M Chart


Allows you to manage data sets via a spreadsheet interface and present that data in chart form via the Chart.js or Highcharts chart libraries. The charts can then be embedded into a regular post via a handy shortcode.

Note: Starting with version 1.7 Highcharts is no longer included with this plugin by default. If you’d still like to use the features that require Higcharts please install the M Chart Highcharts Library plugin before installing this update.

For full documentation please see the Wiki.

To contribute, report issues, or make feature requests use Github.

Snimke zaslona

  • M Chart UI
  • M Chart Settings


  1. Put the m-chart directory into your plugins directory
  2. Click ‘Activate’ in the Plugins admin panel
  3. Adjust the M Chart Settings to your preference
    • WordPress Admin -> Charts -> Settings


29. listopada 2018.
Hello, great plugin! But, please, FIX IT: 1. See file m-chart\components\class-m-chart-admin.php at line 309 replace $this->version with m_chart()->version 2. See file m-chart\components\class-m-chart-chartjs.php at line 136 ADD CODE: if (isset($chart_args['data']['datasets'])) { ... } 3. See file m-chart\components\class-m-chart-admin.php at line 295 replace $post_id = (int) $_GET[‘post’]; with $post_id = isset($_GET[‘post’]) ? (int) $_GET[‘post’] : ”;
04. kolovoza 2018.
In version 1.7 dependencies are changed without any warning on WordPress dashboard. After upgrade my charts dissapeared for a couple of hours. Even worse: I've either to change plugin or pay 430$. Errata: author explained me the reasons so I've changed the review.
08. prosinca 2017.
Thank you for such a simple and productive plugin.
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“M Chart” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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Dnevnik promjena


  • Fixed an dissue in WP 5.5 where jQuery sometimes wasn’t available in time for embedded charts


  • Fixed some minor style issues in WordPress 5.5
  • Fixed some issues with the admin Javascript when the plugin is used in WordPress 5.5
  • Updated Chart.js to the latest stable version (2.7.3)


  • Changed the priority of the template_redirect filter hook call so that m_chart()->is_iframe get’s set earlier


  • Fixed an issue that caused a few PHP warnings on the Charts page of the admin panel


  • Fixed an issue that caused a PHP warning about a non-numeric value in class-wp-rewrite.php


  • A few PHP notice fixes
  • Updated Chart.js to the latest stable version (2.7.3)
  • Updated Handsontable to the latest stable version (6.2.1)


  • Added an additional check for the post id value in the edit interface
  • Added an additional check for datasets data in the Chart.js code when adding colors
  • Fixed an incorrect reference to the plugin version


  • Improved data handling for non pie charts (when using Chart.js)
  • Moved chart type tracking from the post_tag taxonomy to a specific m-chart-library taxonomy
  • Updated Handsontable to the latest stable version (5.0.2)
  • Fixed an issue where the get_chart method would still try to load the template file for an invalid or non active chart type
    • Also better handling in general when a chart requires the Highcharts library and it is either not installed or inactive
  • Fixed an issue where Chart.js sometimes wasn’t enqueued because of an erroneous dependency


  • Fixed an issue where charts couldn’t be saved if the data didn’t yet include labels that M Chart could find (when using Chart.js)


  • Added styles for the Dark Mode plugin
  • Fixed an issue where new charts couldn’t be saved after making changes when there was an empty data set (when using Chart.js)


  • Fixed an issue that could prevent new charts from being created when using Highcharts


  • Updated Handsontable to the latest stable version (5.0.0)
  • Major restructuring changes to meet WordPress Plugins directory requirements
    • Switched default graphing library to Chart.js (2.7.2)
      • Chart.js is more limited in functionality than Highcharts and the features of the core plugin are scaled back to reflect this
        • Chart types are reduced and customizability is limited
    • Removed Highcharts completely from the core plugin
      • To continue using Highcharts install the M Chart Highcharts Library plugin
        • This plugin reinstates ALL of the previous functionality found in M Chart


  • Reworked the iframe embed code so differences in themes shouldn’t cause issues anymore


  • Simplified Chinese (zh_CN) translation corrections
  • Fixed an issue with PHP 7.1+ installs


  • Fixed an issue where the placeholder image was used when a valid image existed


  • Added support for scatter and bubble charts
  • Charts can now be loaded via iframes (this enables remote embedding among other things)
  • Line, spline and area charts can now use shared tool tips
  • Added language settings to allow things like setting the thousands seperator and decimal symbols
  • Switched to internal array_merge method in the theme code so we can recursively merge settings
  • Tweaked the theme code a bit so we can support older versions of PHP
  • Filtering the_content to now return chart code when appropriate
  • Updated Highcharts to the latest stable version (5.0.7)
  • Updated Handsontable to the latest stable version (0.31)


  • Fix for image performance options which would disable form submission in some situations


  • Fix for image generation due to changes in Highcharts 5.0


  • Added support for the AMP plugin
  • Shortcode can now output a HTML table instead of a chart
  • Updated Handsontable to the latest stable version (0.29)
  • Updated Highcharts to the latest stable version (5.0.2)
  • Tweaked how taxonomies are assigned so we don’t unintentionally inherit them from other plugins


  • You can now display the same chart more than once on a single page



  • Fixed an issue where a notice error could occur when saving a chart


  • Upped the chart height limit to 1500px
  • Fixed an issue where notice errors were causing syntax errors in the Javascript when PHP errors are sent to screen


  • Added a subtitle field which is used in the Highcharts subtitle attribute
  • Noting that PHP >= 5.3.6 is required in the readme
  • Also checking manage_options permission when saving settings
  • Added a Simplified Chinese (zh_CN) translation
  • The Color Blind Safe theme is now based on a palette by Martin Krzywinski


  • Now using manage_options permissions for the settings panel


  • Added themes
    • Default themes:
      • Highcharts 4.x (Default)
      • Color Blind Safe
      • Highcharts 3.x
      • Highcharts 2.x
  • Added a settings panel
    • Turn off/on image generation and/or instant chart previews
    • Set default Highcharts theme
  • Added full language support
    • Now we just needs some translations
  • Simplified the admin panel CSS a bit
  • Fixed a display issue with the spreadsheet interface
  • Fixed a bug where the Source URL wasn’t making into the charts
  • Updated Handsontable to the latest stable version (0.24.1)
  • Updated Highcharts to the latest stable version (4.2.1)


  • Updated Highcharts to the latest stable version (4.2.0) this fixes an issue where bar charts could cause an Uncaught TypeError in some WP themes


  • Updated Handsontable to the latest stable version (0.15.1) this fixes a copy/paste issue in the spreadsheet for some browsers


  • Fixed an issue where the Highcharts options where sometimes being set before Highcharts was available


  • Fixed an issue where subsequent charts on the same page inherited the data from the previous chart


  • Fixed a bug where data sets with only one row/column of data that also had only one row/column of labels would fail to display in chart types other than pie



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