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Create your own chatbot, craft content and images, coordinate AI-related work using templates, enjoy swift title and excerpt recommendations, play with AI Copilot in the editor for faster work, track statistic and usage, and more! The AI Playground offers a range of AI tools, including translation, correction, SEO, suggestions, WooCommerce product fields, and others. There is also an internal API so other plugins can tap into its capabilities. We’ll be adding even more AI tools and features to the AI Engine based on your feedback.

Please make sure you read the disclaimer. For more tutorial and information, check the official website: AI Engine. Thank you!


  • OpenAI: GPT-4 Turbo, GPT-4 Vision, GPT-3.5 Turbo, GPT-3, etc…
  • OpenRouter: Claude, Gemini, Mistral, GPTs, etc…
  • Add easily an ChatGPT-like chatbot to your website
  • Generate fresh and engaging content for your site
  • Use the AI Copilot to help you tweak your content, build images, and more
  • Explore the AI Playground for a variety of tools (translation, correction, SEO, etc…)
  • Create templates for everything you do, to be more productive
  • Train your AI to make it better at specific tasks
  • Moderation AI for various tasks
  • Quickly brainstorm new titles and excerpts for your posts
  • Quickly write the WooCommerce product fields
  • Speech-to-Text with Whisper API
  • Embeddings to add more context to your chatbot based on your data
  • Keep track of your OpenAI usage with built-in statistics
  • Internal API for you to play with
  • And a lot more, just play with it! 💫


Are you interested in integrating AI-powered chat functionality to your website? Our chatbot can assist you with that! Although it appears simple, the possibilities are limitless, with a variety of parameters and concepts to explore. Visit our official documentation for more information.

Take your AI capabilities to the next level with finetuning and embeddings. By reusing your website’s content and other pertinent information, you can train your AI to better cater to your target audience. AI Engine makes this process simple and straightforward with its user-friendly interface. If you’d like to learn more about finetuning, check out our article: How to Train an AI Model.

AI Copilot

In the WordPress editor, hit space and type your question! AI Copilot offers many suggestions to help you think and write quickly. Use the wand symbol to fix your text, translate it, shorten or lengthen it, and find alternative words.

Generate Content & Images

Simply adjust the parameters to your preference, customize the prompts, and discover the results. You can save your parameters as templates for future use, generate content in bulk, and even produce images. The AI Playground also enables you to create your own custom use cases, such as swiftly acquiring recipes based on your refrigerator’s contents or quickly drafting restaurant reviews. With AI Engine, the possibilities are endless, and you can personalize the user interface to suit your needs.

Boost your WordPress with AI

AI Engine offers its own internal API that can be utilized by various plugins. For example, Media File Renamer leverages this API to suggest improved filenames for media files. Additionally, Social Engine, a plugin that facilitates post-sharing on social media platforms, can also benefit from AI Engine’s capabilities to create accompanying text.

My Dream for AI

I am thrilled about the endless opportunities that AI brings. But, at the same time, I can’t help but hope for a world where AI is used for good, and not just to dominate the web with generated content. My dream is to see AI being utilized to enhance our productivity, empower new voices to be heard (because let’s be real, not everyone is a native speaker or may have challenges when it comes to writing), and help us save time on tedious tasks so we can spend more precious moments with our loved ones and the world around us.

I will always advocate this, and I hope you do too 💕

Open AI

The AI Engine utilizes the API from OpenAI. This plugin does not gather any information from your OpenAI account except for the number of tokens utilized. The data transmitted to the OpenAI servers primarily consists of the content of your article and the context you specify. The usage shown in the plugin’s settings is just for reference. It is important to check your usage on the OpenAI website for accurate information. Please also review their Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for further information.


AI Engine is a plugin that helps users connect their websites to AI services like OpenAI’s ChatGPT or Microsoft Azure. Users need their own API key and must follow the rules set by the AI service they choose. By using AI Engine, users agree to watch and manage the content made by the AI and handle any problems or misuse. The developer of AI Engine and related parties are not responsible for any issues or losses caused by using the plugin or AI-generated content. Users should talk to a legal expert and follow the laws in their area. The full disclaimer is here.


Please be aware that there may be conflicts with certain caching or performance plugins, such as SiteGround Optimizer and Ninja Firewall. To prevent any issues, ensure that the AI Engine is excluded from these plugins.


  1. Create an account at OpenAI.
  2. Create an API key and insert in the plugin settings (Meow Apps -> AI Engine).
  3. Enjoy the features of AI Engine!
  4. … and always keep an eye on your OpenAI usage!

Languages: English.

