WP Legal Pages: Simple WordPress Privacy Policy Generator Plugin


Need help generating privacy policy pages on your WordPress website?

WP Legal Pages is one of the most popular privacy policy generator plugins since 2014. It is a favorite tool of 10,000+ WordPress users from bloggers, affiliate marketers to ecommerce stores.

Using WP Legal Pages, you can generate two privacy policy pages required for any website.

  • Privacy Policy
  • DMCA Policy

WP Legal Pages: Simple WordPress Privacy Policy Generator Plugin

WP Legal Pages makes it super easy to generate policy pages for your WordPress website.

  1. Add your business information.
  2. Select a legal policy page template.
  3. Click ‘Generate’.

Why WP Legal Pages?

Easy to install

Install and add legal policy pages to your website in 5 minutes of less.

Easy to edit policy pages

Generates policy pages are regular WordPress pages. You can easily edit and update them.

25+ pre-built policy templates (Premium Feature)

WP Legal Pages comes with ready-to-use policy page templates. Fill in your business information and hit generate.

Option to force agreement (Premium Feature)

Force users to accept your policy before they can access a page or post. Available in Pro Version only.

One-click affiliate disclosure addition (Premium Feature)

Confirm with FTC guidelines. Add affiliate disclosure to the end of a page or post. Available in Pro Version only.

More Premium features

WP Legal Pages Pro comes with even more legal policy pages including:

  • Privacy Policy**: Covers websites or apps that collect and store user data. Helps comply with GDPR.
  • Cookie Policy**: Covers websites and apps that collect and store user data in browser cookies. Helps comply with GDPR.
  • Cookie Consent Popups**: Works with GDPR Cookie Consent
  • Cookie Bar**: Add banner in the footer for Cookie consent, also you can customize the cookie bar style, content and button styles.
  • Amazon Affiliate Disclosure**: Covers websites and apps that engage in affiliate promotion of Amazon products.
  • Affiliate Agreement**: Covers websites and apps that run affiliate programs.
  • Affiliate Disclosure**: Covers websites and apps that engage in affiliate promotion of products and/or services.
  • Terms and Conditions**: Covers the terms and conditions for using a website.
  • California Privacy Rights**: Covers websites and apps that sell to California customers.
  • Refund Policy**: Covers refunds of sales of products and services for ecommerce stores.
  • Newsletter Subscription Policy**: Covers websites and apps that run newsletter subscriptions.
  • Children’s Online Privacy Policy (COPPA)**: Covers websites and apps whose audience is children (< 13 years age)
  • Medical Disclaimer Template**: Covers websites and apps that provide free medical information – such as healthcare providers or blogs providing medical advice.
  • External Links Policy**: Covers policies for links to or from external websites, which are not owned or controlled by you.
  • Returns & Refunds Policy**: Covers returns/refunds of your product, service or ecommerce store.
  • Digital Goods Refunds Policy**: Covers refunds for downloadable or streaming products/services.
  • Facebook Privacy Policy**: For Facebook ads, app developers, and for using Facebook login or widgets on your website.
  • Earnings Disclaimer**: Covers websites and apps that promote products, services, strategies and/or programs to help users make money.
  • Anti Spam Policy**: Covers websites & apps that provide mass email or other messaging services.
  • Age Verification**: Useful for vaping or adult content websites. Allows only 18+ aged users to access website content after taking consent.

Learn more about WP Legal Pages Pro.

What Next?

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From within WordPress

  1. Visit ‘Plugins > Add New’.
  2. Search for ‘WP Legal Pages’.
  3. Activate WP Legal Pages from your Plugins page.
  4. Click on the ‘WP Legal Pages’ admin menu to get started.


  1. Upload the wp-legal-pages folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the WP Legal Pages plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. WP Legal Pages menu will appear in left hand side. Click on it & get started to use.
  4. Click on the ‘WP Legal Pages’ admin menu to get started.


Why use WPLegalPages?

GDPR, FTC and other privacy regulators along with ad networks require you to have legal policy pages on your website. Instead of spending hours researching and creating your own policy pages, use WP Legal Pages to generate them in a few clicks.

How to use WPLegalPages?
  1. Click on the ‘WP Legal Pages’ admin menu.
  2. Accept the disclaimer.
  3. Fill in business details.
  4. Click create legal pages >> Select the type of legal template >> Publish.
  5. You can also use shortcodes of each template and save it as a post or page.
Will it protect my website?

WP Legal Pages provides you pre-approved templates. Please consult your lawyer for compliance with your local law regulators.

Can it be used for multisite network?

No. WP Legal Pages not support multisite network. You will have to install it on each site separately.


30. srpnja 2018.
This plugin has literally taken care of my website and protected it from any legal hassle... Great Job !!
15. ožujka 2017.
Very easy to install and configure. All the required pages were setup in just 3 simple steps. Will surely recommend this one to handle all the legal needs of any WordPress website.
14. studenoga 2016.
Not sure why others have issues, I add plugin to all of my sites...activate....create pages, done. Very easy to use. Thanks
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