Products Restricted Users for WooCommerce


Sometimes you to restrict some products for a certain group of users. This plugin allows you to easily do it. In each product you will find a box to choose if you want to activate this functionality in this product. If yes, you will be able to fill a list of users which will be able to view and buy the product. The other ones, won’t see it in the lists and if they try to browse to the product, they will be redirected to home page.


  • Set in every product if you want to activate this functionality
  • You can choose between two restriction modes: deny to see this product, or allow to see the product but not to purchase it
  • In both cases, you will have to fill a list of users in this product, the users in the list won’t suffer any restriction, all the others will suffer the restriction chosen
  • Administrators and shop managers always won’t be affected.


Once the plugin is installed you can use it. Below Product data, you will find a box called “Users which can view and buy this product”. There you can activate/deactivate this functionality, choose the restriction mode and fill the list of the users which can see it.



  • Install WooCommerce Products Restricted Users automatically through the WordPress Dashboard or by uploading the ZIP file in the plugins directory.
  • Then, after the package is uploaded and extracted, click Activate Plugin.

Now going through the points above, you should now see the new metabox below the “Product data” of each product.

If you get any error after following through the steps above please contact us through item support comments so we can get back to you with possible helps in installing the plugin and more.


Administrators and shop managers

You cannot restrict the visibility of products to administrators and shop managers.

Archive and shop pages

Users which cannot view some products, won’t see it in archive of categories, in archive of tags and also in shop page or any other list view.

Single product page

In this case, user will be redirected to homepage.


When you are working with variable product, you will set the visibility of each variable product, you cannot set it individually in each variation.

How can I report security bugs?

You can report security bugs through the Patchstack Vulnerability Disclosure Program. The Patchstack team help validate, triage and handle any security vulnerabilities. Report a security vulnerability.


05. studenoga 2023. 1 odgovor
It is sufficient and easy
06. srpnja 2021.
I had a very specific technical problem – and this plugin seems to have the very specific solution to that problem: unique single product subscriptions that could be purchased by anybody –– but once a product subscription is purchased, it could only be re-newed by the one and only original client. With this plugin I can do just that. Sheer greatness! Thank you!
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Dnevnik promjena


  • Ready for WooCommerce 8.8.2
  • Ready for Word 6.5.2


  • Ready for WooCommerce 8.2.2
  • Ready for Word 6.4.1
  • Ready for HPOS


  • Changed the way plugin classes are loaded, now we wait until all plugins are loaded to avoid problems with pluggable functions


  • Performance improved getting the list of users, now we only asks for users ID and nicename to generate the user list


  • Refactoring all the code


  • Ready for WordPress 6.1


  • Ready for WooCommerce 7.0
  • Branding changes


  • Big issue fixed, the plugin makes the products no purchasable when the users were not logged in although the plugin was not activated in the product or the product was saved as purchasable in the options of this plugin


  • Different fixes
  • Compatibility with Ultimate WooCommerce Auction Pro included to make it works also with auctions of this plugin


  • Description and readme improved


  • Description and readme improved


  • New restriction type, you can choose now between restricting accesing to products and make products non purchasable for users not selected


  • Plugin files sorted


  • We check if WooCommerce is not activated to avoid problems


  • Checked with latest WordPress and WooCommerce versions


  • First release