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Satispay is a mobile payment system that allows users to pay in physical and online stores, send money to friends, as well as top up phone credit; all within a few simple clicks. The app for consumers is intuitive, secure and available on Play Store, App Store and App Gallery.

The plugin allows you to accept digital payments from Satispay users in a really cheap and secure way making it the ideal solution for your business. Customers make purchases by simply scanning the QR Code generated or inserting their phone number and confirming the payment request from their smartphone. The simplified process reduces the barriers for consumers resulting in fewer abandoned carts at checkout.

In order to activate the service, you must complete the signup for Satispay Business at https://dashboard.satispay.com/signup. Joining is free as there are no activation costs, monthly fees or deactivation charges.

The only fee is a commission of:
1,5% on payments less than €10
1,5% + 0.20€ for payments equal to or above €10

For more information, visit our pricing page at https://www.satispay.com/en/pricing.

As an Electronic Money Institution authorized and regulated by the CSSF, Satispay adheres to elevated standards of security. In addition, having constructed a system based on the IBAN, Satispay is even more secure than traditional credit/debit cards which can be easily cloned or stolen.

Satispay payments are executed in an instant. The system is also extremely efficient in settling payments as the funds received are deposited into your business’ bank account the following business day (T+1).

Manage reimbursement requests quickly and for free
Manage all of your refund requests directly with the Refund function integrated in the Magento back-office without incurring any additional costs. Your customers will be notified immediately with a message from their app.

Eliminate the risk of chargeback
As soon as the customer confirms the payment, the transaction is completed, thus eliminating the possibility of chargeback.


15. veljače 2024.
Versione di WordPress 6.4.3Tema attivo: Ashe (versione 2.230)Plugin corrente: WooCommerce Satispay (versione 2.2.0)Versione PHP 8.2.10Dettagli dell’errore==================== Un errore di E_ERROR è stato causato nella linea 40 del file /web/htdocs/www.XXX.it/home/wp-content/plugins/woo-satispay/woo-satispay.php. Messaggio di errore: Uncaught Error: Failed opening required ‘includes/blocks/wc-satispay-blocks.php’ (include_path=’.:/php8.2/lib/php’) in /web/htdocs/www.XXX.it/home/wp-content/plugins/woo-satispay/woo-satispay.php:40 Have you solved the problem? I’m keeping the plugin disabled
15. veljače 2024. 3 odgovora
The plugin is working well until yesterday.After version 2.2 update the plugin crash the entire website. It is very dangerous if automatic updates are enabled. Please test the plugin before release!I’m willing to change my rating if the developers fix the bug quickly.
15. veljače 2024. 3 odgovora
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14. veljače 2024. 5 odgovora
I, after last update, wordpress block the plugin beacause after insta the plug in cause the wordpress crash
03. listopada 2022.
Plugin funzionale e semplice… anche troppo. Si potrebbe prevedere di poter far personalizzare il messaggio che accompagna la transazione che al momento è semplicemente un numero uguale al numero d’ordine di woocommerce. Sarebbe carino consentire un messaggio testuale personalizzabile
17. ožujka 2021.
The commissions are lower than any credit card payment system and the user experience is way better. I love how easy it is to setup the plugin and to include the payment method into my e-commerce.
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= 2.2.2
* Fixed Order cancellation
* Bugfixes and Improvements

= 2.2.0
* Added compatibility to WooCommerce Blocks Checkout and HPOS feature
* Improved ordering management (new status: “On Hold”)
* Bugfixes and improvements

= 2.1.9
* No changelog


  • No Changelog


  • No Changelog


  • Updated Dashboard link with the new one


  • Updated the Online fees on the Changelog


  • Updated the Online fees on the Changelog


  • Fixed logo visibility on checkout page


  • Support to latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce
  • Improved logo visibility on checkout page


  • Added support to web-app-web switch


  • Added cron to finalize unhandled payments


  • Support to latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce


  • Added WooCommerce version check support


  • Added external_code in payment creation


  • fix errors


  • fix settings


  • fix some errors


  • New payment UI with QR Code


  • Tested on WordPress 5.0


  • Updated Satispay SDK
  • Updated readme


  • Updated Satispay SDK


  • Updated Satispay PHP SDK
  • Resolved a conflict with “WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers” plugin


  • Hotfix for WooCommerce < 3


  • Hotfix


  • Use get_order_number instead of get_id


  • Fixed redirect urls


  • Resolved some errors with PHP arrays


  • Fixed small error


  • Fixed languages folder


  • Updated Satispay SDK
  • New payment flow


  • Updated Satispay SDK


  • Fixed includes folder


  • Fixed an error with sandbox


  • WordPress translate fix


  • Readme update


  • Stable version of plugin