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Online Courses


Inačica: 1.0.5

Posljednje ažuriranje: 31.srpanj.2019.

Active Installations: 400+

WordPress verzija: 4.0 or higher

PHP Version: 5.2.4 or higher

Web-stranica teme

Online Courses is a WordPress theme developed mainly for websites which list or showcase or even sell online courses. Online Courses theme is a mobile responsive WordPress theme so your website looks amazing in all the mobile devices, Macs and PCs. Online Courses WordPress theme is fully managed by theme customizer and hence you can easily change colors, logo etc from WordPress customizer settings. To make your website a fully functional membership website where you can sell your online courses, you can add WPDigiPro WordPress plugin (available at WPDigiPro.com) using which you can integrate PayPal to receive Payments and automatically membership area will be created for your clients from where they will be able to access your online courses, raise their tickets etc. Check more details of WPDigiPro at WPDigiPro.com. Step by Step documentation of Online Courses WordPress theme along with dummy data is here: https://wpdigipro.com/documentation/online-courses-wordpress-theme/


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