Page Loading Effects

A WP Plugin that Displays Loading Animated Graphics Until the Page is Fully Loaded. A…

esstat17 4.000+ aktivne instalacije Ispitano sa 5.1.13 Ažurirano prije 3 godine

Page Transition

Page Transition is a simple and easy wordpress plugin used to add page transition using…

Numix Technologies, Gaurav Padia, Asalam Godhaviya 1.000+ aktivne instalacije Ispitano sa 4.0.35 Ažurirano prije 8 godina

Easy Image Filters

Add cool filters and effects to images without leaving site admin screen. Save new image…

Kiran Potphode 600+ aktivne instalacije Ispitano sa 5.2.15 Ažurirano prije 3 godine

Plugin Name: GMO Showtime

GMO Showtime slider plugin gives cool effects to the slider in a snap. The control… by GMO 600+ aktivne instalacije Ispitano sa 4.4.27 Ažurirano prije 6 godina

CSS3 Transitions

This plugin automatically adds CSS3 transitions to your website/blog and the WordPress admin. Links, etc.…

Nick Halsey 400+ aktivne instalacije Ispitano sa 4.9.20 Ažurirano prije 5 godina

WunderSlider Gallery

WunderSlider Gallery turns default WordPress and NextGEN galleries into responsive fullscreen and embedded WunderSlider slideshows.

itthinx 200+ aktivne instalacije Ispitano sa 3.7.38 Ažurirano prije 8 godina

Image Shadow

Image Shadow automatically adds a soft, realistic drop-shadow to jpeg images in your posts

Rob Marsh, SJ 100+ aktivne instalacije Ispitano sa 2.6.2 Ažurirano prije 14 godina

Cursor Trail

Add a cursor trail to your website mouse pointer, with custom pointer image, speed/interval adjustment…

Marcus Sykes 100+ aktivne instalacije Ispitano sa 5.9.3 Ažurirano prije 4 mjeseca

DW Halloween

Flying Pumpkins screaming Halloween are ready for your Wordpress Site.

DesignWall 50+ aktivne instalacije Ažurirano prije 8 godina

Awesome Parallax Effects

This plugin use to adds parallax animations on any images/videos. The prallax effect is directly…

Saiarlen 30+ aktivne instalacije Ispitano sa 5.8.4 Ažurirano prije 6 mjeseci

WP-Syntax Effects

Adds a simple mouseover-effect for WP-Syntax. Expands the "Sourcecode"-Frame to the sourcecode length. So it's…

Julius Fischer 30+ aktivne instalacije Ispitano sa 3.2.1 Ažurirano prije 11 godina

SS Link Hover Effect

Post inside all links hover effects. There has many more controls on this.

Shiful Islam 20+ aktivne instalacije Ispitano sa 5.5.0 Ažurirano prije 2 godine