Wholesale Suite
* New integration with Estimated delivery date per product for WooCommerce

* Sort products by attribute (as number or text), category or taxonomy
* Variable switch for Price element will work even when using default template
* Extended list of compatible tab and accordion plugins and page builders
* The global ‘Add selected to cart’ button can link directly to checkout, cart or refresh page as well
* Improved integration with WooCommerce Request a Quote plugin by Addify
* Improved integration with Advanced Custom Fields – easy to apply re-labels, better field type support
* Improved integration with the WooCommerce Product add-ons plugin
* Show / hide previously ordered products and select order status to apply
* Changed responsive navigation filter modal controls from anchor tag to span for better pagespeed score

* Compatibility with The Events Calendar plugin

2.2.0 (6th February ’21)

* New table element: Total – shows Qty * Price for current product (only works with default woocommerce pricing rules) [PRO]
* New table element: Gallery – display product gallery thumbnails, with option to show in lightbox [PRO]

  • New external shortcode: [wcpt_archive_table] – when placed in the template of a product archive page, it will print the relevant archive table according to the archive override rules (wp admin > product tables > settings > archive override). This is useful with pagebuilder plugins. [PRO]

  • New integration with WC Measurement Price Calculator plugin [PRO]

  • New integration with WPC Smart Compare plugin [PRO]
  • New integration with BeRocket Product Filter plugin for archive tables. Check WCPT’s 3rd party plugin compatibility list for usage instructions [PRO]

  • New integration with Name Your Price plugin – Check [wcpt_name_your_price] in the table’s Shortcode element for details [PRO]