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WP Reset quickly resets the site’s database to the default installation values without modifying any files. It deletes all customizations and content. WP Reset is fast and safe to use. It has multiple fail-safe mechanisms so you can never accidentally lose data. WP Reset is extremely helpful for plugin and theme developers. It speeds up testing and debugging by providing a quick way to reset settings and re-test code. It was developed by developers for developers.

For support please use the forums, and if you need more information visit wpreset.com and be sure to check out the roadmap for the list of upcoming features.

Access WP Reset admin page via the “Tools” menu.

WP Reset is fully integrated with WP Webhooks plugin – a secure, universal system that connects WP to any 3rd party systems and enables you to initiate actions both from WPs end (for instance start a MailChimp campaign once a new user registers), and from any other application (create a new user in WP when a purchase is made on a 3rd party system). View more practical use-cases that save hours of repetitive work.

Please read carefully before proceeding to understand what WP Reset does

Resetiranje će izbrisati:

  • sve objave, stranice, prilagođene objave, komentari, medijski zapisi, korisnici
  • sve zadane tablice baze podataka WP
  • all custom database tables that have the same prefix table prefix as the one defined in wp-config.php and used by default tables

Poništavanje neće izbrisati niti mijenjati:

  • media files – they remain in the wp-uploads folder untouched but will no longer be listed under Media in admin
  • datoteke se ne diraju; dodaci, teme, prijenosi – sve ostaje
  • naziv web mjesta, WordPress adresa, adresa web mjesta, jezik web mjesta i postavke vidljivosti tražilice
  • currently logged in user will be restored with the current username and password

Što se događa kada kliknem gumb Reset?

  • morat ćete još jednom potvrditi akciju jer nema vraćanja na staro
  • sve će se resetirati; pogledajte pojedinosti iznad grafičkih oznaka
  • naslov stranice, WordPress adresa, adresa web mjesta, jezik web mjesta, postavke vidljivosti tražilice kao i trenutni korisnik
  • odjavit ćete se, automatski se prijaviti i preuzeti na nadzornu ploču administracije
  • WP Reset plugin will be reactivated if that option is chosen in the post-reset options

WP-CLI support

WP Reset comes with full WP-CLI support. Help on our WP-CLI commands is available via wp help reset. By default the commands have to be confirmed but you can use the --yes option to skip confirmation. Instead of the active user, the first user with admin privileges found in the database will be restored after reset. Please be careful when using WP Reset with WP-CLI – as with using the GUI there is no undo.

Database Snapshots

Database snapshot is a copy of all WP database tables, standard and custom ones, saved in the currently used database (as set by wp-config.php). Files are not saved or included in snapshots in any way.
Snapshots are primarily a development tool. Although they can be used for backups (and downloaded as gzipped SQL dumps), we suggest finding a more suitable tool for doing backups of live sites. Use snapshots to find out what changes a plugin made to your database – what custom tables were created, modified, deleted or what changes were made to site’s settings. Or use it to quickly restore the development environment after testing database related changes.
Restoring a snapshot does not affect other snapshots, or WP Reset settings. Snapshots can be compared to current database tables, restored (by overwriting current tables), exported ad gzipped SQL dumps, or deleted. Creating a snapshot on an average WordPress installation takes 1-2 seconds.

Multisite (WP-MU) Support

WP Reset has yet to be completely tested with multisite! Please be careful when using it with multisite enabled. We don’t recommend to resetting the main site. Sub-sites should be OK. We’re working on making WP Reset fully compatible with WP-MU. Till then please be careful. Thank you for understanding.

Partial Reset Tools

  • Delete transients – deletes all transient related database entries. Including expired and non-expired transients, and orphaned timeout entries.
  • Delete uploads – delete all files and folder in the /uploads/ folder.
  • Delete plugins – deletes all plugins except WP Reset which remains active.
  • Reset theme options – resets all options for all themes that use the WP theme mods API.
  • Delete themes – deletes all themes.
  • Empty or delete custom tables – empties (truncates) or deletes (drops) all custom database tables.
  • Delete .htaccess file – deletes the .htaccess file. If you need to edit .htaccess without FTP use our free WP Htaccess Editor plugin.