Snimke zaslona


21. veljače 2024.
There is really little to add to the title of this review other than to congratulate the Developer Mr. Jordy Meow. As mentioned in the title of this review, the AI Engine WordPress plugin is really well designed and coded, it also turns out to be very streamlined, lightweight and packed with lots of features and most importantly it works perfectly (mind you, do not confuse the errors that can be caused by an incompatibility with obsolete versions of PHP, because using the updated versions of PHP and supported by this plugin, although I have been using this plugin for a long time, I have not yet encountered any errors in this plugin).Basically, with AI Engine, this simple but very powerful WordPress plugin, you can fully automate many aspects of your WordPress developed websites through the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) with lots of features that are all very useful and all for you to discover. Oh I forgot… it is virtually completely free but there is also a paid Professional version available (optionally) that adds, for those who need it, support for: AI FormsDesign dynamic forms for interactive AI-generated responses. EmbeddingsManually or dynamically build a knowledge index for AI to reference in responses. Content-AwareEnhance chatbots with the ability to understand and interact with page content. Statistics & LimitsMonitor requests, access statistics, and set usage limits and conditions. Assistants (GPTs)Create advanced AI assistants for diverse and efficient task handling. Much more to come…Expect more innovative features in future updates. To finish I still give my compliments to the Developer Mr. Jordy Meow and I can only recommend you to try it because it is really an Excellent plugin for WordPress and I am very proud to have completely translated it into Italian! Greetings and have a nice day.
21. veljače 2024.
This is an incredible plugin that I've been using for a little while now - I've created multiple chat bots on my site and some are only available to logged in users which is such a value add for my clients. If you're interested in AI then definitely check this out.
18. veljače 2024.
I tried a few different AI plugins, but this is hands down the best ChatGPT plugin I was able to find! It is so thoughtfully made. The amount of content it used to take me months or years to put together, now I can do it in a weekend. I have literally created 5 entire websites with tons and tons of pages in each since I got this. My family and in-laws think I am a super man. I had so many dreams in my head, and I can finally fulfill them all and educate the world about some really important things. Once you figure out how to master the prompts in the bulk generate feature, you can basically be a limitless human being. If you want longer responses, increase the tokens to 3960 on that page; but I do wish I could generate even longer responses. Also, I think the default prompt in the Excerpt field should say "40 to 55 words" instead of "40 to 60 characters"; probably a typo, but an easy fix. I will forever bless you Jordy Meow! Amazing work. I can't even imagine how many lives you will change with this plugin, perhaps for generations.
18. veljače 2024. 2 odgovora
Not for the beginner. Run up costs without knowing as the plugin is free but won't work without a valid OpenAI subscription, and that service charges you. Couldn't get Chatbot to work despite multiple attempts. Constantly saying used up quota...even from the beginning when I only said 'Hi'...
17. veljače 2024.
Even this plugin is for Wordpress, it can be used for training a new model over OpenAI GPT 3.5. You can do it free with embeddings and creating datasets. The best part is that it's as easy as filling fields, connecting your GPT API and push a button for uploading and then train a model. Also the direct integration with Wordpress in every place. What it can be improved is to show the OpenAi error messages directly in the plugin, as when you are pushing the info to the model, you have to take a look in the Browser Console and if you don't have the right level it can take you time to find it. Also it would be great to use more models like Claude, Bard. But I'm pretty sure that this will be on next versions.Can't wait to find out what the PRO version can give with embeddings. Thank you for such a great saving time tool
16. veljače 2024.
The AI Engine works great with OpenAI Assistants. Really easy to configure and setup.
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Dnevnik promjena

2.1.9 (2024/02/08)

  • Fix: Resolved an issue with additional_instructions.
  • Add: Support for set_instructions in queries used by assistants.
  • Update: Reviewed and updated default parameters for embeddings search.

2.1.7 (2024/02/04)

  • Add: Enhanced embeddings handling, including fixes, automatic EnvID mismatch resolution, and support for new models.
  • Add: Implemented additional_instructions for contextual guidance in assistants and memory for default EnvID.
  • Fix: Corrected issues with image downloading from URLs and Local Download functionality.
  • Update: Streamlined embeddings environment with support for context and updates to models and vectors table.
  • 🚀 Click here to vote for the features you want the most!
  • 🎵 Discuss with other users about features and issues on my Discord.
  • 🌴 Keep us motivated with a little review here. Thank you!

2.1.6 (2024/01/20)

  • Update: Pinecone servers.
  • Update: Simple API was refactored to be more consistent, and to work with such services as
  • Fix: Remove the mwai_files_cleanup event on uninstall.

2.1.5 (2024/01/14)

  • Fix: Avoid a few PHP notices and warnings.
  • Fix: Avoid a few security issues.
  • Add: Files for vision, DALL-E, Assistants (and others) are stored gracefully along with their metadata.
  • Add: Support for charts, images, or files generated by Assistants.
  • Add: Support for adding files to Assistants from the chatbot.