Simple:Press – WordPress Forum Plugin


Important upgrade notes
Updating from 5.x to 6.x should be done manually! See this document for details.
Updating from 6.1.x or 6.2.x to 6.3.x will require new versions of your add-ons so please make sure you update those after updating to 6.3.x.

Feature Summary

Simple:Press brings enterprise class forum capabilities to your WordPress site. It makes it easy to get your forum started with additional powerful features available as you need them.

Built for performance with custom tables, it is tightly integrated into WordPress’s user and security model and can easily scale up to thousands of users.

Unlike other Forum plugins, all of Simple:Press’s features are built and supported by one organization – no need to contact multiple vendors when you need support for a feature!

And Simple:Press has hundreds of features! Between the free functions and premium add-ons we likely have just about every feature you might need.

From multi-level forum structures to post threading and private messages, chances are that if you need a feature we have already built it. 13+ years of development has exposed us to all kinds of customer requirements and has helped us build a rock-solid product!

Need to build a member focused site with or without paid subscriptions? We have you covered there too with deep integration into our Member Manager and Member Subscriptions plugins!

Go premium! A premium bundle of our add-ons will super-charge your forum! Simple-Press Forum Pricing Options!

What does the Simple:Press Forums plugin do?

Maybe the better question should be – what doesn’t it do when it comes to discussion forums? Here are just some of the features that are included!


  • Unlimited Forums
  • Forum Groups
  • Sub-forums to any level
  • Private and public forums
  • Custom icons for each forum
  • Lock forums
  • Pin forums
  • Always-on forum messages

User Management and Features

  • Powerful user group and permission system
  • Restrict user access to wp-admin
  • Custom avatars

Post Management

  • Unread post handling
  • Post moderation


  • Comprehensive administration options and settings
  • Merge forums
  • Flood control


  • Fully integrated with WordPress registrations and logins
  • Supports standard and multi-site versions of WordPress
  • Complete uninstall/removal option
  • Integrates with our Member Manager plugin
  • Integrates with our Member Subscriptions plugin

Ranking and Gamification

  • Specify ranks based on the number of posts
  • Upgrade user group membership as users progress through their ranks
  • Assign special ranks to individual users that override the standard ranks
  • Assign custom badges to each rank


  • Customizable forum slug
  • Featured forum images used by the Open Graph meta tag
  • Multiple options for the browser display and title

Login and Registration

  • Use the standard WP login and registration screens
  • Use alternate custom login and registration screens (such as those from membership and ecommerce plugins)
  • Specify custom redirect pages after login and registration


  • Fully theme and template driven
  • Choose from a selection of free and premium themes
  • Custom CSS overrides
  • Integrated icons and iconsets

General and Misc

  • Extensive help
  • Help text on every admin element
  • Smileys and custom smiley files
  • Global custom messages for certain events

Premium Extensions

With our premium extensions you can take your forum to the next level. From integrated analytics with beautiful charts to push notifications via sms and email, we have just about everything you might need to run a successful forum!

You can get all of our extensions in one of three bundles – check out your options at


  • Analytics (Colorful charts with data about your forum)
  • Ads (Sophisticated advertising engine inside the forum)
  • Private messaging system
  • Push Notifications via SMS, Pushover and PushBullet
  • WooCommerce dashboard integration
  • Reputation System
  • Topic Subscriptions (with email notifications)
  • Warnings and Suspensions
  • Custom user profile fields
  • Answers Topics
  • Post ratings
  • Post by email
  • Topic Status
  • Polls
  • Image, media and file uploader
  • Blog post linking
  • TinyMCE Editor
  • Threading
  • Template tags and widgets
  • BuddyPress Integration
  • Share This
  • Search
  • Admin Bar
  • Post preview
  • Mentions
  • Watches
  • Tags
  • XML Sitemap
  • MYCred Integration
  • HTML Emails
  • Private posts
  • Achievements Integration
  • Cubepoints Integration
  • BBCode Editor
  • HTML Editor
  • Post Thanks
  • Captcha
  • Uploads Viewer
  • Post Ask
  • Search by user
  • Profanity Filter
  • Auto linking
  • Add user Identities
  • Keywords
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Hide Posters
  • Ban
  • Gravatar Cache
  • Who’s Online
  • Post Anonymously
  • Print topic
  • Membership Subscriber
  • Language and theme selection
  • Report post
  • Font resizer
  • Unanswered Topics
  • Birthdays
  • Rank Information
  • Topic Description
  • Topic Expired
  • Topic Redirect
  • Topic ID Permalinks*
  • Policy Documents
  • Slack Integration
  • Post in multiple forums
  • Remove spam registrations
  • Event logger
  • Featured Topics and Posts
  • Maintenance
  • Profile Display Control
  • Prune Database
  • Moderation Email
  • Timezone on Registration

Premium Bundles
Purchase one of our bundles to get premium support directly from us
View Pricing Options

Simple:Press was built to be compatible with most themes, both free and commercial.


