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Reviews Block for Yelp


This free Yelp reviews block displays your Yelp business information and reviews on your website. You can find the block through the block library search or directly on the WordPress plugin repository.

✨ Reviews Block for Yelp Features

Our Yelp reviews block includes a variety of options to customize how your Yelp information is displayed.

First, search for the business by name and location directly in the block.

Then, choose from the block options to display or hide your:

  • Header with three images, aggregate rating, price point, and general business information
  • Write a Review button
  • Detailed business information, such as contact, hours, tags, and directions
  • Three highlighted reviews

⭐ WP Business Reviews

While the Reviews Block for Yelp can help you display your Yelp reviews on your website for free, we have an even better solution for you!

WP Business Reviews is a significant upgrade to our free reviews blocks for Google and Yelp. With WP Business Reviews (WPBR), you can display reviews from many platforms, including:

  • Google
  • Yelp
  • Facebook
  • WooCommerce
  • Zomato
  • Trustpilot

When you use WP Business Reviews, you also gain more control over the style of your displayed reviews as well as which reviews you show. WPBR also allows you to mix and match your reviews across platforms. So, your Google and WooCommerce reviews can be displayed right alongside your Facebook and Yelp reviews.

Upgrade to WP Business Reviews

💡 Installation

  1. Find the Reviews Block for Yelp directly in the plugin in your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Activate the plugin.

1. Use the WordPress block library search bar to search for “Reviews Block for Yelp” from any page or post.
2. Install the block and begin using it on that page immediately.

That’s it! You should now be able to access the Plugin’s API settings via your settings panel and the block options on the block settings panel. You will need to enter your Yelp API information prior to using the plugin.

👉 Learn how to create a Yelp API key

Snimke zaslona

  • The Reviews Block for Yelp block is the #1 block for displaying Yelp reviews on your WordPress website.

  • The Reviews Block for Yelp block can be used to display reviews for any location on Yelp.

  • Easily customize the display of the block with easy to use configuration options.


Ovaj dodatak omogućava 1 blok.

  • Reviews Block for Yelp Easily display Yelp business reviews and ratings with a simple and intuitive WordPress block.


Why should I use this plugin?

A business website can use this plugin to display their Yelp business listing and reviews in their sidebar by using the Business ID search option. You can also use this plugin if you have a website that would benefit in displaying search results for a Yelp search term. For example, a travel website selling reservations could display the top resorts for a given destination.

Displaying reviews on your website also provides an element of social proof, which helps to increase sales. Learn more about using reviews in your marketing on our blog.

How do I get a Yelp API key?

In order for the plugin to access your Yelp reviews, you must have a valid Yelp API key. To get the key please review how to create a Yelp API key.


02. lipnja 2022. 2 odgovora
I got an API key and tried to use the shortcode. Custom blocks don’t work with WP Page Builder which we use. However, short codes work great. The documentation on how to find the shortcode doesn’t match the plugin settings for the free version. If I can’t get the free version to work, not even considering the upgrade.
11. kolovoza 2021.
So I hate to be that guy and give a 1 star. But when it comes to this plugin. I have had trouble getting it set up. I was very confused by the instructions and hate to say this, but I will have to find an alternative method to show Yelp Reviews. I have not been able to find a video review for this plugin when I did the “View Details” and tried working on this for almost a half hour. I hate to give this 1-star, but I need to be honest.
19. kolovoza 2018. 1 odgovor
Really loved this app and would change my review with an update that does not have the app saying it has exhausted its call limit to yelp for ever not resetting until you deactivate and reactivate the app.
16. srpnja 2018.
What happened? Use to be an OK App, but now its horrible. Wont update saying I need new API… Someone had replied to a prior post but it had made zero sense.
21. siječnja 2017. 2 odgovora
I didn’t get very far with this plugin. When you install it, it asks for a Yelp API key, which I’m ok with. The link from settings to Yelp to create the API results in a 404 error. So I followed the link to the WordImpress site with instructions, and that explains how to create a Google Maps API key… which is not the same. The fields in the plugin ask for a Yelp API key, not google maps. I don’t even need a map. So I’m confused. Uninstall.
03. rujna 2016. 1 odgovor
I had some conflicts between my theme and this plugin and I was ready to give up. After letting me know that I could get a refund if I wanted, I agreed to let them try a few things. They were able to work past the conflicts and get the plugin running smoothly.
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Dnevnik promjena

3.0.0: May 30th, 2022

  • New: We entirely revamped the plugin in 3.0.0 – Introducing the Review Block for Yelp. The new block displays your business information and reviews in a styling and customizable interface. Invite users to leave a review, show business hours, display your address, directions and more with a new Gutenberg block.
  • New: Updated name to reflect the shift away from widgets to blocks in WordPress.

