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Press This je mali alat koji vam omogućuje da uhvatite male dijelove weba i da vrlo jednostavno kreirate nove objave.
Čak će vam omogućiti izbor između slika ili videa koji se nalaze na stranici koje možete upotrijebiti u objavi.
Upotrijebite Press This kao brzi i lagani način za izdvajanje druge web-stranice na webu.


Greške i PR (prijave grešaka) mogu biti poslane putem .


WordPress, from the earliest days, included some way to bring in snippets from other websites for you to post on your own.

The original “Press It” was removed from WordPress 2.5 and a new “Press This” added in 2.6. It existed pretty much unchanged until WordPress 4.2, which completely refreshed Press This.

In WordPress 4.9, Press This was spun out to a “canonical plugin” — an official plugin from so sites who wanted to use it could, but streamline more niche functionality out of Core. This was previously done with the Importers.

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16. siječnja 2022.
Works totally great. It takes some configuration to get it working but it works flawlessly.
29. listopada 2021.
If you don't have the scriptlet bookmarked already this plugin is WORTHLESS because there is literally NO PLACE to get the code for the bookmark ANYWHERE.
12. prosinca 2018.
The only suggestion I'd make is to add a few options, like whether to embed the link as the text of the title or as the actual url. The latter is handy for making printouts usable by not concealing the url. In other words: <a href="http://blah">title of blah</a> vs <a href="http://blah">http://blah</a>
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“Press This” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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Dnevnik promjena


  • Corrects an issue with the packaging of the plugin for SVN.


  • Restores the bookmarklet functionality previously found in WordPress 4.8 and prior verions.


  • Initial release as a plugin. Previously part of WordPress itself.