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08. prosinca 2020.
Professional and easy to use - who knew that both could be accomplished at the same time?! Thank you for such an amazing product!
12. siječnja 2021.
After initially giving this plugin five stars soon after installing it, I have realised that this plugin falls well short of my expectation. There is one big issue with it that makes it next to useless for my needs. I suspect that the same issue will likely be problematic for others. The issue is that the description/prompt text for the first field on every single form is always "Title" and can't be changed. The reason why it matters so much is that visitors to your site will not know what type of data is expected from them in the 'Title' field. From the outset, the user is totally confused by the form. Here's an attempt at trying to explain the problem. Imagine it's a form for gathering data about houses... Title - Location - Price - Number of bedrooms - It's just not clear what 'Title means. I hope you get my point, because the tech support for the UListing pro plugin that I paid for didn't. And I tried to explain the issue numerous times to them.
23. rujna 2020.
It has many features, it is free, looks great. Only thing is, I couldn't make it work. The demo was working, after I changed for my locations, listing types, etc it stopped working. I wasted a few hours with it. Maybe I was doing something wrong, I really don't know anymore. It is probably very difficult to setup.
23. srpnja 2020.
Excellent plugin for creating multiple listings directories!
23. srpnja 2020.
Author is always helpful and very responsive with any support issues. The plugin is excellent too.
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