Leverage your conversion rates by integrating the booking form directly in your WordPress pages. Customers will never have to leave your website for booking an appointment. Take advantage of the scheduling power of Easy!Appointment which will run smoothly with your WordPress installation. Include the booking form in your pages with the [easyappointments] shortcode.

Minimalni zahtjevi: WordPress v5.0 & amp; PHP v5.6

Jednostavno Easy!Appointments s WordPressom

Install and activate the plugin and navigate to Easy!Appointments menu of the WordPress admin section. Connect to an existing Easy!Appointments installation by providing the preferred URL in the page form. Once a connection is established you’ll be able to include the booking form in your pages.

Uključite rezervaciju u svoje stranice

WordPress supports the use of custom shortcodes which allows plugins to insert custom content into pages. This plugin takes advantage of this functionality and creates an iframe that displays the booking form of Easy!Appointments. Include the [easyappointments] shortcode in the correct place of your published contents as shown in the following example.

[easyappointments width="100%" height="500px" style="border: 5px solid #1A865F; box-shadow: #454545 1px 1px 5px;"]

Atributi “width”, “height” i “style” nisu obavezni, ali vam mogu pomoći da fino prilagodite stil iframea.

Osim toga, možete upotrijebiti atribute kratkog koda “pružatelj” i “usluga” za unaprijed odabranog pružatelja usluge ili usluge ili oboje na određenoj stranici (npr. [easyappointments provider = "2" service = "1"] , gdje su “2” i “1” ID zapisa, oni se mogu dohvatiti iz pozadinskog odjeljka Easy! Appointments, na stranici korisnika i usluga klikom na odgovarajuću vezu zapisa).

Find out more about Easy!Appointments at https://easyappointments.org/wordpress

Snimke zaslona

  • Integracija obrasca za rezervaciju u prikaz mobilnog uređaja.
  • Integracija obrasca za rezervaciju u okvir za prikaz na radnoj površini.
  • Admin stranica plug-ina
  • Plugin information modals.


Install and activate the plugin and navigate to Easy!Appointments menu of the WordPress admin section. Create a new Easy!Appointments installation or connect to an existing one by providing the preferred URL and destination path in the page form. Once a connection is established you’ll be able to include the booking form in your pages.

Nakon uspješne veze možete koristiti [easyappointments] kratki kôd u svojim postovima ili stranicama. Ovaj kratki kôd prikazat će obrazac za rezervaciju termina Easy!Appointments, a klijenti će moći rezervirati termine bez napuštanja vaše web stranice.


Easy!Appointments zadani jezik ne odgovara jeziku moje web stranice?

Možete promijeniti zadani jezik Easy! Appointments uređivanjem config.php vaše instalacije.

Gdje mogu dobiti dodatnu pomoć?

If you encounter issues, but you do not know what to do visit the official Easy!Appointments support group where active users help each other solve their problems.



10. travnja 2018.
I originally reviewed this at 1-star because it was totally non-functional. I determined the problem was an older PHP version active on website. After updating PHP to version 7.1 calendar was functional. That was my mistake, as I over-looked the error message on screen. Updated Review: Calendar is great IF there are no modifications to either service price, services offered, or time/date worker is available. If any object changes, the database automatically reverts to its original configuration and new data is replaced with older data. The only way to use the new data, is to delete the connection, for that worker (depending on change, you may need to delete all workers), delete the old information you want to update, create new data and new connection. This is a database managing nightmare and too time-consuming to be user friendly. If I want to change a workers time or day of week, I should not have to delete the entire connection to start it from scratch. If I want to change the price for all workers, I should not have to delete all worker connections to rebuild database. It should automatically update to the new information, not revert to old data. Without these database connectivity problems, I would have rated it at least 4-stars. Because these problems are severe enough, I am unable to effectively use this plug-in and rating it at 2-stars.
06. veljače 2018.
Great plugin! Free! Contains multiple languages. I strongly recommend! Version 4.9.3 works great.
29. prosinca 2017.
Extremely useful and pretty easy to customize ( with a bit of php ). Too bad it’s being abandoned. Was beyond everything i tried in the store. Still working good with my current version of WP ( 4.9.1 ) so heartily recommending it.
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Suradnici i Programeri

“Easy!Appointments” je softver otvorenog koda. Sljedeće osobe su doprinijele ovom dodatku.


“Easy!Appointments” je prijeveden na 3 dijalekta. Zahvala prevodiocima za njihov doprinos.

Prevedite “Easy!Appointments” na svoj jezik.

Zainteresirani ste za razvoj?

Pregledajte kôd, pogledajte SVN spremišteili se pretplatite na dnevnik razvoja od RSS.

Dnevnik promjena


  • Add capabilities check to the plugin requests


  • Support for up to WordPress 6.5.5.
  • Remove installation functionality.
  • Move the menu item in WP admin to root level, so that it becomes easier to find.
  • Update screenshots.


  • Support for WordPress 6.5.2.
  • Add additional security check on instance removal.
  • Add Russian translations to the plugin (by @krotesk).


  • Support for WordPress 6.4.3.
  • Fixed XSS issue with shortcode.


  • Podrška za WordPress 5.6.
  • Podrška za Easy!Appointments 1.4
  • Riješen je problem s novim instalacijama programa Easy!Appointments.
  • Riješen je problem s nedostajanjem JavaScript datoteke na javnim stranicama.


  • Podrška za WordPress 5.5.
  • Prilagodbe baze podataka koda.
  • Dodana podrška za atribute kratkog koda “davatelja usluga” i “usluge”.


  • Podrška za WordPress 5.x.


  • Instalacija neće pokušati stvoriti novi direktorij (izbjegavajući probleme s dozvolama).
  • Dodani su minificirani elementi (JS & CSS).
  • Poboljšani odjeljak korisničkog sučelja administratora.


  • Početno izdanje u spremištima dodataka WordPress.
  • Operacije instaliranja, povezivanja, prekidanja veze, provjere i kratkog koda.
  • Isporučuje se s Easy! Appointments v1.1.1