Simple:Press is available in a variety of languages and volunteers and customers are always adding more! Portions of the plugin have been translated into 20+ languages by our users and volunteers. These include German, Portuguese(BR), Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Persian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish and more!
View our translation site


Our core developers are:

  • Andy Staines
  • Steve Klasen
  • Muhammad Tahir Nazir


  • Main front-end screen using our REBOOT theme
  • Main admin forum screen
  • Dashboard with premium statistics module
  • Drop-downs of icons that admins can select for forums
  • Main permissions definition screen
  • An example of an admin screen
  • Housekeeping and maintenance screen
  • View of left menu with some add-ons enabled


Using The WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Search for ‘Simple Press’
  3. Click ‘Install Now’
  4. Activate the plugin on the Plugin dashboard

Uploading in WordPress Dashboard

  1. Download from this page
  2. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
  3. Navigate to the ‘Upload’ area
  4. Select from your computer
  5. Click ‘Install Now’
  6. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard

Using FTP

  1. Download from this page
  2. Extract the simplepress directory to your computer
  3. Upload the simplepress directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  4. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard


Whatever the method you used, after you activated the plugin through the plugins dashboard, you now need to run through a set-up process. This creates the tables and default data that the plugin requires.
You can access this setup process by either clicking the INSTALL button that should be visible at the top of the admin pages or by going to FORUM->INSTALL.

At the conclusion of a successful install, a button will be displayed to load the forum admin and clicking on this will take you to the Storage Locations panel. All being well, all locations will be ticked as created and available but if this is not the case follow the instructions to manually create folders if necessary.

Getting Started

Now that you have installed your forums read our getting started pages.


I’ve installed the plugin – now what?

Now that you have installed your forums read our getting started pages.

I don’t receive e-mail notifications

There are several factors that can influence e-mail notifications delivery. The best thing you can do to diagnose email delivery issues is to install a plugin that shows you an email log. We recommend MAILGUN or SMTP POST. The logs will let you know if emails are being generated and not delivered or just not being generated at all.


06. siječnja 2020.
Client was unhappy with bbpress and we successfully migrated their huge forum over to Simplepress. Excellent support throughout the process. Really the only viable WordPress integrated forum out there to handle heavy traffic sites. Thank you!
06. studenoga 2019.
Been using Simple Press forum software for 10 years now - since Sep 2009. It’s simply the most reliable and best supported of all our plugins and users love it. It can be configured pretty thoroughly. Most important of all, support is just fantastic. Rapid responses and quick advice or even fixes when required. On one occasion, the main tech guy actually went into my site to diagnose a specific problem. That was over 3 years ago and I have not had to engage support since then. Updates come out a few times a year – not too often to be a nuisance – but essentially the system has settled down and common teething troubles have mostly all been knocked on the head. It’s a mature piece of software. I would not hesitate to recommend it to any WP user and it’s well worth the modest cost for something so solid and worthwhile. The negative comments below just don’t make any sense to me.
29. kolovoza 2019.
I had been maintaining a Mingle Forum on my WP site for 6 years and neglected to make any changes after the developer stopped providing updates to his plugin. I belatedly decided to take the plunge to migrate my forum content to another developer. I first tried bbPress and their converter did a poor job of converting my archived data. Various forum posts were missing after conversion, so I did some further research and decided to install Simple:Press and its conversion tool. Voila! I've got a working forum with all my old data and have stopped getting error messages from SiteLock that the discontinued Mingle Forum 1.0.35 plugin suffers from privilege escalation CSRF.
22. svibnja 2019.
Thanks to the Simple:Press team for continuing the plugin and releasing a 6.x version! I maintain a site with this forum plugin for a client and we could successfully migrate over. We are glad for the updates and all worked out great. One thing we think is now really good, is the child theme system for the forum themes. Finally we can make updates without hassle. Keep up the good work and let future improvements come! 😉
19. svibnja 2019.
I've used Simple Press since 2008. Nobody wants to pay for anything, myself included. However, it's a very good product and things have really changed in the last 10 years! For one thing, many plugins cost money and/or require a subscription. Simple Press is a robust system that provides pretty much, every feature you might want for your forum. Further, if there is something new you want, the new team is incredibly responsive. For example, I asked for a plugin that would allow me to insert ads to better monetize my forum. The team added this ability within a month. That's impressive. If you've been at this for any amount of time, you know how important it is, that plugins are maintained. The new owners are keeping up. The lack of gratitude with these low ratings is appalling. I recall the months of angst, knowing the original plugin authors were going to retire. We were all going to be stuck with a forum that would have to be converted at some point and what? We'd have to pay for that, one way or the other. We are very lucky the buyer came in to save. I would hate to see the fee go any higher but I do think the forum and the plugins are worth $99 a year. There are rarely any problems and anything that does come up is quickly resolved in a professional manner.
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Suradnici i Programeri

