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Welfare Charity

Autor Rara Theme

Komercijalna tema


Ova je tema besplatna, ali nudi dodatne plaćene komercijalne nadogradnje ili podršku.

Ovo je podtema teme Benevolent.

Inačica: 1.0.0

Posljednje ažuriranje: 13.lipanj.2023.

Aktivne instalacije: 90+

WordPress verzija: 4.7 ili novija

PHP inačica: 5.6 ili novija

Web-stranica teme

Welfare Charity is a free WordPress theme for non-profit organizations like charities, INGOs, NGOs, trusts, foundations, etc. This theme works seamlessly with the Give plugin, allowing you to collect donations quickly and effortlessly for charitable causes. Featuring multiple section on its homepage like a banner, introduction, causes section, donation link and call to action button, this theme offers an attractive landing page where you can showcase your charitable organization. It is also SEO-friendly with optimized codes, which make it easy for your site to rank on search engines. Goodwill Charity is optimized to load fast, is translation-ready, mobile-friendly and schema ready. Check the demo at https://rarathemes.com/previews/?theme=welfare-charity/, documentation at https://docs.rarathemes.com/docs/benevolent/ and get support at https://rarathemes.com/support-ticket/.

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