2.0.2: October 28th, 2019

  • Maintenance: Reviewed plugin compatibility with WordPress 5.3 for compatibility and updated the plugin tested up to version.

2.0.1: May 16th, 2019

  • Maintenance: Reviewed plugin compatibility with WordPress 5.2 for compatibility and updated the plugin tested up to version.


  • We have recently launched a new premium plugin for reviews called WP Business Reviews. You can use this new WordPress review plugin to display your best reviews from platforms like Google, Yelp, and Facebook right on your website.
  • New: You can now display up to 3 yelp reviews using the widget’s Yelp API “Business” request method.
  • New: Modernized the styles for a more clean display with improved cross-theme compatibility.
  • Tweak: Modified upsells for new WP Business Reviews plugin.


  • Update: Replace Yelp API v2 with Yelp API v3 (Fusion) for remote requests.
  • Update: Add responsive star images so ratings display sharper on high-resolution displays.
  • Update: Add responsive Yelp logo so logo dislpays sharper on high-resolution displays.
  • Fix: Widget would get stuck in Business mode after toggling back to Search mode. Toggling now works as expected.


  • Fix: Support for businesses with strange characters with accents and such like café-poland-columbia
  • Tweak: No more API keys necessary to wor
  • Tweak: Cleaned up enqueing of scripts and styles.
  • Tweak: Updated text in activation banner to reflect free version of plugin better
  • Minor typo fixes and text updates


  • Added Activation Banner
  • Updated Readme.txt
  • Fully I18n (internationalize) ready.


  • Update: Renamed “Yelp Widget Pro Premium” to just “Yelp Widget Premium” – It makes more sense and sounds better
  • Update: CSS update for Yelp Settings page so metaboxes do not have toggle icons or move hovers (the metaboxes cannot be moved)
  • Fix: PHP Warning for array_key_exists check when get_option returns false


  • New: Added logo image to options page
  • Updated: Improved widget’s UI for new WP 3.8 style
  • Updated: Reformatted all code to WP Coding Standards
  • Updated: Swapped Yelp icon URL for biz url rather than just
  • Updated: Removed old license metabox in place for new license activation explanation metabox
  • Updated: Compatible with up to WP 3.8
  • Updated: readme.txt file with additional information
  • Fixed: Broken link to premium upgrade page
  • Fixed: WP_DEBUG notices

  • Removed unnecessary plugin updater class

  • Fixed: Issue with unavailable automatic updates and new licensing server


  • Updated: New Updates handeling for premium plugin purchasers
  • Fixed: Very minor CSS issue in admin options UI issue with G+ displaying block


  • Updated: Improved logic to communicate between Software API and plugin


  • FIXED: Issue with Sorting feature not working properly
  • NEW: Social media buttons in settings panel (like us if you get a chance!)
  • UPDATED: Support links to forum updated

  • UPDATED: Licensing logic for plugin
  • Code cleanup and optimization

  • UPDATED: Reverted license update method back to curl from wp_remote_get due to some issues with various hosts
  • Minor UI Updates
  • Code cleanup and improvements


  • NEW: Added tooltips with information and links to screencast tutorials on the widgets and on widget settings pages
  • NEW: Added default image for businesses without profile images
  • NEW: Added Profile image size select; now you can easily modify the size of your Yelp profile image
  • NEW: Added links to Options page, Rate the Plugin and Premium Upgrade on the Plugins page
  • UPDATED: Changed default number of items in Search Method to 4 rather than 1
  • UPDATED: Changed default cache value to 1 Day to encourage caching results
  • UPDATED: Widget image output alt and title tags for better SEO optimization
  • UPDATED: Readme.txt file with additional information and updated description
  • UPDATED: Premium plugin update classes to latest version from GitHub
  • FIXED: Fixed Premium licensing metabox inputs min-width issue
  • Added link to Premium Version on widget
  • Code cleanup and organization


  • Release of plugin w/ licensing logic
  • UI and code cleanup


  • Added localization support for future translations. If you are interested in helping with translation please contact me!
  • Additional UI updates and tweaks
  • Updated yelp_widget_curl() function to use WordPress’ HTTP API first and backup as cURL
  • Integrating premium licencing logic; GPL compatible plugin
  • Fixed UI bug with widget API selection radio
  • Updated Facebook Like box to new brand page
  • Grammatical fixes
  • Improved widget frontend CSS


  • Improved frontend widget display CSS with percentage-based element widths
  • Added business address display option to widget functionality
  • Cleaned up Widget UI: Added toggle option panels
  • Cleaned up options panel UI: Added metaboxes to hold content; fixed typo in introduction; added like box for brand
  • Improved how scripts are loaded in the WordPress admin panel by only loaded them on the pages needed
  • Coming soon: Premium Add-ons! Themes, New Features and More.


  • Initial plugin release – Special thanks to the Yelp It plugin for kickstarting this widget