Friends who helped us translate WP Reset


  • WP Reset admin stranica
  • Reset action has to be double-confirmed
  • Additional tools for resetting and deleting various WordPress objects


Slijedite uobičajenu rutinu;

  1. Otvorite WordPress admin, idite na dodatke, kliknite Dodaj Novi
  2. Unesite “wp reset” u pretraživanju i pritisnite Enter
  3. Plugin will show up as the first on the list (look for our black&red round logo), click “Install Now”
  4. Aktivirajte & amp; otvorite stranicu postavki dodataka koja se nalazi ispod izbornika Alati

Ili po potrebi, prenesite ručno;

  1. Download the latest stable version from from downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/wp-reset.latest-stable.zip
  2. Zatvorite je i učitajte na /wp-content/plugins/
  3. Open WordPress admin – Plugins and click “Activate” next to “WP Reset”
  4. Open plugin’s admin page located under the Tools menu


Kako se mogu prijaviti nakon resetiranja?

Upotrijebite isto korisničko ime i zaporku koju ste koristili tijekom resetiranja. Nakon poništavanja vratit će se samo jedan korisnik. Onaj kojeg ste koristili u to vrijeme.

Hoće li se bilo koje datoteke izbrisati ili izmijeniti?

Ne. Sve datoteke ostaju netaknute.

Moram li ponovo konfigurirati wp-config.php?

Apsolutno ne. Nikakva rekonfiguracija nije potrebna. Niti jedna datoteka nije modfiicirana.

Do you support WP-CLI?

We sure do! Just type “wp reset” in your shell to see the list of available commands and options.

How long does it take for the reset operation to complete?

On most installations a second or two. If you have a huge amounts of data in tables then up to ten seconds.


kolovoz 19, 2019
Used this plugin many times and although i prefer wp-cli when i am on a dev or testing install this is super quick to reset and start fresh. Thanks for the awesome work guys!
kolovoz 15, 2019
Easy to use and it does just what we need. Reset the full WordPress installation to start from fresh scratch.
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  • 2019/07/15
  • bug fixes


  • 2019/04/15
  • bug fixes
  • new tool: Reset theme options
  • added Product Hunt banner
  • added actions (hooks) to all tools and snapshot actions; all action names start with “wp-reset-“
  • removed features survey
  • announced plugin & theme collections


  • 2019/03/25
  • 100k users hit on 2019/01/15 with 560,300 downloads; 34 days for +10k & 71k downloads
  • bug fixes
  • support for WP Webhooks
  • added features survey


  • 2019/01/08
  • new tool: delete .htaccess file
  • new WP-CLI command: wp reset delete htaccess
  • 90k users hit on 2018/12/12 with 489,100 downloads; 27 days for +10k & 58k downloads


  • 2018/11/27
  • new tool: truncate or drop custom DB tables
  • truncate / drop tables tool added to WP-CLI
  • all snapshot tools added to WP-CLI
  • 80k users hit on 2018/11/15 with 430,800 downloads; 30 days for +10k & 57k downloads


  • 2018/10/24
  • new tool: DB Snapshots
  • rewrote code documentation for most functions
  • some parts of Snapshots need refactoring
  • 70k users hit on 2018/10/16 with 373,300 downloads; 30 days for +10k & 50k downloads


  • 2018/09/18
  • sponsorship by IP Geolocation
  • 60k users hit on 2018/09/16 with 323,300 downloads; 35 days for +10k
  • added all tools to WP-CLI
  • new tool: delete all files in uploads folder


  • 2018/08/27
  • more code clean-up
  • added new reset params to WP-CLI
  • big GUI changes
  • started adding various tools; delete transients, delete all plugins, delete all themes
  • we hit 50,000 installations on 2018/08/11 with 274,000 downloads


  • 2018/07/30
  • code clean-up
  • post-reset options – reactivate plugin, themes & WP Reset
  • added WP-MU warning till we make WP Reset fully compatible with it
  • Tidy Repo notice
  • added option to collapse boxes
  • modified rating notice


  • 2018/07/09
  • we hit 40k installations on 2018/06/26
  • WP-CLI support via “wp reset” command
  • new logo
  • ask for rating notice
  • GUI improvements
  • code clean up
  • preparations for further development and new features


  • 9.5.2018.
  • WebFactory preuzeo razvoj
  • brojne ispravljene greške i unaprjeđenja
  • 30,000 instalacija; 199,000 preuzimanja


  • 16.5.2016.
  • Prvo izdanje