Media Cleaner: Clean your WordPress!


Media Cleaner is a powerful plugin that helps you clean up your WordPress media library by deleting unused media entries and files, as well as fixing broken entries. With an internal trash feature, you can preview and confirm changes before permanently deleting anything. Plus, Media Cleaner uses smart analysis to ensure compatibility with specific plugins and themes.

Use it alongside Database Cleaner for the ultimate clean-up experience.

Media Cleaner is like a ninja assassin for your Media Library – it’ll stealthily take out all the unnecessary media and broken entries that are cluttering up the place. Just make sure you have a solid backup plan in place before you let this bad boy loose.

To learn more about compatibility, features, and the Pro version, check out the tutorial on the official website.


This plugin is compatible with all media types, including retina and WebP versions. It has been tested on a wide range of WordPress versions, including the latest version with Gutenberg, as well as on various themes with a large community of users. It also supports WooCommerce. For users with more complex plugins for handling website content, the Pro version may be necessary for optimal compatibility. We are constantly working to increase compatibility with other plugins.


Media Cleaner Pro adds extra features to the free version of Media Cleaner:

  • Filesystem Analysis: Scans your physical /uploads directory and matches it against the Media Library.
  • Extra support for complex plugins, such as ACF, Metabox, Divi Builder, Fusion Builder (Avada), WPBakery Page Builder, Visual Composer, Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy Builder, Oxygen Builder, Slider Revolution, Justified Image Grid, Avia Framework, and many more!
  • Live Site Scan: Analyzes the online version of your website, potentially improving accuracy in some cases.
  • WP-CLI support: Allows you to run the plugin at a higher speed or automatically with direct server access (via SSH).

Snimke zaslona

  • Media -> Media Cleaner


  1. Upload the plugin to WordPress.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Meow Apps -> Cleaner in the sidebar and check the appropriate options.
  4. Go to Media -> Cleaner.


11. lipnja 2024. 1 odgovor
This plugin is full of little popups begging you not to give it a bad review if it just happens to not be very good at what it’s supposed to do. Well sorry guys, but this is a terrible plugin. It’s a nice idea to scan media you’re using and media you’re not and delete the latter, but the problem is there are so many ways you can be using media that it’s just not sensitive to, and so it’s a hard to imaging a single site where it won’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, with disastrous effects, deleting lots of media that you’re using or linking to. For example, it deletes PDFs links via custom fields. It deletes images when they are the background of an element. Of course you need to backup before you use it – and it rightly warns you to do so – but you shouldn’t have to assume a plugin will destroy your site and be making plans for when it inevitably does. Backups are meant for emergencies. The work involved in fixing a site afterwards is intense.
10. lipnja 2024.
Pretty easy to use. Gives a preview of images to delete so one can doublecheck it.
06. lipnja 2024. 1 odgovor
Love these great plugins and how they help me accomplish tasks that would otherwise take endless hours. Thank you!
05. lipnja 2024.
Not much to add to the title. I would point out that you should check every item before deletion and it does present some images that are being used. For me there were two, on a large site, so not bad. In any case, you should always check on any programme. Recommended.
29. svibnja 2024.
Hi, This plugin seems to fulfill its primary function of deleting images in batch mode. However, many users don’t fully grasp the significance of this plugin. It’s not as simple as hitting a button to magically erase all unused images—this is not how it works! You must verify if the suggestions are accurate. I have numerous “unattached” images in my media library, many of which are still in use, depending on the theme, plugins, and custom developments. I know people often don’t read warnings or suggestions. Everyone wants things to be fast, free, and perfect for their unique situation. Perhaps users would have a different perception if the title image didn’t suggest it was a child’s game or a happy little tool. Don’t get me wrong—I like it, but it conveys the opposite of the intended meaning. Keep up the good work. Best regards,Mikkel
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Dnevnik promjena

6.7.6 (2024/06/05)

  • Update: Better References section.
  • Add: Support for Bricks Builder.
  • Update: Refreshed the UI, updated to the latest common librairies.

6.7.5 (2024/05/24)

  • Fix: Logging system.
  • Info: We are working hard on Media Cleaner. If you want to share some love, write a simple and nice review here. Thank you so much! 💖

6.7.4 (2024/04/27)

  • Update: Updated description for OB cleaning to enhance clarity.
  • Add: Support for Breakdance Builder, extending compatibility.
  • Update: Added shortcode checking for Oxygen Builder.
  • Fix: Updated readme file to comply with the latest WordPress guidelines.

6.7.3 (2024/03/01)

  • Update: Better translations.
  • Update: Safer logs system.

6.7.2 (2024/02/02)

  • Add: “Create Batch” feature for Filesystem scans, streamlining the scanning process.
  • Add: “Delete Permanently” option in trash tab for targeted item management.
  • Add: Tooltip for repair mode to enhance user understanding and interaction.
  • Fix: Option to disable OB Cleaning.
  • Fix: Corrected dashboard media link functionality for subdirectories.
  • Fix: Resolved issues with backslash replacement on multiple occurrences for more accurate processing.

6.7.0 (2024/01/13)

  • Add: New ‘check-live’ argument for WP-CLI.
  • Add: Import and Export of the settings.

6.6.9 (2023/12/05)

  • Add: Expert Mode for advanced users.

6.6.8 (2023/11/18)

  • Add: Support for ACF File Field based on IDs.
  • Add: Repair Mode for Filesystem Scan (use this carefully, still in beta).
  • Update: Much better “References” section in the Dashboard, with additional filters.
  • Update: Various additional enhancements, maybe you’ll notice! 😊
  • Add: Support for Academy LMS.

6.6.7 (2023/09/21)

  • Update: Enhanced the get_references_for_post_id function.
  • Update: Code cleaning.

6.6.6 (2023/09/14)

  • Add: The get_reference_for_media_id and get_references_for_post_id functions are now accessible through the global $wpmc_core variable. Those functions will return where a specific media entry is used, or which media entries are used in a specific post.

6.6.5 (2023/07/25)

  • Update: Better checkboxes.
  • Update: Link to the posts in the References section.
  • Add: Support for Mailpoet.

6.6.4 (2023/05/30)

  • Update: Improved the UI and its elements.

6.6.3 (2023/04/09)

  • Add: New filter to see the found references. This will improve a lot.
  • Fix: Tiny fixes, retrieved the main dashboard, and lighter bundles.
  • Info: The new version of WordPress (6.2) came with what is seemingly a bug with the $wpdb->prepare. There are workaround, and I fixed an issue I was aware of. If you find any others, please kindly report it here.

6.6.0 (2023/02/21)

Fix: Avoid certain errors related to ACF and fields which were created with former versions.

6.5.8 (2023/02/09) =
* Update: Slightly cleaner UI (and it will get better and better).
* Update: Better support for Avada.

6.5.7 (2023/02/01)

  • Fix: Little issue with the nekoFetch.
  • Add: Timer on the Scan button.

6.5.6 (2023/01/30)

  • Update: Optimization and better handling of Divi.

6.5.5 (2023/01/09)

  • Add: Support for Uncode Theme.
  • Add: Reset settings button.
  • Update: Smaller package, better performance.