“Simple:Press – WordPress Forum Plugin” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • New

    • G00000: Add new popup to show user groups a member belongs to under FORUM->USERS->MEMBER INFORMATION
  • Fix

    • G00090: Issue with using the help buttons and icons – they only worked on the first click until the full screen was refreshed.
    • G00000: Iconsets were duplicated in drop-downs
    • G00000: Member popup was unformatted in admin area
    • G00000: Remove black dots from radio buttons in admin area
    • G00000: Clicking the SHOW button under USER GROUPS->MANAGER USER GROUPS sometimes did nothing
    • G00000: Clicking the SHOW button under COMPONENTS->FORUM RANKS->SPECIAL RANKS sometimes did nothing
    • G00094: WordPress menus do not sync with Simple:Press menus


  • New

    • A completely overhauled admin screen. This requires new versions of many plugins.
  • Fix

    • G00000: Resolve an issue with legacy lifetime licenses reporting zero days before expiration.
    • G00070: Resolve an issue where saving default role -> user group mappings didn’t work. You couldn’t set the same group to map to multiple roles.


  • Fix
    • G00068: Resolve an issue with wpColorPicker not being loaded properly. This affected a lot of the admin screens including the ability to create a new forum.


  • New

    • Iconsets – allow forum and other graphics to be selected from font-awesome and other icomoon compatible iconsets.
  • Improved

    • G00055: Use codemirror for CSS editor in WP 4.9 or later.
  • Fix

    • G00054: Resolve an issue with ordering and sorting forums.
    • G00057: Update the filename used to pull information about translations for the Simple:Press dashboard.
    • G00000: Remove an errant period that was appearing in a message in the licensing screen.
    • G00058: Editing CSS for themes did not work in prior 6.x versions.
    • G00021: Uploading smileys in the admin area threw an error in the debug.log file.
    • G00000: Increase the timeout used when manually checking for plugin updates. The prior value of 5000 was too low so its now set to 50000.


  • New

    • G0039: Added Instagram Identity
    • G0000: Added easy digital downloads license integration
    • G0000: Added a button to take users to review simple:press on
  • Improved

    • G0046: Add the option to show/hide forum rank labels on the front-end members list screen via the template tag.
    • G0038: Remove identities that no longer make sense.
    • G0038: Add option to FORUM->OPTIONS->MEMBER SETTINGS to allow display of deprecated identities.
    • G0037: Add option for a 2nd custom message above the editor (FORUM->COMPONENTS->CUSTOM MESSAGES). This way you can have a different custom message for new topics vs new posts.
    • G0010: Add editors to messages fields in FORUM->COMPONENTS->CUSTOM MESSAGES
    • G0000: Made radio buttons in admin look like radio buttons instead of checkboxes.
  • Fix

    • G0000: Update the text for the customization service on the help and troubleshooting page.
    • G0036: Fix plugin library link on help and plugin page.
    • G0012: Fix pricing plan link on help and plugin page.
    • G0011: Fix theme library link on help and plugin page.
    • G0007: Radio buttons should look like radio buttons in the admin area.
    • G0004: URL for Premium Support link on plugins page is incorrect
    • G0005: URL for Documentation link on plugins page is incorrect
    • G0003: Move post to existing topic not working
    • G0002: Move post to new topic form css issue
    • G0001: Fix Malformed changelog url
    • G0000: Spelling and grammar related changes to help files for the FORUM->COMPONENT->CUSTOM MESSAGES screen
  • Dev

    • G0000: Added new function to allow editors to be painted in admin
    • G0000: Added new function to allow date pickers to be painted in admin – utilizes the JqueryUI Date Picker library from WP.
    • G0000: Added additional icons to the icon font file to be used by the new Analytics and Ad plugins.
  • Other


  • Fix
    • M-5993: Locked forums/topics were allowing user to post despite being locked


  • New

    • GDPR Enhancement – allow option to annoymize posts or delete posts
  • Fix

    • Current user re-assignment to Guest status does not remove IP address from posts
    • Delete User from WP admin screen – SP radio buttons malformed
    • Incorrect function being called when filtering PRE tags.
    • Handle simplepress and simple-press in CSS selector for nav menu icons
    • General and Miscellaneous Cleanups


  • Fix
    • Issue with installation into a folder with a name other than simple-press
    • Issue with new installations and the sample data that is installed


  • New
    • First version released on