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WordPress Pastebin


Turn your blog into a pastebin and keep your own code on your own site. You can tag your pastes like you tag your normal posts, and visitors can leave comments if you allow it.

I wrote this because it makes it easier for me to share code. Plus I can easily search my own pastes.

Front end editing of pastes and posting for anonymous users is not enabled by default, and I didn’t write a captcha for anonymous posting. Anonymous user’s can’t tag or categorize their pastes either. Please submit patches if you need such features.

The plugin comes with a widget to list recent pastes.

See a paste example on my website.

This plugin can use the following plugins to do syntax highlighting when they are installed:

If your syntax highlighter is missing or doesn’t work please do the following:

  1. Add recognition for your plugin in get_highlighter_list().
  2. Add support for your plugin in add_tags().
  3. Send me a patch.

Other plugins I wrote

WordPress Pastebin: Keep your own code on your own site. Short permalinks, tagging, commenting, etc.

Better Lorem Ipsum: Auto-generate lorem ipsum content for all post types and taxonomies. Does comments as well. For theme and plugin developers.

Custom Avatars For Comments: Your visitors will be able to choose from the avatars you upload to your website for each and every comment they make.

Better tag cloud: I was pretty unhappy with the default WordPress tag cloud widget. This one is more powerful and offers a list HTML markup that is consistent with most other widgets.

Theme switch: I like to tweak my main theme that I use on a variety of blogs. If you have ever done this you know how annoying it can be to break things for visitors of your blog. This plugin allows you to use a different theme than the one used for your visitors when you are logged in.

Zero Conf Mail: Simple mail contact form, the way I like it. No ajax, no bloat. No configuration necessary, but possible.

Move WordPress comments: This plugin adds a small form to every comment on your blog. The form is only added for admins and allows you to move comments to a different post/page and to fix comment threading.

Delete Pending Comments: This is a plugin that lets you delete all pending comments at once. Useful for spam victims.

Snow and more: This one lets you see snowflakes, leaves, raindrops, balloons or custom images fall down or float upwards on your blog.

Snimke zaslona

  • The options page.


  1. Unzip
  2. Upload to your plugins directory
  3. Enable the plugin
  4. Configure it as you like
  5. Add new pastes under Paste->Add New


Q: I don’t like the /paste/ base, what can I do.
A: Define WORDPRESS_PASTEBIN_POST_TYPE_SLUG in your wp-config.php. Please notice that you will have to take care of redirecting old pastes to the new slug yourself. You can use a .htaccess or any other method you like to do that.

Q: I get an error that the post type already exists.
A: Define WORDPRESS_PASTEBIN_POST_TYPE_NAME in your wp-config.php


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Dnevnik promjena ( 1020-10-22 )

  • Suppress filters on recent widget ( 1020-10-22 )

  • Add support for syntax-highlighter-and-code-prettifier

0.4.4 ( 1020-10-18 )

  • Add to the plugin repository

0.4.2 ( 1020-10-16 )

  • Add front end posting and editing
  • Remove custom taxonomy

0.2 ( 1020-10-05 )

  • Switch to a custom taxonomy
  • Add auto-tagging
  • Add auto-category
  • Add recent pastes widget and fix rewrite rule flushing
  • Many improvements and bug fixes

0.0.1 ( 2010-10-01 )

  • First working version