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Over 10,000 companies of all sizes use Gobot to automatically generate qualified leads, answer customer questions, help visitors find the perfect product/service, collect customer feedback, send personalized emails, schedule appointments, and much more – no programming skills needed.

There have been millions of questions answered, leads generated, and meetings booked by Gobot.

Gobot helps you grow your sales, automatically answer customer questions, get more email subscribers, book meetings, and more by engaging your website visitors at just the right time and place!

Use one of our 100+ popular bot templates or easily create your own bot using our drag n’ drop bot builder – no programming skills needed! Gobot’s integration with WordPress means you will be up and running in under a minute.

Visitors who chat with a Gobot conversational shopping bot are far more likely to make a purchase online than those who don’t.

Help shoppers find the perfect product, quickly grow your email list, boost your conversion rate, and automatically book qualified meetings, all in real time, with a virtual sales assistant that generates new opportunities 24/7.

Instantly answer questions, reduce ticket volume, and boost customer satisfaction.

Increase customer satisfaction by automatically answering customer’s common questions.

Instantly identify & respond to new questions, or automatically hand-off to your existing support tool as needed.

Gather actionable feedback & data with conversational chatbot forms and surveys.

Transform feedback & data collection into a real-time, conversational experience. Ask the right questions at the right time, and automatically ask personalized, intelligent follow-up questions.

How does Gobot work?

Pick from 100+ pre-built plug n’ play bot templates or use Gobot’s intuitive and simple drag n’ drop builder to easily build chatbots that match your store’s style. Click Publish and your bot appears on your site and engages your visitors! Your bot can be up and running in under a minute.

Match colors, add your logo, set the position, and change to your native language.

Easily connect Gobot to your existing help desk, CRM, live chat tool, email marketing tool, and much more.

Analyze your bot’s chats, visualize where people are dropping off, view email conversion rate, download a CSV of collected user responses, study survey results, and much more.

Advanced Page Level Targeting and Behavior Personalization

Gobot allows you to create a highly targeted message based on the specific page or traffic referral source your visitor followed to arrive at your site. This allows you to segment your email list and group your subscribers based on their interest and interaction with your website.

Segmentation allows you to send relevant emails to your subscribers to achieve higher open rates, higher click through rates, increased sales and revenue, greater customer retention, and a lower unsubscribe rate.

Gobot can also be triggered when your visitors scroll to a particular spot on your website or at the precise moment your visitors are about to leave. This allows you to re-engage visitors and encourage subscription.

Full Features List:

  • 100+ bot templates (responsive & mobile-friendly)
  • Automatically answer customer questions & create a knowledge base
  • Built-in email marketing & automation features
  • Use webhooks to send collected data to any tool you use
  • Poll functionality for polling your visitors
  • 0-10 Surveys for gauging level of satisfaction with your site
  • Form functionality with CSV output to spreadsheets
  • Calendar functionality for scheduling calls and meetings
  • Social buttons for promoting shares/likes/follows
  • Powerful page level targeting to build a hyper-segmented email list
  • Custom analytics to tell you which bots are converting the best
  • Exit sensitive triggered bots for converting abandoning website visitors into subscribers and customers
  • Scroll-triggered & geographic location-specific bots for enhanced conversion rates
  • Timed bots – display opt-ins after a certain time or on second pageview
  • Automatically tag particular visitors for follow-up
  • Easy integration with popular email marketing service providers
  • Color & style match your brand

Join 10,000+ other companies and add Gobot to your store today. Start automatically answering customer questions, generating qualified leads, helping shoppers find the perfect product, collecting customer feedback, sending personalized emails, scheduling appointments, and much more – no programming skills needed.

Gobot is a trademark of Gobot LLC.

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  1. Login to your WordPress.org website (you will see the admin panel in the left hand side of the screen).
  2. Click on Plugins > Add new in the admin panel of the WordPress admin page.
  3. Search for Gobot in the plugin repository by typing “Gobot” in the search field to the right of “Keywords”, and then click on the Install Now button in the Gobot search result.
  4. The Install Now button will change into a Activate button – click on the Activate button (you should now see Gobot added to your admin panel).
  5. Click on Gobot in your admin panel, which will reveal your Gobot Options. Click on the Connect your Gobot Account button.
  6. Enter the requested information in the Gobot signup or login page.

This completes the process. At this point you can go to getgobot.com and login to your account to create bots for your WordPress site. Congrats!


For answers to all frequently asked questions, please check the Gobot Knowledge Base

Who Should Use Gobot?

Everyone with a website! Gobot is undoubtebly the best lead generation and site growing software solution for bloggers, internet marketers, E-Commerce store owners, developers and every kind of website owner. If you want to get more email subscribers, boost social traffic, increase engagement and grow your sales, Gobot is your new best friend.

Do I Need To Be Able To Code?

Nope! You can create and customize high converting Gobots using our drag n\’ drop interface without any coding knowledge. We made Gobot super user friendly so that you don\’t need help from a developer. Unless, of course, you are a developer.


19. svibnja 2020.
It’s an easy to use system and we managed to create a bot for our website in a day. Customers started using it immediately to book appointments.
12. svibnja 2020.
I hope that I will be able to migrate to V2 while keeping the setting of my first bot!
28. studenoga 2019.
Easy to build a chatbot.
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  • Tested on WordPress 5.4