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WP Snippets


This WordPress plugin is VERY simple; NO configuration options necessary.

This plugin adds a new Post Type. This plugin makes it SUPER easy to reuse fragments of content (i.e. Snippets). Snippets can be included in other Posts/Pages/Widgets via Shortcodes. This is a very lightweight plugin for WordPress!

After installing this plugin, create a new Snippet (find menu item on the left in your WordPress Dashboard). Give your Snippet a Slug (i.e. under the title of your Snippet). Once you have a Snippet and a Slug, you can include your Snippet anywhere you like — in other Posts/Pages/Widgets (and even inside PHP/WordPress template files).

Using a Snippet that you’ve created in the WordPress Editor. Follow this simple Shortcode syntax.

[snippet slug="my-cool-snippet" /]

Using a Snippet that you’ve created inside a PHP template file.

<?php echo do_shortcode('[snippet slug="my-cool-snippet" /]'); ?>


Copyright: © 2013 WebSharks, Inc. (coded in the USA)

Released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Credits / Additional Acknowledgments


WP Snippets is Very Easy to Install

  1. Upload the /wp-snippets folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress®.
  3. Use Snippets in your Posts/Pages/Widgets via Shortcodes.

    [snippet slug="my-cool-snippet" /]


How do I use a Snippet that I create?

Using a Snippet that you’ve created in the WP Editor. Follow this simple Shortcode syntax.

[snippet slug="my-cool-snippet" /]

Using a Snippet that you’ve created inside a PHP template file.

<?php echo do_shortcode('[snippet slug="my-cool-snippet" /]'); ?>
Who can manage Snippets in the Dashboard?

By default, only WordPress® Administrators can manage (i.e. create/edit/delete/manage) Snippets. Editors and Authors can create/edit/delete their own Snippets, but permissions are limited for Editors/Authors. If you would like to give other WordPress Roles the Capabilities required, please use a plugin like Enhanced Capability Manager.

Add the following Capabilities to the additional Roles that should be allowed to manage Snippets.

$caps = array

NOTE: There are also some WordPress filters integrated into the code for this plugin, which can make permissions easier to deal with in many cases. You can have a look at the source code and determine how to proceed on your own; if you choose this route.

Is it possible to use other Shortcodes inside a Snippet?

Yes. Absolutely. You can even nest one Snippet inside another one via Shortcodes.

I also installed the [Raw HTML plugin]( Can I use Raw HTML inside a Snippet?

Yes. When creating a new Snippet, please wrap your Snippet content with [raw][/raw] tags; or with <!--raw--><!--/raw--> tags. Consult the Raw HTML documentation on this please. An important point to make is that Snippets are self-contained. Applying Raw HTML to a Post/Page that includes a Snippet via [snippet slug="my-snippet" /], will NOT apply Raw HTML to the Snippet content itself. You must wrap the Snippet content with raw tags to achieve this. This actually provides a great deal of flexibility, because it allows you to have a Raw HTML Post or Page, but have Snippets that were designed in the WP Visual Editor (or vice versa — and even mixtures, if you include multiple Snippets).

I also installed the [ezPHP plugin]( Can I use PHP tags inside a Snippet?

Yes. Absolutely. I recommend ezPHP, but WP Snippets are also compatible with Exec-PHP.

I also installed the [s2Member® plugin]( Can I protect content in Snippets conditionally?

Yes. Absolutely. I recommend this KB article: s2Member® Simple Conditionals. s2Member’s Simple Shortcode Conditionals can be used inside a Snippet itself, or by wrapping your Snippet Shortcode when you put it into a Post or Page. Either way is fine.


18. listopada 2016.
I am really glad I found this plugin few years ago. It helps me a lot to target specific custom ads to specific page without having to manage multiple widgets.
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  • Reformat source code; general cleanup.
  • Compatibility with WordPress v4.1 and v4.2-alpha.
  • Bug fix in hook/filter handling. See: this GitHub issue for further details.


  • Adding support for [snippet_template slug="" /]. This works the same as a normal [snippet slug="" /] shortcode; except with a Snippet Template shortcode, any additional attributes that you specify are used as replacement code values in the Snippet content. For instance, you might have a Snippet with content that includes this replacement code: %%type%%. Now create your Snippet shortcode like this to fill that value dynamically: [snippet_template slug="my-slug" type="product" /]; where %%type%% is now replaced by product dynamically.


  • Initial release.