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Run beautiful contests, giveaways & competitions

Woorise is the easiest way to run contests, giveaways and competitions on your website or blog. Create beautiful engaging forms and promotions that generate sales, social engagement and followers.

NOTE: A free Woorise account is required to use this plugin.

How to add your giveaway or contest to your site

Block Editor (Gutenberg)

Simple use the Woorise block.

Classic Editor

Copy and paste the campaign’s URL in a post or a page.

Page Builders or any other placement

Use the following shortcode inside a text element. Replace the URL with your campaign’s URL.

[woorise url=""]

Why to choose Woorise plugin

  • Zero Configuration Time: Woorise WordPress plugin has no settings at all. Simple install it, copy and paste the campaign’s URL and you are ready to go!
  • Lightweight & Fast: It will not affect your WordPress website performance or speed.
  • Keep your Database Clean: Unlike the most giveaways WordPress plugins Woorise don’t save any data, entries or create new tables in your database.
  • Secure: You don’t need to worry about data breaches and storage issues. All your data is stored on secure Woorise servers.

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Contests and Giveaways Examples

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Features to create powerful contests & competitions

  • Mobile Friendly
  • Drag & Drop Builder
  • 1-Click Random Winners
  • Pre-Made Layouts
  • Social Actions
  • CSV Export Data
  • Conditional Actions
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Facebook Page Install
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Fraud Detection
  • Privacy & GDPR Tools
  • Viral Share
  • Country Restriction
  • Instant Win
  • Accept Payments
  • Email Notifications
  • Polls
  • Quizzes
  • Surveys
  • Team Users
  • CSS Customization
  • File Uploads
  • Custom Domain

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About Woorise: Run beautiful Giveaways & Contests

Woorise is the easiest way to run giveaways, contests and competitions. It helps you to generate leads, grow your social media followings, engage your audience using polls, quizzes and surveys, grow your subscribers list and drive traffic to your website. Woorise is an ideal tool for businesses and e-commerce brands that want to increase sales and interest in their products.

Woorise integrates with popular marketing platforms like Mailchimp, Aweber, ActiveCampaign, Google Analytics, Bitly, Zapier and more. Key features for Woorise’s social promotion apps include buttons for every social platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, share buttons to encourage social engagement, referral rewards, drag & drop builder, pre-made layouts, conditional actions, 1-click pick winners, export data to CSV file, analytics, fraud detection and a lot more.

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  • Run Contests & Giveaways by Woorise


  1. Install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen or upload the plugins files to /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins screen in WordPress.
  3. Copy and paste your Woorise campaign’s URL in a post or a page. Alternative you can use the shortcode.


Do you have questions about Woorise? Use the following support channels:

  1. Docs
  2. Support


27. studenoga 2020.
You can create a beautiful contest page within minutes, and what I absolutely love about it is the "Viral Share" option, which is included in every plan - yes, even in the FREE plan! The Viral Share option is a must for a successful contest. On my first try, with the free plan, I got 425 participants in only 10 days, and I had posted the contest only once on Reddit! That was all. I didn't have to promote the contest as the viral share option brought all the traffic. 65% of the entries were from referrals! And if you consider upgrading to a paid plan, the prices are the lowest you can find for all the features it offers. For example, RaffleCopter offers the Viral Share option for $84 a month whereas Woorise offers it for free! Cons: well, considering I don't need all the other features besides the free plan + unlimited entrants, paying 30 euros for one month is still a high price for me. For people who're going to run contests regularly, the annual payment plan may seem more convenient. Overall, it's wonderful and affordable.
26. studenoga 2020.
Woorise is marketed as a viral giveaway platform but it is so much more than that. You can use it to create different types of forms. The form builder is customizable enough that you can make forms for different use cases. I have used it for lead generation and for getting customer feedback. I am constantly surprised to learn new use cases that I can do within Woorise. Also, Woorise has a diverse list of templates that you can preview and select. This makes it easy to start creating a form because you do not need to start from scratch. Most importantly, the founder himself, Chris, has been incredibly responsive and helpful for any support queries. I am impressed by his sustained passion and dedication to improving this platform. The drawback of having a widely customizable form builder is that there is a learning curve. So if you intend to create complex forms, expect that you will be spending time learning the different features. But once you get used to it, it will be easier the next time you use it. The documentation is decent and helpful but can be further improved by creating more articles and putting these articles into categories that are easily searchable. I like that users can be added and roles can be assigned; however, I would like to see an option to make only certain forms visible to certain users. There is also not publicly shareable results page - a feature that I have seen on other platforms. Lastly, the custom domain feature is only available in their highest plan (Pro). I would like to use my own custom domain but it would be costly if I upgrade to their highest plan when I do not need the other feature upgrades of their Pro plan. In general, I am pleased with the platform as I have used it several times for different purposes. I am confident that its founder will steer Woorise in the right direction as it becomes even a better and easy to use app.
26. studenoga 2020.
As an online business owner I'm always looking for ways to expand my emaillist. Setting up a promotion campaign in Woorise is very easy, especially if you're familiar with WordPress and the block editor. They have templates for everything so you never have to start from scratch. You can set up a campaign in Woorise and share it, embed it in your website, and share it on facebook and other social media. Assign points to every action (share on facebook, visite website etc) so people are more likely to click on them. You even have a survey, quiz and poll option and best of all, you can create a campaign with video! One thing, Moosend integration please 🙂
26. studenoga 2020.
To be honest, it wasn't easy. As a novice, I missed help videos a lot (Chris promised, they will come soon). It took me a couple of retries to get the desired result and functionality. Summary: After understanding how Woorise works, and always clearing my cookies and cache, I got it where I wanted it to be. The campaign looks very nice, and the viral share works like a charm. But the most important aspect of Woorise, and the reason I highly recommend the platform, is the excellent support (they have a Facebook group too). I'm not sure if Chris does sleep at all, as it never took more than a couple of hours, mostly minutes for him to reply to my silly questions. This is not a given in these days. Now, I can't wait to run my next campaign with Woorise 😉
26. studenoga 2020.
I always use Woorise for my giveaways. I love it because I am able to capture leads from the giveaways, automated analytics which makes it easier for me to pick the winners. In the past, my giveaways are nothing more than adding more followers in my FB and IG. But now with Woorise, I can collect leads besides adding followers to my social media. It is very easy to set up and navigate, it is worth every penny!
25. studenoga 2020.
Woorise is one of the best software to run giveaways and generate more leads! The UI is really clean, simple and powerful!! In Woorise there are many templates like Basic Giveaway, Email Signup, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Products Hunt Contest. Also, if you're running a Facebook group community there is a Facebook Group Contest, to help you to grow your community and give awards. But that's not all...there is also App Download, Coupon Unlock, Wi-Fi Password Unlock, Secret Codes Contest, Download Unlock, Media Upload Contest and Gaming contests. You can make Surveys, Quizzes, Polls to get more leads and challenge your visitors with a simple quiz. Woorise platform is really simple to use, is completely mobile-friendly, has a drag & drop builder, 100% customizable and the contest can be fully translated in any language. The cool things that through Woorise, you can accept payment with Stripe, Paypal and 2Checkout, connect your autoresponder and display different confirmation messages and email notifications for winners and non-winners. Furthermore, you can integrate Woorise, with many marketing apps and other integrations like Zappier, Trello, Webhooks, Square, Slack and others. With Woorise you don't lose time because it can randomly pick one or more winners from all the entrants in a single click, or the winner can be select by hand, also you are fully protected by the fraud detection tools to prevent cheaters to earn more fake entries. Woorise is a must-have tool to get more leads and grow your online audience as is super simple and smooth.
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