Urvanov Syntax Highlighter

Reincarnation of Crayon Syntax Highlighter. Syntax Highlighter supporting multiple languages, themes, fonts, highlighting from a…

Fedor Urvanov, Aram Kocharyan 3.000+ aktivne instalacije Ispitano sa 6.4.4 Ažurirano prije 3 tjedna

CodeMirror Blocks

CodeMirror Blocks is useful for tutorial site where display formatted (highlighted) code block. With support…

Vicky Agravat 2.000+ aktivne instalacije Ispitano sa 6.5.2 Ažurirano prije 1 tjedan


Allows Markdown to be enabled in posts, comments and bbPress forums.

Stephen Harris 1.000+ aktivne instalacije Ažurirano prije 6 godina

APH Prism Syntax Highlighter

Bringing Prism into WordPress easily. User-friendly GUI, support both classic editor and block editor. Support…

Agus Prawoto Hadi 100+ aktivne instalacije Ispitano sa 6.1.6 Ažurirano prije 1 godina

AH Code Highlighter

The easiest to use code highlighting ever. Choose between 8 different color themes to highlight…

Andreas Hecht 100+ aktivne instalacije Ispitano sa 5.0.0 Ažurirano prije 6 godina

iG:Syntax Hiliter

A plugin to easily present source code on your site with syntax highlighting and formatting…

Amit Gupta 80+ aktivne instalacije Ispitano sa 5.9.9 Ažurirano prije 2 godine

WordPress Code Snippet

This plugin will allow you to add code snippets to your pages/posts. This is great…

Allan Collins 40+ aktivne instalacije Ispitano sa 3.0.5 Ažurirano prije 14 godina

Better Code Editing

Adding CodeMirror functionality to the Plugin and Theme file editors, as well as the Customizer…

The WordPress Team 30+ aktivne instalacije Ispitano sa 4.9.25 Ažurirano prije 7 godina

Markdown Highlighter

A plugin to parse the markdown content from post then highlight it as syntax highlight.

Sohel Amin 20+ aktivne instalacije Ispitano sa 4.5.31 Ažurirano prije 8 godina

Smart Syntax

Automatic google prettify syntax highlighting for jetpack markdown fenced code blocks

Smartpixels 20+ aktivne instalacije Ispitano sa 4.6.28 Ažurirano prije 8 godina

Alkane Code

A TinyMCE code editor with Prism syntax highlighting.

Alkane Solutions Ltd 10+ aktivne instalacije Ispitano sa 6.0.8 Ažurirano prije 2 godine

APH Syntax Highlighter

Bringing SyntaxHighlighter 4 by Alex Gorbatchev into Wordpress easily. Easy to use with user-friendly GUI.…

Agus Prawoto Hadi 10+ aktivne instalacije Ispitano sa 4.7.28 Ažurirano prije 7 godina

Vaaky Highlighter

Simple yet elegant syntax or code highlighter based on highlight.js. It allows you to add…

Raunak Gupta 10+ aktivne instalacije Ispitano sa 6.4.4 Ažurirano prije 4 mjeseca